44 Ways to Supplement Your Income

By Indeed Editorial Team

February 22, 2021

People might decide to earn supplementary income for a variety of reasons. Whatever the goal for supplementing income, many different opportunities for doing so exist in the current marketplace. Those people looking for side jobs might find it's easier than they think to get started. In this article, we explain common reasons for supplementing income and offer a list of ways to do so.

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Why might someone want to supplement their income?

Supplementing income is a great way to improve financial stability. People choose to supplement their income with a side job for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Earning an income while in between jobs

  • Maintaining an income stream while laid off or furloughed

  • Saving money for a down payment, new car or vacation

  • Paying off debt

  • Investing in retirement

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44 best ways to supplement income

For people looking for supplementary income options, a wide range of opportunities are out there. Consider these 44 side jobs when looking for ways to increase financial stability:

  1. Become a landlord.

  2. Write a book.

  3. Sell a product.

  4. Offer rides.

  5. Shop for others.

  6. Complete tasks.

  7. Host seminars.

  8. Make a hobby a job.

  9. Babysit.

  10. Tutor.

  11. Walk dogs.

  12. Manage a website.

  13. Teach.

  14. Housesit.

  15. Rent a room.

  16. Take pictures.

  17. Play music.

  18. Teach online.

  19. Paint houses.

  20. Freelance write or edit.

  21. Landscape.

  22. Complete surveys.

  23. Secret shop.

  24. Advertise with your car.

  25. Find affiliates for your blog.

  26. Guide.

  27. Take part in research studies.

  28. Sell plasma.

  29. Start a veggie stand.

  30. Translate documents.

  31. Transcribe audio.

  32. Sell your items.

  33. Test websites.

  34. Model.

  35. Create a video channel.

  36. Be an extra.

  37. Consult.

  38. Rent parking.

  39. Deliver food.

  40. Rent your car.

  41. Perform seasonal work.

  42. Take drone videos.

  43. Earn cashback from shopping.

  44. Invest.

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1. Become a landlord

Join the real estate market as a landlord for extra income with a minimal time commitment. If you already own a second property, all you need to do is find a tenant.

2. Write a book

Writing a book, particularly an educational text about a specific skill or topic you're an expert on, is a great way to set up a long-term income stream. While writing the book takes a little time upfront, once it's completed, managing sales is easy.

3. Sell a product

If you knit, crochet, woodwork or create other handmade items, consider selling your products online through a major retailer or on your own website.

4. Offer rides

Use your vehicle to drive people around your city or area. You can usually do this whenever you want with no set schedule, meaning you can work as little or as much as you want to earn supplementary income.

5. Shop for others

Several websites allow people interested in supplementing their income to shop for groceries and other goods for other people. Like related occupations within the sharing economy, you can work as much or as little as you like.

6. Complete tasks

Complete tasks like building furniture, organizing cabinets or other projects for people without the time or ability to do so on their own.

7. Host seminars

If you're knowledgeable on a specific topic or industry, consider setting up a seminar, either in person or online, for people interested in learning about that field. Consider making the first few events free and eventually introduce an admission fee as you cement your status as an expert in the community.

8. Make a hobby a job

Hobbies like painting, dancing or swimming can make excellent side gigs. Turn a hobby into a supplementary income stream by offering lessons in your skill area.

9. Babysit

Babysit for friends' kids or join a babysitting service for a broader range of clients. Childcare is a very stable form of supplementary income.

10. Tutor

Tutoring students in middle school, high school or college is an easy way to supplement income. Consider which subjects you're knowledgeable about and talk to local schools to set up a tutoring program.

11, Walk dogs

Dog walking, in addition to earning side income, will help keep you in shape. This side gig does demand a pretty consistent schedule, so keep that in mind when considering if it's the right position for you.

12. Manage a website

Many small businesses could use help in establishing and running their websites. See if any local businesses in your community could use support a few hours a week to maintain their web presence.

13. Teach

Many colleges and universities hire adjunct professors on a contract basis for a single class or two. If you're qualified, teaching can be an excellent way to supplement income.

14. Housesit

When some people go on vacation, they prefer to have a person stay in their house to water plants, keep the grounds clean and generally keep watch over the property rather than leave the house empty. Housesitting is an easy way to make extra money.

15. Rent a room

If you have an extra room in your home, you could rent it out to travelers through a house or room sharing website. The benefit of this supplementary income stream is that it requires very little time.

16. Take pictures

Photography is a relatively easy skill to learn and a fantastic way to earn extra money. Consider specializing in portraits or family photography to better market your skills.

17. Play music

Musicians can easily earn supplementary income by playing for restaurants or event spaces. Find a few other people and start a band, or advertise your skills independently.

18. Teach online

Many websites offer classes online, particularly for language learning, to people in other countries. Consider teaching online if you're interested in supplementing your income.

19. Paint houses

Interior and exterior house painting can help people earn extra money. Join a crew or market your skills on your own.

20. Freelance write or edit

If you have strong grammar and writing skills, you could freelance be a copywriter, proofreader or editor for a variety of companies.

21. Landscape

Cut grass, weed flower beds or plant flowers for people interested in outsourcing their lawn maintenance. You may have to invest in a lawnmower and a few other tools, but there are very few overhead costs associated with the initial investment.

22. Complete surveys

Some websites and stores offer surveys asking about your shopping experience in exchange for cash or credit toward their products.

23. Secret shop

Secret shoppers earn money by visiting specific stores and completing assessments on a variety of factors. If you love shopping, this could be an excellent side job for you.

24. Advertise with your car

You can use your car to advertise. Companies make specially designed and formatted advertisements to fit over windows. All you have to do is attach the ad to your car and drive around as usual.

25. Find affiliates for your blog

If you have a blog, try to find affiliates to place ads on your page. If they earn sales through your blog, you'll receive a portion of the profits.

26. Guide

Tour guiding in a big city or a large state or national park is a fun way to meet new people, exercise and earn supplementary income.

27. Take part in research studies

Many colleges and universities pay research participants to take part in various studies. Often, these studies differ extensively in terms of time commitment and activity, so read the description of the study before committing.

28. Sell plasma

Selling plasma takes a couple of hours but requires no preparation or skill to do. Plasma banks limit how frequently people can donate plasma, so be aware of how often you can give to maintain your income stream.

29. Start a veggie stand

Sell fresh fruits or vegetables from your home garden at a roadside stand or as part of a local farmer's market.

30. Translate documents

If you know more than one language, you can earn money translating documents from one language to another. Many websites offer this service, so you can translate from your home whenever you have time.

31. Transcribe audio

Audio transcription is another great work-from-home option. You'll listen to an audio recording and transcribe the speech into text.

32. Sell your items

If you have gently used items like clothes, books or cookware, you can sell these things to some consignment stores or online.

33. Test websites

New websites sometimes pay people to try out the features and review their efficacy and ease. If you're well-versed in web design, this could be a great side job.

34. Model

Local businesses may not have the budget to hire big-name models for marketing campaigns. Contact small businesses in your community to see if they need any models for upcoming advertisements.

35. Create a video channel

Start a video channel sharing your thoughts or expertise on a specific subject. The more followers and views you gain, the more money you can earn.

36. Be an extra

If you live in a town or city that often hosts movie shoots, consider being an extra. Usually, the time commitment is only a few days, but it's a fun way to make extra income.

37. Consult

Begin a freelance consulting firm in an area of your expertise. Find companies that need your help and find solutions to their problems.

38. Rent parking

Parking in major cities or densely populated areas can be a challenge. If you have parking space within walking distance of a major event space or a popular tourist area, consider renting out parking on your property.

39. Deliver food

Deliver food for local restaurants or a website or app. Much like ridesharing or shopping for others, you can often deliver food on your own schedule.

40. Rent your car

If you don't use your car consistently, you could rent it out to those who need it when you don't. This is an easy way to make money with very little effort or time.

41. Perform seasonal work

People who live in cold areas can perform work like snow shoveling or giving ski lessons in the winter. Those in warm areas can lifeguard or give swim lessons. Find seasonal work in your area to boost your income.

42. Take drone videos

If you have a drone, you could use it to take videos. Real estate agents, event spaces and other businesses often like to include aerial views of their properties on their website for potential clients.

43. Earn cashback from shopping

Several websites offer cash back for using their app when performing your normal grocery shopping or clothes shopping.

44. Invest

If you have extra capital, consider investing it in the stock market, real estate or other investment opportunities with high growth potential.

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