25 Business Certificates Online (With Benefits)

Updated July 4, 2023

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Online certificate courses offer flexible options for business professionals to develop essential skills. Pursuing a business certification can give you an advantage as a job candidate and improve your chances of advancing with your current employer. Learning more about certification options can help you find the right online program to help you meet your career goals.

In this article, we discuss what a business certificate is, list 25 programs in specific business areas, discuss the benefits of getting a business certification online, and give you tips for choosing the right one.

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What is a business certificate?

A business certificate is an industry-recognized credential that certifies an individual's skill set or knowledge on a specific topic or area. Certificate programs offer smaller course loads than a full degree program, focusing on detailed information in just one subject. These certificates are important because they highlight key details about a person's skill set, which can help increase job opportunities or potential earnings. Although you can earn these credentials from an in-person institution, online courses may be more convenient because you can complete the digital training remotely and on your own schedule.

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Business certificates online

Here's a list of subject areas and institutions offering online business certificates focused on those subjects:

International business

International business courses focus on creating connections between businesses and global markets. Coursework may include studies in international economics, cultural sensitivity and foreign trade.

Here are some options for online certification in international business:

1. Certificate in International Business Diplomacy: This six-credit program from Georgetown University focuses on international markets and global business practices.

2. International Business Graduate Certificate: Northeastern University offers this advanced program six times yearly, teaching students various topics like the global economy. This certificate may extend your job opportunities abroad.

3. Global Business Management: Queens University of Charlotte gives students the skills to manage businesses effectively in a global environment.

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Business marketing

Marketing courses cover various aspects of the subject, from digital campaigns to lead volume through affiliate partners. Business experts can benefit from growing their knowledge and abilities in this discipline, whether they currently hold a marketing position or actively work in another role, such as sales.

Here are a few examples of online certificate programs you can complete to develop your marketing skills:

4. Content Marketing Certification: This four-hour course from HubSpot covers basic marketing principles.

5. Graduate Certificate in Marketing: USC Marshall offers this program focused on analytical marketing skills.

6. Digital Marketing Strategies: The Kellogg School of Management's certificate in digital marketing provides fundamental strategies for modern marketing concepts.

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Business leadership

Leadership certifications train individuals to advance their careers into management or executive positions. Showing employers your commitment to developing your leadership qualifications may be the difference in climbing the corporate ladder.

Here are certificates that provide training in business leadership:

7. Professional Certificate in Supervisory Management: This program from Michigan State University gives students a foundation in management and leadership methods.

8. Entrepreneurship Essentials: Harvard Business School offers many online courses, including this specialization for current or aspiring entrepreneurs.

9. Leadership and Management: This graduate certificate from the University of Maryland features coursework on management theory, human resources leadership skills and strategic planning.

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Individuals seeking to develop their financial credentials in business can find plenty of certificates featuring studies in accounting principles, budgeting and investment.

Here are some programs in this area:

10. Financial MarketsCoursera offers this certification from Yale.

11. Finance Essentials: Earn your certificate in basic finance from Duke University through self-paced studies.

12. Financial Accounting: Another program from Harvard Business School, the Financial Accounting certification, can help you determine a company's financial health.

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Business analytics

Business analysts analyze data to help businesses improve products, organization, customer service and other operations. Earning a certificate in business analytics from programs like these can benefit your career:

13. Business Analytics: This certificate from Harvard Business School teaches participants to use specific data to inform their business decisions.

14. Business Analysis: Duke University's certificate program provides self-paced instruction in data analytics for business organizations.

15. Applied Business Analytics: Offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this program gives you the tools to use fundamental data in your daily business operations, including algorithms and process management.

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Business management

Certificates in business management offer current or prospective managers the opportunity to develop their credentials in a supervisory role.

You can pursue the following programs to earn a business management certificate:

16. Business Management Essentials: Cornell presents an overview of key management skills and practices in this certificate program.

17. Business Management: This undergraduate certificate from Ashworth College prepares you for further studies with foundations in business ethics and financial accounting principles.

18. Leadership and Management: A leadership and management certificate from Wharton College, this program allows executives to advance their abilities.

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Business administration

Developing business administration through certification can give you a versatile set of new skills.

Consider the following programs in business administration as you choose to earn a business certificate online:

19. Business Administration: This certificate program from UC Berkeley provides an overview of essential administrative principles for business owners, entrepreneurs and those seeking advanced opportunities.

20. Undergraduate Certificate in Business Administration: Liberty University's 8-week program teaches the foundations of organizing an administration from staff to operations.

21. Graduate Business Foundations: The University of West Florida offers this online program that helps non-degree-seeking graduates with their development in vital business practices.

Business project management

Business project management certifications help current and aspiring managers develop their skills and knowledge in project management. These skills can include learning to organize projects and tasks based on a company's mission and creating strategic goals.

Here are a few business project management certifications to consider obtaining:

22. Project Management Graduate Certificate: Harvard Extension School offers this course in planning, executing and monitoring company projects.

23. Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management: The University of Virginia offers this certificate, teaching individuals about project planning, project management and risk analysis.

24. Business Value and Project Management Specialization: The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign offers a helpful beginners course where students can develop skills in organizational structure, project execution and financial accounting.

25. Google Project Management Certificate: Offered by Google through Coursera, this course teaches traditional and agile project management methods.

Please note that none of the companies mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

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What are the benefits of getting an online business certificate?

There are many career-enhancing reasons to earn a business certificate online, including increased opportunities for jobs and income. Here are some additional benefits of pursuing a business certificate:

Adds to your qualifications

Earning a business certificate online helps you gain new skills and add expertise to your abilities. It can also give you additional qualifications to improve your performance in your current role. A certificate program can also help you become qualified for new areas within your field, which can lead to a new position or promotion.

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Increases your career development

Certificate programs in business refresh and review important content from your college courses while building on new ideas. By enrolling in online classes, you also learn to use new technologies which can be useful in your daily business tasks and interactions. Taking the time to develop your business knowledge broadens your opportunities and industry expertise.

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Connects you to others

Often, online programs include interactive sessions through chats, video conferences or digital group projects. These programs allow you to network with others in the same field, establishing contacts with business mentors and colleagues. Networking can help your job search or discuss challenges with like-minded individuals outside of your job.

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Creates opportunities for income growth

Getting a business certificate online can be cost-effective, adding value to your position with a small personal investment of time and money. Additional credentials like certificates can increase your earning potential. As you move to other roles within and outside your current employer, the more expertise you bring to the position, the more you may qualify for higher wages and other benefits.

Offers an alternative to earning additional degrees

Rather than returning to school to pursue another degree, online business certificate programs give you in-depth knowledge and complement your primary degree. Online business certificate courses allow you to choose the fundamentals that can benefit your career in a shorter timeframe than a full degree course load. Many of these programs come from accredited universities that use coursework from degree programs as the basis for certificate classes.

Provides flexible learning schedules

Choosing online certification allows you to choose when you complete coursework. Many programs offer a wide range of time to complete classes and assignments while earning your credentials. You also have more flexibility to work on course material during breaks in your schedule or on weekends. Flexible online programs mean you can obtain the certification without leaving the workforce or dedicating time away from your job.

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Tips for choosing a business certificate online

Here are a few considerations to help you select a business certificate online:

1. Select a skill or topic

Choosing the skill or topic area can help you narrow down which courses to review. Think about a topic that's important to your professional development or a skill that may help you advance your career.

2. Explore the platforms

Explore the websites for online platforms you're considering. Select the one that's user-friendly and offers the courses that interest you.

3. Read the reviews

If you find a class with an intriguing course description, read the reviews and ratings. If it has high overall ratings, it might be worth pursuing.

4. Examine prices

Many online courses are free but require a fee to receive a certificate. Consider your budget and career goals to determine which class to enroll in and whether obtaining the certificate is more important rather than just participating in the course.

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