Business Coaches: Definition and Tips To Finding the Right One for You

By Indeed Editorial Team

March 15, 2021

If you're looking to grow the business you manage, collaborating with a business coach is a great way to do so. They'll work closely with you to set goals, strategize plans to achieve these milestones and answer any questions about improving the business. Conduct extensive research on different business coaches and the support they provide to determine if working with one is the best option for you. In this article, we'll explore what business coaches are, what they do and the advantages of using them.

What are business coaches?

Business coaches are professionals and entrepreneurs who work side-by-side with supervisors or leadership members to help them grow and improve the organization. They'll usually have several years of experience running their own businesses and will use this background to guide and advise business professionals on how to build goals and strategies to achieve these milestones.

Many business coaches will conduct extensive research on the organization you work for and the challenges you may face in the industry and as a manager. They'll use this information to help brainstorm methods and strategies to overcome these obstacles. Supervisors may hire business coaches to provide assistance and guidance in different business elements, like growing and developing a brand, overcoming financial challenges or helping establish and follow through with organizational goals.

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What do business coaches do?

A business coach collaborates closely with supervisors to help set both short- and long-term business goals. They'll then use accountability methods, like key performance metrics, to track these goals. Business coaches will regularly check in on your goals to ensure you're on schedule and making significant progress. If they notice you're having challenges hitting these milestones, business coaches will build strategies and motivational techniques that allow you to effectively achieve your goals.

Business coaches will also help you build a vision and values statement for the organization. They'll give you motivational goals to work toward to ensure you follow and uphold these professional statements. If you need to learn more about certain subjects to help you effectively manage the company or your team, the business coach can typically provide training sessions to assist you in both developing and improving your skill sets.

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Advantages of using a business coach

Some advantages to using a business coach include:

Receive tips and guidance from a professional

Business coaches are professionals who have successfully run their own businesses. This means they have several years of knowledge and tactics they've learned first-hand that they can pass on to you. They evaluate your business methods closely and provide tips to help you improve and succeed.

To ensure they give you valuable advice and guidance catered to the business you supervise, they'll study the company, industry and market trends closely to accurately pinpoint your obstacles and build effective plans and strategies to achieve milestones.

Encourage and motivate yourself to reach larger goals

If you're a new supervisor with little experience managing a business, you may feel hesitant to set high-level, long-term business goals. A business coach can work closely with you to establish goals that can push and challenge you to succeed, while also being attainable enough that you can reach them using hard work and dedication. They typically collaborate with managers to determine which goals they'd like to hit in the next month, quarter or year and will build a plan for how to successfully reach them.

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Gain answers to any of your questions

As a manager, making certain big-picture decisions for the company may feel overwhelming. This is when a business coach could be useful, as they're regularly available to answer any questions you may have to help assure yourself that you're making a beneficial decision for the organization. If they believe your ideas or choices need adjusting, they'll provide constructive feedback and tips to help you bring in more impressive and effective results to the company.

Brainstorm and receive feedback on ideas

Sometimes having a partner to brainstorm ideas with can help you come up with new and innovative strategies and solutions. Your business coach can be there to guide you as you develop new ways to improve the company, train employees and enhance your skill sets. When you contribute an idea, your business coach can use their advanced knowledge and experience to offer insight. This can help strengthen your idea further to strategize successful plans and goals for the organization.

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Earn higher business profits

When you have a business coach guiding you as you implement methods to improve the organization, they'll help you develop techniques to increase profits. They'll also advise you on marketing and promotional strategies that will build stronger awareness of your brand. Business coaches will conduct research on your target audience to assist you in catering your messaging toward them. They may also assist you on ways to strengthen the business' relationship with customers to bring in a more effective and satisfied clientele.

Develop confidence in the business and your work

For newer managers, having a business coach can be the support you need to build confidence in your leadership abilities. They can use their advanced knowledge to teach you how to motivate and train your team effectively.

Many business coaches are also there to praise you when you're completing various tasks and responsibilities successfully and will encourage you to continue performing effectively. After spending time with your business coach, you'll eventually gain the self-confidence needed to lead your team to success on your own.

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Be held accountable for hitting your business goals

When you establish professional goals, it can often be easy to set them aside when larger projects unexpectedly arise. Not only do business coaches help you create these goals, but they'll also use accountability metrics to ensure you stay on task and make effective progress to reach them.

If higher-level items appear that are difficult to balance with the goals you've previously set for yourself, your business coach will adjust your plan accordingly to better manage your tasks. They'll work to make sure you're handling your daily work items while still appropriately prioritizing your professional and personal milestones.

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