18 Top Business Double Majors

Updated March 10, 2023

Your college career greatly affects the professional opportunities available to you upon graduating. For business students, double majoring is a valuable program of study that can expand your marketable skill sets and areas of expertise. If you're interested in pursuing a business-focused double major, you might benefit from learning about the specializations that can increase your value to employers. In this article, we review what double majoring means, its benefits when preparing for a business career and a list of business double majors you might consider.

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What does double majoring mean?

Double majoring means you complete the major requirements for two fields of study during your undergraduate career. Upon graduation, double majors typically receive a single degree, such as a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, but with two specializations listed on it. This is in contrast to a dual degree course of study, in which you earn two separate degrees. Often, the specializations of a double major relate enough for there to be some overlap in required courses. This makes double majoring a more manageable academic plan.

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Benefits of double majoring for business

Double majoring ahead of a career in business enables you to specialize sooner than single majors. Whereas most professionals develop specializations from work experience, double majors can begin the job search with a mix of expertise already. Employers value candidates with multiple proficiencies as they can better address technical and complex challenges.

Intensively studying multiple fields also encourages you to consider different problem-solving approaches and to use multiple skill sets in your work. Sometimes, a double major helps you conceive of innovations or product solutions only possible because of how you blend insights from various subjects.

18 business double majors

Many schools directly offer business management or administration majors, however the related fields of economics, accounting, management and finance are also popular choices for students interested in business. A business double major can comprise any two business-related fields.

Here are 18 business-focused double majors you might consider:

1. Computer information systems and marketing

Blending computer information systems and marketing majors enables you to help technology companies understand the target consumer for their products and develop marketing campaigns. Companies value marketers who have the technical training to understand their products and who can share that understanding with consumers. Marketing increasingly involves data collection and analytics, specialized skills a major in computer information systems would introduce to you.

2. Computer information systems and economics

Economic research and analysis has become heavily reliant on specialized software and computer skills. By studying information systems, you prepare to help companies conduct market research, analyze market trends and create economic models. You could also work with a tech company and use your economics training to help a company develop its business strategy.

3. Computer information systems and human resources management

Many companies view computer information systems and human resources management as inseparable. Employers frequently rely on specialized human resources technologies to manage staff and evaluate employee performance. For instance, companies might use fingerprint or virtual time clocks, web programs for receiving and giving feedback and for onboarding processes. Majoring in both areas makes you a strong candidate to implement and oversee these systems for companies of all sizes.

4. Business administration and accounting

Majoring in accounting along with business administration puts you in an excellent position to become a Certified Public Accountant or to help an organization manage its finances. All businesses require the services of full-time or independent accountants, providing a steady source of employment for this double major. Regardless of your job title, an education in accounting makes you a more competent business leader and administrator.

5. Business administration and marketing

While a business administration major prepares you broadly for the business world, a marketing major focuses your skills on helping companies promote and sell products to target market segments. By blending the two, you can develop marketing campaigns that better account for an entire business's needs and more accurately target key demographics. These two highly flexible majors are valuable to virtually any industry.

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6. Business administration and finance

Finance is a core area of study for all business administration majors, but not all business students graduate with a mastery of the complex subject. Choosing it as your second major can help you feel much more comfortable applying to and working in a role that primarily deals with investments. You could choose this double major to feel more confident overseeing the financial operations within organizations you work for, or you might pursue a career in finance, such as working as a financial analyst or investment banker.

7. Business administration and computer science

Computer science is one of the most in-demand majors colleges offer. Employers of all kinds require help with programming, managing databases and cyber security. As a business administration and computer science double major, you have the skills to help companies grow while ensuring their computer systems are safe, reliable and efficient. You also might apply your technological ability to product development and help create goods and services you're qualified to develop, market and sell with your business skills.

8. International business management and economics

As the economy becomes more global, business professionals who understand the regulations and requirements of international trade offer companies great value. With an additional major in economics, you could help a business not only expand its audience in new countries, but help make sure the business makes sound decisions and investments.

9. International business management and political science

Political science pairs well with international business management because it provides additional insight into the global business environment. International and domestic politics both directly affect how businesses can operate, what they can sell and to whom they can sell it. This double major enables you to help companies make intelligent and ethical decisions when conducting business abroad.

10. International business management and marketing

When engaging international audiences, companies often pay close attention to the cultural differences between markets to ensure they maximize their products' appeal and don't damage their brands' reputations. Double majoring in these specializations enables you to provide the critical insights companies seek to incorporate in their international marketing strategies.

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11. International business management and supply chain management

Supply chain management is a business specialization essential for companies to manufacture products reliably at a set cost. Even among companies that only do business domestically, many still depend on international supply chains to source cheaper materials and labor. As an international business management and supply chain management double major, you can help companies find the fastest and most profitable methods for creating, shipping and selling products.

12. Marketing and communications

Marketing and communications majors complement each other by reinforcing overlapping skills in the areas of public relations, advertising and multimedia engagement. On the job, your enhanced interpersonal, writing and research skills gained from studying communications can enable you to create smarter and more effective campaigns with greater reach.

13. Marketing and psychology

Marketers research consumer purchasing habits to help brands create positive impressions on the public. Double majoring in psychology and marketing enables you to make more accurate predictions about consumer behavior and to be more inventive in developing marketing campaigns. The analytical and research-based skills learned as a psychology major can also enhance how you study consumers and interpret market data.

14. Marketing and business entrepreneurship

If entrepreneurship is your primary business interest, your first challenge is to invent or develop a solution for consumers, but your next challenge is to raise enough awareness about your product to sell it. A marketing and business entrepreneurship double major can provide you the resources for not only creating a business but for introducing it to the public. Understanding marketing also helps you make smarter decisions when developing your brand image so that it aligns with your product and its intended demographic.

15. Economics and statistics

Both economics and statistics prepare you for analytical, numbers-driven jobs in business. Economics research usually involves statistical analysis, making this double major highly focused and practical. Banks, hedge funds and many large companies hire economists expecting them to design, explore and communicate the results of statistical models that inform business decisions and growth strategies.

16. Economics and business analytics

Economists and business analysts both closely study data to produce recommendations for companies. However, economists may lack the managerial background to translate findings into actionable business plans. By applying the practical, organizational mindset of a business analyst to economics research, this double major can add provide exceptional value to employers who want to make meaningful changes based on what economic data reveals.

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17. Accounting and education

Education can be an excellent double major for business specializations that require communicating technical knowledge. Accountants often meet with management to detail businesses' financial health but may not know the best way to explain their findings. With training in educational practices, accountants are better prepared to collaborate within their organizations and ensure their colleagues properly understand the company's finances.

18. Accounting and economics

Accounting and economics double majors better understand the reasons behind changing cash flows, the consequences of shifting interest rates and the financial outlooks of their companies. Businesses value professionals who can align the finances of the company with the economic climate. Double majoring in these fields could also prepare you for a career in personal finance, advising clients on how to manage their money given current and future economic conditions.


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