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20 Jobs You Can Get With a Business Management Degree

March 31, 2021

Getting a business management degree can offer a wide array of career options in many different industries. Learning about the jobs available with a degree in business management can help you determine if it's the right educational program for you. If you're currently earning your degree in business management, you can learn more about your career options once you graduate. In this article, we'll explain what a business management degree is and the jobs you can get with one.

What is a business management degree?

A business management degree means that you have the education, skills and general understanding of how to operate within a company or organization. You'll learn a range of administrative, marketing or even accounting tasks, how to work closely with a team and develop skills to manage a business or organization successfully. There are a few business management degrees you can earn:

Associate degree

An Associate in Business Management will give you a general view of how an organization functions. Courses include business law and ethics, principles of marketing and project management. An associate program typically lasts two years, after which you'll qualify for a variety of entry-level management roles.

Bachelor's degree

With a Bachelor of Business Management program, courses typically focus on the overall managing of a business, including risk management or strategic management. Bachelor's degree candidates pick an area of focus, such as marketing, entrepreneurship or real estate. While you're not limited to your study focus, it does help set up a career path. Bachelor's programs usually take about four years.

Master's degree

A Master of Business Management program offers additional courses in leadership once you finish a bachelor's program. Unlike a Master of Business Administration program, which requires three years of experience to enter, students can pursue an MBM immediately following an undergraduate program. An MBM usually takes two years of coursework to earn.

Career opportunities

Below is a list of some common jobs in which employers seek a business management degree, including typical duties and average salary:

National average salary: $13.12 per hour

Primary duties: A personal assistant manages an individual's daily schedule, correspondence and other functions as requested by the employer. Tasks may include answering phones, taking messages, taking notes, filing, scheduling meetings and other administrative tasks that help the employer in their daily lives. They may also be required to run errands, book travel and manage day-to-day activities like shopping, laundry and organization. Some personal assistants manage finances, such as paying bills.

National average salary: $13.88 per hour

Primary duties: A program assistant is responsible for administrative tasks such as answering the phone, checking general company email, filing and schedule management. They might assist with event planning and budget oversight for the organization. A program assistant might also be in charge of taking and distributing meeting minutes as well as scheduling meetings.

National average salary: $15.38 per hour

Primary duties: An office coordinator organizes various office tasks and functions to help operations run smoothly. They may answer phones, take messages, guide visitors and schedule appointments or meetings. Office coordinators could maintain and order supplies and perform some filing tasks.

National average salary: $15.43 per hour

Primary duties: An administrative assistant performs clerical tasks around the workplace. Responsibilities might include filing, answering phones, scheduling appointments and supporting staff. They may also coordinate events, monitor supply levels and oversee the work of other administrative professionals. Administrative assistants can work for an individual, department or organization.

National average salary: $16.24 per hour

Primary duties: Human resources assistants help HR managers and supervisors with administrative tasks. They are involved in recruiting, hiring and training new employees. They may maintain and update employee records, including promotions and reprimands. Human resources assistants could sort resumes for the review of HR or hiring managers. Some HR assistants perform phone screens with potential candidates.

National average salary: $41,426 per year

Primary duties: Assistant office managers help maintain order in an office. They may help the office manager with clerical tasks, including filing and monitoring budget. Assistant office managers might develop floor plans and layouts, helping to keep track of empty desks and office spaces. They may manage conference rooms and schedule meetings, including ordering food and refreshments for meetings that include clients and outside vendors.

National average salary: $42,187 per year

Primary duties: An office manager organizes business operations, procedures and overall maintenance. They prepare payroll and approve supply requests. An office manager might have an administrative team to which they assign duties and manage tasks. Office managers should be familiar with an office environment and how to manage other people.

National average salary: $47,173 per year

Primary duties: A community manager helps organizations build and grow their online presence. They analyze online usage using analytical tools that look at what current clients are saying about the company. Community managers help to develop a strategic plan for starting or increasing online community usage through social media.

National average salary: $51,109 per year

Primary duties: A staff accountant is responsible for maintaining financial reports, records, general ledgers, preparation and analysis of budgets and general bookkeeping. They may also prepare invoices and account reconciliation. Staff accountants develop and implement accounting procedures for the organization.

National average salary: $54,280 per year

Primary duties: A human resources generalist manages the daily HR operations for an organization. This can include creating and maintaining policies, procedures and programs for the company. They also update employee records and administer benefits and payroll. HR generalists are sometimes responsible for compliance and onboarding training.

National average salary: $55,222 per year

Primary duties: Client services managers are responsible for developing and implementing customer service procedures and training staff to follow the established guidelines. They keep in contact with current clients and talk to them about campaigns or projects they might be interested in. Client services managers help customers with questions and inquiries and resolve issues as needed.

National average salary: $59,594 per year

Primary duties: Sales representatives contact new or existing customers and discuss products or services they may be interested in. They negotiate contracts and follow up with clients to ensure their satisfaction with the service. Sales representatives could also prospect potential clients. They sometimes act as customer service representatives and help clients with questions or issues with products. Sales representatives may work with individuals, businesses or other organizations.

National average salary: $61,136 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager works with executives to develop a strategy for their company to drive more sales and sign customers. They often analyze data for industry trends in regards to the products or services their company supplies. A marketing manager may supervise a team of marketing coordinators and help to train and develop their team for future growth.

National average salary: $61,227 per year

Primary duties: A logistics manager organizes the storage of goods and their distribution. They coordinate the transportation of goods, management of stock and the general flow of goods. Logistics managers are also tasked with materials handling, customer service and schedules for warehouse employees. They may also ensure employees follow basic safety procedures.

National average salary: $65,773 per year

Primary duties: Account executives are responsible for acquiring new clients and maintaining relationships through customer service. They build and maintain relationships by providing excellent customer service. The account executive is often the point of contact between the team and the client. They are often tasked with strategic planning to help their clients reach specific goals.

National average salary: $67,300 per year

Primary duties: A data analyst takes market research or sales numbers and translates it into understandable information for organizations. The data is then used to develop strategic plans that help businesses make more informed decisions, including creating more detailed solutions for common customer issues. Data analysts use a variety of software and critical-thinking skills to find the information needed for projects.

National average salary: $71,581 per year

Primary duties: A business consultant organizes and executes different administrative assignments for a client. They gather information on their clients through research, interviews and other methods to find the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Business consultants will discuss these findings with their clients and provide ideas and solutions to issues found during the assessment.

National average salary: $74,914 per year

Primary duties: A sales manager supervises a team of sales representatives. They help to develop their team through training and incentives. Sales managers analyze data to help their team set sales goals in weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual periods. They may also handle larger client accounts to ensure they receive the proper amount of attention.

National average salary: $77,523 per year

Primary duties: Management analysts help organizations find ways to maximize efficiency through cost reductions and increased revenue. They help an organization create procedures and operating manuals and conduct organizational evaluations to help them design more efficient systems.

National average salary: $83,017 per year

Primary duties: A development director works with an organization to create a strategic plan to raise funds for the company. The plan needs to be cost-effective and is usually time-sensitive. Their primary focus is to oversee fundraising efforts, including delegating tasks and duties to team members. Development directors often network and make connections with potential donors or sponsors.

National average salary: $94,692 per year

Primary duties: A director of operations oversees and encourages the growth and profitability of an organization. Their duties may consist of staff management, department supervision or the production of goods. The director of operations helps with the daily activities of the company and sets strategic goals to help organizations remain in business.


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