13 Online Business Management Degree Programs (Plus Types of Degrees)

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Published April 14, 2022

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Online degree programs allow students to complete coursework and take part in class sessions from their home. These programs can be convenient for working professionals or people who want to earn a degree from a reputable college or university in a different state. If you're interested in becoming a manager for a business, government agency or non-profit organization, earning an online degree in business management can help you develop valuable skills. In this article, we describe different types of online business management degrees, explain what these programs include and list 13 colleges that offer online business management degrees.

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Types of online business management degrees

Here are a few common types of business management degrees that you can get online:

Associate degrees in business management

Associate degrees typically take two years of full-time study to complete. These programs are appropriate for students who want to transfer to a four-year college or get an entry-level job in business management. Typically, course content in these degree programs focuses on job skills, without a general education component. You can get an associate of arts or science after earning a high school diploma or GED. Some students earn an associate degree while they're in high school by completing a dual enrollment program.

Bachelor's degrees in business management

These four-year programs often include a general education component followed by major courses. Students who earn a bachelor's degree in business management might complete a minor in a related subject, like accounting, finance or communication. Bachelor's degrees in business management can prepare students for a career in business management or for a graduate program in a business-related field. You can enter a four-year program in business management after earning your high school diploma or GED. Many schools allow students to transfer credit from an associate degree program, which can help them earn their bachelor's degree more quickly.

Graduate degrees in business management

An online graduate degree program in business management can help you develop advanced skills and prepare you for a senior leadership position. These programs take between two and three years to complete, and many students earn graduate degrees while working or after gaining several years of experience in their chosen field. You might earn a master's degree in business management or a master of business administration (MBA) with a concentration in management or leadership. Some online graduate programs allow you to choose an industry to focus on, like health care or nonprofit organizations.

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What do online business management degree programs include?

Online business management degree programs prepare students for careers as managers, program directors and chief executive officers. While the exact course content of an online business management degree program might depend on the type of degree and the program goals, many degree programs include the following content:

  • Business ethics

  • Basic accounting

  • Professional communication

  • Management techniques

  • Business law

  • Finance

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13 online business management degree programs

Some colleges and universities offer one type of business management degree, while others might offer associate, bachelor's and graduate programs in the subject. Here are 13 schools where you can earn a degree in business management online:

1. Syracuse University

You can earn a bachelor's degree in business management from Syracuse University in an online format. This program is a part of the college's professional studies program, so most of your coursework relates to business and professional topics, with a minimal amount of general education credit. Each course combines weekly live sessions with self-paced assignments. Course topics include global business practices, business communications, leadership and marketing basics. This program requires applicants to submit an application, admission essay and academic transcripts from any previous degree or diploma programs. Syracuse accepts up to 90 hours of transfer credit.

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2. Western Governors University

Utah's Western Governors University offers a fully online bachelor's degree program in business management. This program uses a self-paced model, where you complete coursework and pass exams to show your competency in key areas and advance through the program. In this program, you might study a range of business management topics, including ethics, project management, data analysis and supply chain management. WGU also requires that students complete a general education program. The admission requirements include an application, transcripts and an intake interview, and you can submit transfer credit from approved programs to shorten your program length.

3. Herzing University

Herzing University offers associate, bachelor's and graduate degree programs in business management. These programs are self-paced, so it might take students a varying amount of time to complete each degree program. Course content includes digital media, business law, project management and quantitative decision-making. Admissions requirements vary by program, but might include a high school diploma or GED, an application and an interview with an admissions officer. Herzing allows students to apply credit from completed programs to higher degrees, so you can apply credit from an associate program to a bachelor's program or a bachelor's program to a graduate program.

4. Averett University

Averett University offers an online program where you can earn a bachelor's of science in business administration degree with a management concentration. This program prepares students for graduate study or management positions in a wide range of industries. Graduates earn 120 credits, with 30 coming from general education requirements. In their degree courses, they'll study a range of business management subjects, including accounting, marketing, economics and quantitative analysis. Students can transfer up to 90 hours of credit from partner institutions, which include other four-year colleges and technical schools. Admissions requirements may include test scores, transcripts and an admissions essay.

5. Florida International University

Florida International University's online bachelor of business administration program allows students to concentrate in management. This program focuses on the role of management techniques in business administration, preparing students for management roles in a wide range of industries. Students can learn about business law, information systems, operations management and professional communication. To complete the program, students earn 60 credits of general education and introductory business content and 60 credits of advanced business management content. Admissions requirements vary by student, but might include standardized test scores, transcripts and an application fee.

6. University of Maryland

The University of Maryland's Global Campus offers an online program where students can earn a bachelor of science in management. This program emphasizes leadership and problem-solving skills, which can help students become assistant managers or program directors in organizations. The program requires students to complete 120 credit hours, including general education courses, electives and 33 credit hours of major courses. These courses focus on organizational theories, accounting, decision-making and business ethics. Students can transfer up to 90 hours from other schools to finish sooner. Admissions requirements might include an application, a processing fee and transcripts from prior educational experiences.

7. Arizona State University

At Arizona State University, you can earn a bachelor of science in business management online. This program focuses on problem-solving skills and analytical thinking, preparing students for graduate coursework or a management position in commercial and non-profit organizations. In their degree courses, students learn about global trends in business leadership, ethics, e-commerce and other subjects related to business management. To graduate, students complete 120 credit hours, including general education requirements. Students who have received acceptance into ASU's general admissions period can apply for this program. ASU also has graduate programs in business management and related subjects.

8. Pepperdine University

California's Pepperdine University offers a fully online program where you can earn a bachelor of science in management. This program is a two-year major program, including 60 credits of core curriculum, that follows Pepperdine's general education program. It uses a cohort model, where a group of students take the same courses throughout their degree program. Content includes globalization, market dynamics, organizational theories and management techniques. General admission requirements for Pepperdine's online programs may include citizenship status, transcripts and standardized test scores. Students can transfer up to 60 credits to cover the general education requirements.

9. Coastline College

Coastline College offers an online associate degree program in management and supervision that allows students to choose an industry focus, like health care or retail. The program's goal is to prepare students for mid-level managerial roles or advanced degree programs in business management or entrepreneurship. This two-year online program features some self-paced content, allowing students to work at their own pace. The course content for the degree program depends on which area of specialty you choose, but all concentrations include management practices, data analysis and decision-making. Admissions requirements may include transcripts and an application fee.

10. Metropolitan State University of Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver's online bachelor's degree program in business management focuses on teaching students to identify and remedy organizational issues. Students might go on to lead organizational learning and development teams, business ethics departments, consulting firms or other management groups. This four-year program includes general education and major courses, but students can get credit for general education courses from associate degree or other eligible academic programs. Major course content includes entrepreneurship, human resources, project management, business law and enterprise planning. Admissions requirements vary by student but may include an application fee, transcripts and standardized testing results.

11. Appalachian State University

You can earn a bachelor of business administration degree in management through Appalachian State University's online program. This program focuses on leadership skill and can help students become investment bankers, project consultants and business managers. The program requires 120 hours to complete, with 44 hours coming from general education courses. Students can apply to this program as a first-year student at Appalachian University or as a transfer student from another institution. The program's entrance requirements include Appalachian State University's general admissions criteria, which may include test scores, transcripts and an application fee. Appalachian also has an MBA program.

12. Southern New Hampshire University

If you want to become a leader in a nonprofit organization, you might consider Southern New Hampshire University's online bachelor's degree program in business administration with a concentration in nonprofit management. One of 14 concentrations in SNHU's online business administration program, this pathway prepares students for a career as a program director, fundraising coordinator or other nonprofit professional. The program includes content on organizational behavior and human resources, along with general business knowledge. To earn a degree, students complete 120 credit hours, but they can transfer up to 90 hours. Admissions requirements may include transcripts and an application fee.

13. Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University offers several online bachelor's degree programs in business management and related fields. You might earn a degree in general administration in management, human resources management or international business management through the school's online course catalog. The content of each degree program depends on its focus and might include general finance, management techniques, business law, marketing and ethics. Admissions requirements might include transcripts, an application form and a fee. LSU accepts credit from eligible institutions and also offers course credit for valid professional certifications that meet the criteria of certain courses.

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