How To Make a Business Plan Presentation (With Tips)

Updated February 3, 2023

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A business presentation plan is a valuable tool that can prepare you to introduce information to a group of individuals concisely and effectively. A proper business plan informs and engages the audience and is easy to understand, despite their level of familiarity with the topics. If you're interested in developing your own venture, it can be helpful to understand a business plan presentation to develop informative and engaging presentations. 

In this article, we explain a business presentation plan, list what to include in one, explain how to create an effective business plan and provide additional tips for developing your presentation.

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What is a business plan?

A business plan is a formal document that details the purpose of a business and what it does. A business presentation plan focuses on explaining business details using visual slides. Business plans are a great summary for those unfamiliar with the business, especially an external business partner. The business plan primarily considers the business' structure, finances and functioning It includes the roles and teams in the business. This details who is responsible and the overall structure of the business.

A business plan explains a marketing strategy, including financial projections, that describes how the business aims to complete sales and achieve goals. The business plan also includes the company's resources and equipment. This helps businesses identify what supplies they need and what changes are necessary to serve their customers. Finally, a business plan assesses the financial and non-financial standing of the company. This includes the spending and revenue of a business. Business plans are helpful to companies looking for additional funding. Therefore, people typically create business plan presentations for stakeholders and investors.

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What to include in a business presentation plan

When crafting your business plan presentation, some key elements should be included. Consider the following business plan presentation components for a strong and interesting explanation.

  • Basic information: At the start of your business plan presentation, provide key information about the business. This includes the full name of your business, logo, and contact information as the presenter.

  • Problems: Explain the issues the business identified and plans to solve. Point out why these are problems and how they relate to your business objectives.

  • Proposed solutions: Describe how the business solves the problems you outlined in the earlier slide.

  • Financial approach: Provide information on how your team plans to achieve business goals while staying within budget.

  • Operating plan: Describe what your steps are to achieving business goals. List the necessary resources and describe what a business day looks like for the company you're presenting.

  • Marketing strategy: Explain your steps to market the business and how this helps reach your solutions.

  • The team: List the people on your team who work on this business plan. Include their roles and responsibilities.

  • Timeline: Define how close the business is to achieve goals and outline your projection for the future.

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How to create an effective business presentation plan

Similar to a business plan, a business plan presentation shares company strategies in an organized manner. However, a business plan presentation is for an audience and features an in-person explanation of each piece of information. An effective presentation considers the audience and the contents of the presentation and successfully shares business objectives. The best way to create an effective business plan presentation is to provide useful information through a well-prepared visual aid and verbal explanation.

Consider these steps when creating your business plan presentation:

1. Review crucial business information

Reviewing elements of the business, such as who your employees are and the company's financial health, is a great way to prepare important information for your presentation. Knowing this information provides a firm foundation for valuable business details in your presentation.

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2. Research business competitors

Research how the business performs compared to other organizations in your field. Researching provides significant facts and statistics to include in your presentation. This data strengthens the presentation because it's tangible evidence of how the business about which you're presenting is performing. Using unbiased and accurate sources makes your presentation professional and reliable to your audience.

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3. Network with potential stakeholders and investors

Networking is a fantastic tool to meet other professionals, especially in a similar business. Networking provides you the opportunity to meet future stakeholders and investors. Marketing is an important component of networking. Market the business consistently and to a large and diverse audience. This maximizes your chances of reaching as many people as possible.

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4. Create a slide presentation of your business plan

Create your slide presentation by including critical pieces of your business plan. Focus on providing key details such as what products or services the business provides, your marketing strategy and who is on your team. Slide presentations are visually appealing and informative.

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5. Practice your business plan presentation

Practicing your business plan presentation by rehearsing the slides is helpful. In doing so, you familiarize yourself with the information and the business plan. Consider the time and your audience and make your presentation informative and concise. Keep on schedule and prioritize the most important slides. Schedule time at the end of your presentation for questions.

A great approach to rehearsing your presentation is by timing yourself. Consider how long you take to go over the material. Allow colleagues to act as your audience so you become comfortable with public speaking and presenting your business plan. Following these steps makes your plan interesting because of its useful information and convincing delivery.

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Tips for developing a business plan presentation

Consider these tips when developing your business plan presentation:

Focus on main points

Focus on providing key points on each slide of your presentation. Provide a balanced amount of information. Instead of writing everything you can think of on each slide, discuss specific details not included in your slides.

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Use common language

Use common language so that all stakeholders and investors understand. Common language makes concepts easy to comprehend by avoiding technical words. Present your points concisely by sticking to your key topics. Use a note card with keywords to remind you of the main points you want to address.

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Genuinely deliver information

A presentation often feels like a serious matter requiring you to share information. However, providing energy and personality to the presentation is a benefit. A genuine delivery makes you appear grateful to your audience and excited about the material you're sharing.

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