202 Power Words to Use in Your Business Content

Updated June 24, 2022

People read information almost daily from various businesses that are trying to entice customers, inspire brand loyalty and encourage a purchase. Using business power words in your content can help bring attention to your business and keep readers engaged, which could turn those readers into customers. In this article, we discuss what business power words are, when to use power words, the benefits of using them and provide a list of 202 business power words you can use in your content.

What are business power words?

Business power words are words used to provoke an emotional response from an audience. An emotional response can help a reader connect to the content and persuade them to continue reading. The most effective power words can cause a reaction that may compel a reader to decide to take an action. In a business setting, using power words is helpful to drive sales, increase brand awareness and develop a strong relationship with customers.

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When to use business power words

Using business power words is an excellent tool for a business that wants to attract new customers and followers. Using powerful statements can produce a strong first impression and may persuade a reader to take a positive action. Though power words are often most useful for marketing a business, product or service, these words are also useful in other areas such as general conversation, resume writing and customer service. Here are some examples of when to use business power words:

Email campaigns

A great way to communicate with consumers is through email campaigns. With emails, a business can provide a call to action (CTA) which is content that is devised to persuade a person to perform an action specific to their business such as learning more about the company or product or buying something immediately. Email campaigns are great for communicating business information to customers. Through strong communication, a person can expand their customer base and promote growth within the business.

Website landing pages

Within a few moments of visiting a website, a customer can form a first impression of a business based entirely on the content written on the landing page. Headlines are typically the most influential part of a landing page, so using power words in the headlines of your landing page can increase the reader's interest and persuade them to learn more about your business through the website.

Product or service description

It's essential to keep power words in mind while describing products or services that a business provides. Having a compelling and detailed description can convince customers to buy a product or service immediately. It also could persuade them to learn more about your business and help keep your products in mind for the future.

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Social media advertisements

Sometimes it may feel like businesses saturate social media with advertisements. To be competitive in social media marketing, creating interesting and concise content is critical if a business wants to gain new customers and keep their current ones engaged. Using strong sentences with power words to connect with a reader on an emotional level can increase the chances of them clicking on the ad so they can learn more about your business.

Benefits of using business power words

Using power words correctly and thoughtfully can be very beneficial to a business, especially when a business wants to see an increase in the following areas:

Establishing a brand

For a business to grow its customer base, it's imperative to establish a brand that is memorable and innovative. Developing a voice for a brand can help with increasing brand awareness, and using unique power words in your brand's voice can give followers an emotional connection to a business, making it easy for followers to remember and share information about the brand.

Building customer trust

The trust between a customer and its brand is vital to a thriving business, and building a genuine relationship with customers can lead to customer loyalty. Customers may return to purchase more products or subscribe to services if they trust that your business is truthful and abides by its brand. Using power words that invoke feelings of trust can help you with building connections, keeping customers and establishing customer loyalty.

Boosting revenue from sales

Most businesses find success when they can cover their expenses through revenue, and sales often generate a company's revenue. A part of selling is a business's ability to connect with its customers, which is why using powerful language is valuable. Choosing the right power words for a sales campaign can help you increase revenue and grow a customer base.

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46 power words to promote feelings of encouragement and motivation

  • Empower

  • Sensational

  • Impact

  • Joy

  • Glorious

  • Cherish

  • Bliss

  • Courage

  • Family

  • Promote

  • Excited

  • Stunning

  • Thrive

  • Extraordinary

  • Faith

  • Unforgettable

  • Unique

  • Happy

  • Incredible

  • Wonder

  • Grateful

  • Create

  • Inspire

  • Hero

  • Fulfill

  • Hope

  • Grow

  • Reach

  • Complete

  • Purpose

  • Visualize

  • Energize

  • Win

  • Connect

  • Uplifting

  • Praise

  • Celebrate

  • Join

  • Together

  • Team

  • Astonishing

  • Belief

  • Noble

  • Unbeatable

  • Advance

  • Remarkable

57 power words to promote feelings of safety and trust

  • Secure

  • Guarantee

  • Sound

  • Protect

  • Official

  • Verify

  • Smart

  • Healthy

  • Absolute

  • Genuine

  • Clear

  • Trust

  • Freedom

  • Professional

  • Protection

  • Safe

  • Increase

  • Cautious

  • Guard

  • Privacy

  • Proven

  • Certified

  • Lifetime

  • Authentic

  • Tested

  • Endorsed

  • Scientific

  • Worldwide

  • Improved

  • Accredited

  • Expert

  • Permanent

  • Survive

  • Stable

  • Approved

  • Dependable

  • Pledge

  • Authorized

  • Manage

  • Guide

  • Evaluate

  • Assist

  • Establish

  • Inspect

  • Facilitate

  • Certain

  • Recognized

  • Freedom

  • Delegate

  • Lead

  • Promise

  • Satisfaction

  • Truly

  • Effective

  • Supported

  • Superior

  • Results

55 power words to promote feelings of exclusivity

  • Only

  • Hurry

  • Today

  • Clearance

  • Sale

  • Offer

  • Unbelievable

  • Temporary

  • Earn

  • Access

  • Win

  • Accelerate

  • Drive

  • Elite

  • Fast

  • Final

  • Now

  • Quick

  • Deadline

  • Expire

  • Reveal

  • Premium

  • Bonus

  • Deal

  • Instant

  • Soon

  • Minute

  • Suddenly

  • Last

  • Rare

  • Release

  • Exclusive

  • Limited

  • Immediately

  • Scarce

  • Announcing

  • Instantly

  • Membership

  • Admit

  • Breaking

  • Confession

  • Bargain

  • Trend

  • Unseen

  • Important

  • Essential

  • Chosen

  • Secret

  • Prestige

  • Invitation

  • Special

  • Premier

  • Reveal

  • Select

  • Insider

44 power words to promote feelings of desire

  • Delight

  • Charm

  • Want

  • Pleasure

  • Obsessed

  • Crave

  • Satisfy

  • Embrace

  • Forbidden

  • Love

  • Intriguing

  • Enchanting

  • Fascinating

  • Lush

  • Tasty

  • Magnetic

  • Riveting

  • Longing

  • Irresistible

  • Decadent

  • Urge

  • Attractive

  • Insatiable

  • Luxurious

  • Excellence

  • Striking

  • Thrilling

  • Exposed

  • Fascinating

  • Stimulating

  • Temptation

  • Exotic

  • Charismatic

  • Treasure

  • Magical

  • Rich

  • Ultimate

  • Spectacular

  • Wondrous

  • Divine

  • Elegant

  • Dazzling

  • Daring

  • Passionate

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