18 Useful Apps for Construction Professionals

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published April 2, 2022

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Applications can help make work easier, more convenient and more accurate. Apps in the construction industry may help employees record metrics, plan projects, manage teams or perform other essential activities. If you're a construction professional, you may benefit from learning about the digital programs available to you. In this article, we discuss 18 useful apps for construction professionals, outlining the purposes and features of each.

18 construction apps

Here are 18 different construction apps that may help construction employees excel in their daily duties:

1. ClockShark

ClockShark is a mobile time clock application that acts as a toolkit for construction and field service businesses. It enables supervisors and employees to track hours accurately, record labor costs easily, compete projects quickly and make payroll processes more efficient. It also allows users to manage jobs, delegate tasks and create or adjust employee schedules. Here are some other capabilities of the program:

  • Sending customized quotes and invoices and accepting payments online

  • Integrating with other leading apps to automate administration and HR tasks

  • Giving employees directions to various job sites

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2. iNeoSyte

iNeoSyte is a mobile application that helps construction professionals create and manage daily project reports, share data and store reports in the cloud. Managers and employees can use this software to collect and organize their field documents. They can record construction site activities like issues, delays, work progress and staff. Here are some examples of the type of information it can track with this software:

  • Project title

  • Project address

  • Type of report

  • Date

  • Author of report

  • Temperature

  • Rain levels

  • Wind levels

  • Site personnel

  • Observations

  • Log issues

  • Inspections

  • Site photos

3. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time tracking and productivity monitoring tool for desktop, web and mobile. With it, employees can keep track of their work through screenshots, timesheets, billing, detailed reports and other features. This helps managers and other business leaders to supervise both field and remote teams. Here are some of the specific benefits of this app:

  • Productivity monitoring and regular check-ins

  • Detailed business reporting of time and money management

  • GPS tracking for fleet management

  • Simple, online timesheets

  • Automated payroll and invoicing

4. TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker

TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker, offered by Milwaukee, is a Bluetooth tracker. Users can adhere or strap the tracker on any object, including important devices, construction equipment or other business assets. Then, the TICK tracker provides location updates when it comes within a 100-foot range of any phone using the ONE-KEY app and network. It's also weather, water, dust and impact resistant. It gains power from a coin cell battery that provides over one year of runtime, and it updates users when the coin cell requires replacement. Additionally, you can lock and disable the item remotely with the app.

5. virLaser Level

virLaser Level is a virtual laser level that allows users to use their smart phone camera to level and align surfaces or objects. It simulates laser leveling by showing exact angles in degrees using visuals. This can help users complete tasks from hanging a picture frame to working on a professional construction site.

6. FingerCad

FingerCad is an application for computers or portable devices in which users can conduct computer-aided design and technician drawing with their fingers. They can draw diagrams for houses, bridges, apartments, machines, geometrical figures or other structures or systems. This can be useful for engineers, construction employees, architects, surveyors, designers, students and other professionals. It can increase efficiency by allowing professionals to create designs while traveling. They can edit, save, print and email their final designs. Here are some other capabilities of this app:

  • Modifying, copying and moving CAD objects around a plane or from one layer to another

  • Calculating the measurement of an area of a generic polygonal 3D surface automatically

  • Exploring and observing a 3D model using a first person view and virtual reality technology

  • Using the "Under finger dynamic drawing preview" to draw objects with high precision

  • Upon reaching the border of a screen, auto-panning to continue drawing long lines

  • Exporting your 2D or 3D designs for 3D modeling software and printers

  • Exporting your designs to a variety of different formats to share them

7. CITB Op/Spec HS and E test

The CITB Health, safety and environment (HS and E) operatives and specialists test app offers a complete revision experience and provides information about booking, preparing for and taking the CITB HS and E test. Passing this test shows that construction employees can be safe on the job. Here are some key capabilities of the app:

  • Experience a realistic test simulation

  • Access study materials, practice knowledge questions and and review information

  • Take a simulated, timed test to measure your progress

  • Search the content bank for keywords

  • Take a practice test to practice your weakest areas

  • Review your progress through a comprehensive breakdown of scores

  • Study for the test in different languages

  • Share your scores on social media

  • Find the closest test centers

8. DEWALT Mobile Pro

DEWALT Mobile Pro is a free, mobile calculation and reference tool for construction professionals. It contains a calculator for making solving complex problems on construction sites and five foundational calculations with reference materials, examples and illustrations. It also tracks a history of recent calculations, offers a customizable list of favorite calculations and enables users to share calculation results immediately. This app is for professionals in a variety of unique trades. Add-ons are available in areas like business, finance, conversions, mathematics, site work, finish work, concrete, masonry, carpentry, plumbing and electrical.

9. PlanGrid Build

PlanGrid Build is a free mobile app that comes with Autodesk Build, a field, project and cost management tool for construction professionals. This construction productivity software provides real-time updates and file synchronization over internet and cellular networks. It allows users to access data and complete tasks from anywhere on the job site, even when they're offline. Here are some of its capabilities:

  • Project management: The app helps you ensure that projects stay within budget and on schedule, improves collaboration and reduces miscommunication, error and waste.

  • Quality management: PlanGrid Build can also help you track issues and resolve them efficiently, reduce costs and waste from rework and submit deliverables by deadlines.

  • Safety management: This app can help you develop user-friendly, repeatable safety programs and protocols and encourage all team members to stay accountable for site safety regulations.

  • File management: It manages files and documents in a central, accessible data environment to ensure teams can access valuable information from the latest models and updates.

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10. Autodesk

The Autodesk app allows users to manage all their Autodesk apps from a central location. They can access releases, updates, fixes and security patches as soon as possible. They can also install apps easily and manage products, people and payments. This app may be helpful for construction professionals with architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing apps from Autodesk.

11. Solocator

Solocator is a GPS camera for field work that allows users to overlay and stamp photos with GPS location, compass direction, altitude and date and time taken. The Industry Pack enables users to capture editable notes like project name and photo description, street address and UTM/MGRS coordinate formats. You can use this app to save photos, export to various platforms and file formats and share across email or other programs. Here are the types of information you can overlay on your photos with this app:

  • GPS location, including latitude and longitude

  • Compass direction and bearing

  • Altitude in metric and imperial units

  • Local date and time based on your GPS location

  • Local time zone

  • UTC time

  • Cardinal direction

  • Abbreviations or unicode characters for direction, position and altitude

12. Construction Calculator

Construction Calculator is an app that enables construction professionals and students to perform calculations in feet, inches and fractions. It includes a decimal to fraction converter, a display of the equation and the result at the same time and advanced editing capabilities. You can also upgrade to stairs calculations, rafters calculations, building dimensional formats and various themes.

13. Fieldwire

Field wire is a construction and job site management app for construction teams. It's a central place where the entire project time, including foremen and project managers, can collaborate and share information in real-time. This app platform has the following benefits:

  • Coordinate efficiently: This app allows users to assign tasks, work from recent drawings and convey information between field team members and office employees.

  • Track performance: This app enables users to track who completes certain tasks, create schedules and task lists for upcoming work and enforce best practices across projects.

  • Reduce risk: With this app, users can capture project information in real-time to create an indisputable record of work performed and services provided. This can manage risk and reduce liability.

  • Message team members effectively: Users can enable conversations and push notifications to have conversations about specific tasks and improve decision-making and resolution processes.

  • Track tasks, punch lists and inspections: This app can both track successful activities and record errors, inconsistencies or issues on-side. It can also edit plans with notes, photos and videos.

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14. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is an app that finds the cheapest gas stations near a user. The platform combines discounts, deals and prices to help users check rates quickly, save money on gas and travel more efficiently. It also offers shopping and dining deals to earn spending money for gas. This can help construction professionals find the best options for gas near them on the way to and from job sites.

15. Procore

Procore is a construction management software to help professionals finish complex projects safely, on time and within budget. It enables owners to have visibility of project processes, helps general contractors to deliver projects easily and assists specialty contractors in connecting teams in real time. It makes pre-construction, project management and finance processes more efficient.

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16. Punch List and Site Audit Report

Punch List and Site Audit Report allows users to create and manage professional punch lists. They can also add issues, annotate images, generate reports, export punch lists to other trades and customize reports to business needs. It makes the usual process of finding and downloading photos, copy and pasting notes and composing final site audit documents more efficient. It generates simple PDF files to email from the construction site. Its goal is to add speed, structure and accuracy to construction closeout processes, improve productivity and make tasks easier and more convenient for employees.

17. Buildxact

Buildxact is a construction management and estimating software for small builders and custom home remodelers. This app allows users to manage estimates, purchasing and scheduling on their phones or office computers and operate a business using cloud technology. Here are some of its features:

  • Learning software: You can use free online tutorials to teach yourself about quoting processes or sign up for a lesson from a training expert.

  • Take-offs and quotes: Point and click estimates, a detailed price list, and you can get an automatic quote generation to save time and effort.

  • Scheduling and purchasing: You can create and edit schedules and assign work to team members using this app.

18. Buildertrend

Buildertrend is a construction project management software and app that helps construction professionals connect teams, improve project efficiency and increase profits. It can be for home builders, specialty contractors, home remodelers or commercial contractors. Here are some of its capabilities:

  • Pre-sale processes: The app helps users build estimates, deliver customized proposals and close sales. It also helps them gather leads and manage client relationships.

  • Project management: The app helps users document and share daily logs and information, create and assign tasks, schedule jobs and store documents and photos.

  • Financial tools: Users can enter the app to complete invoicing, bid requests, payment processing, budgeting, purchase orders, integrations, lien waivers, change orders and other finance-related activities.

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