30 Social Media Content Ideas To Increase Engagement

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published March 11, 2022

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Understanding how to curate your company's social media content to current trends, product launches, campaigns and consumer interests can directly lead to improvements in revenue. One way to improve the level of interest and engagement your audience has with your company is by coming up with a variety of content ideas for social media. If you're interested in learning more about social media engagement, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with some of the most common content ideas companies use on their social media platforms.

In this article, we discuss why it's important to have various social media content ideas and provide 30 content strategies you can use as part of your next social media post or campaign.

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Why are social media content ideas important?

It's important to have a variety of social media content ideas on retainer to ensure that you always have something engaging to share with your followers. Keeping up engagement is a vital component of having a strong social media presence, whether your audience interacts by reposting, quoting or replying to your content. The more people share your content, the wider your scope of influence, therefore increasing the likelihood of consumers engaging with your products and raising company revenue.

30 content ideas for social media

Here are 30 different social media content ideas you can use as inspiration when developing your next post or project:

1. Polls

Creating a poll can be an easy way to encourage your audience to interact with your social media platforms. Consider asking a question related to your company's mission and providing a few choices for your followers to choose from. For example, if you run a vegan food blog, you may post a poll asking people to choose their favorite dairy-free milk alternative and post the results.

2. Q&A

A question-and-answer session is another way to have your audience to interact with your social media accounts. You can encourage your followers to ask their most burning questions and answer them through pictures, videos, or posts on your social media story. Q&As can show your audience that you value their questions and inputs.

3. Viral content

Sharing viral content is another social media content idea. For example, if there's a viral video clip or picture that's making its way across social media, consider posting it with a funny caption that incorporates a topic related to your company. This can increase the chances of your post going viral, therefore increasing overall engagement.

4. Regular series

Another popular social media content idea is to start a regular series on your social media platforms. Try coming up with a central theme that connects your posts and share them regularly, either daily, weekly or monthly. For example, if you run social media for a pet supply company, you may post a picture once a week of a customer's pet modeling or using your products.

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5. Behind-the-scenes content

Posting behind-the-scenes content is another popular way of encouraging consumer engagement on social media. Audiences may find it interesting to see how your business operates in your office, factory or store. Behind-the-scenes posts can be photos, videos and even livestreams that give your customers an inside look into your company's day-to-day activities.

6. Customer feedback

Sharing customer feedback can provide your audience with some of the positive reviews actual users provide after using your products or services. Reviews can give prospective customers the confidence they need to purchase or engage with whatever it is your company sells. You can share screenshots or video testimonials that show positive customer feedback.

7. Start a challenge

Another fun content idea for engaging your social media audience is to start a challenge. A challenge can be anything that encourages your followers to interact with a post that goes along with the theme of your challenge. For example, if you run a health food store, you may challenge your followers to post videos of them trying a bitter fruit.

8. Industry news

You can also share some of the latest news and updates related to your industry as part of your social media content. This is a way to keep your audience interested and informed on matters related to your company. For example, if you operate social media for a healthcare company, you may share articles or studies that explain new technology or medications.

9. Podcasts

Podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of social media content over the past few years. You can create a podcast with some colleagues that focuses on a topic related to your industry. For example, if you work for a reality television series, you may create a podcast that recaps the latest episodes.

10. Infographics

Infographics are a streamlined way to provide your audience with information and data. You can post infographics that explain topics or data related to your company and make them shareable so your audience can repost them on their own pages. You can form a graphic design team dedicated to creating engaging graphics for your social media platforms.

11. Introduce employees

Introducing employees is a way to bring your audience behind-the-scenes and give them an inside look into your company's work culture. You can have employees write short descriptions of their background, interests and work duties and post them to social media. You can also do livestreams where your audience can directly ask questions to employees.


Quotes are also a way to post shareable content that can attract new followers and customers. Inspirational quotes are popular on social media and you may find that posting them significantly increases engagement. Quotes about motivation, success and perseverance are all general topics that can appeal to people in all situations.

13. Promotions

You can use your social media pages to advertise different promotions sponsored by your company. Promotions are a great way to bring in new customers, as discounts may make people more inclined to give your products a try. For example, if you run an account for a clothing brand, you may use social media posts to advertise sales or special offers.

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14. Livestreams

Going live, or livestreaming, is a popular form of social media content. This practice typically involves using a social media platform that offers streaming abilities to provide real-time video content to your followers. You can use livestreams for interactive Q&As to promote products and services or to provide behind-the-scenes footage for your followers.

15. Tutorials

Tutorials have also become increasingly popular since the rise of social media. If you work for a business that focuses on some sort of action-based topic, you can create how-to videos that provide the audience with steps for completing a certain task. Making your tutorials short, easy to follow and shareable can increase the chances of consumers engaging with your content.

16. Holiday posts

Holiday posts are also a popular social media content method. Curating your content to specific seasons and holidays, such as holiday or fall-related posts, can be a fun way to engage with your followers. You can also do posts for unofficial holidays that are related to your business, such as National Chocolate Day or National Teacher Appreciation Day.

17. Job listings

Job listings are another way to engage with your followers, especially those interested in working for your company. You can post the requirements and benefits of job openings and provide application information. This can open up your employment pool substantially and attract interested and dedicated followers to your company.

18. FAQs

Frequently asked questions, or FAQs, can also serve as a social media content idea. Consider polling your followers for their questions and using those in your FAQ posts. You can post FAQs using images, videos, livestreams or infographics, all of which can directly address and answer common company questions.

19. Repost followers' content

Another way to interact with your followers is by reposting their content. You can encourage your audience to send in their own original work, such as art, music, poetry, graphics or any other personalized content. This can make your followers feel appreciated and encourage them to interact with your accounts more in the future.

20. Playlists

Another social media idea is to create a playlist and share it with your followers. Consider curating a playlist with songs that apply to the theme or aesthetic of your company. A playlist can serve as a marketing tool while also engaging your followers in a unique way that goes beyond typical social media interactions.

21. Tease a product launch

If your company is launching a product or campaign, consider teasing the product or service for some time before it hits the market. You can do this by sharing images and videos with sneak peeks of the product. You can start teasing the new product for several weeks or even months before it launches.

22. Company accomplishments

If your company hits a major milestone, you can share this on your social media pages. If you reach a new business goal or receive a prestigious award, sharing this information on social media can add to your company's credibility in the eyes of the consumer. Consider posting custom graphics that easily inform your audience of the company's accomplishments.

23. Fill in the blank

A fill-in-the-blank post involves asking followers to add their own words into a structured statement, usually related to your company. For example, if you run a food blog, you could provide the statement: "Fill in the blank: my favorite fruit is" and have them insert their answer. This can encourage your audience to interact with your social media accounts.

24. Curate content to relevant topics

You can curate content specifically to current events as a social media idea. Viral trends and stories can provide you with the perfect opportunity to create specific content that a wide audience can understand. This can also increase the chances of your content going viral, therefore increasing company engagement.

25. Throwback content

Throwback, or back-in-the-day content, can make your followers feel nostalgic. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that can make people feel happy and encourage them to engage with your company. Consider posting throwbacks on specific days of the week, such as the popular "throwback Thursday" or "flashback Friday."

26. Interact with followers

You can interact with followers on social media by responding to their posts directly. Many companies have social media teams that work to answer questions and respond to audience posts. This can increase engagement on your social media platforms and encourage followers to share and interact with your posts.

27. Influencer collaborations

Influencers are social media professionals with large audiences. Collaborating with influencers is a way to attract new followers to your social media accounts. You can also coordinate campaigns with influencers where they promote your company or products to their own audience.

28. Blog posts

If your company has a blog, you can share its posts with your social media followers. Blog posts are a way to give insight to your audience about industry and product updates and information. This may incline your followers to share the blog posts to their own social media pages, which can increase overall engagement.

29. Videos

Video clips are a visual way to engage your followers on social media. You can post videos that model your products or services to your customers and exemplify their features. You can post short, shareable clips on your social media accounts or longer videos on a video-sharing platform.

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30. Encourage followers to tag friends

If you're doing a giveaway or sweepstakes, you can encourage your followers to tag friends to enter. You can also have your audience tag friends for additional contest entries. This is a marketing tool that can expand the reach of your promotions and bring a wider audience to your company.

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