How To Convert Excel to Google Sheets in 6 Steps: A Guide

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published September 29, 2021

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Google Sheets is a helpful application for organizing, manipulating and presenting data, whether for work-related or personal purposes. Business professionals use this multifaceted platform to work with business data, record financial calculations and generate reports. If you have a spreadsheet in the form of a Microsoft Excel file, you might want to convert it to Google Sheets for various reasons. In this article, we discuss the benefits of converting Excel to Google Sheets, explain how to do so in six simple steps and offer some tips for completing this process efficiently while keeping your data secure.

Benefits of converting spreadsheets from Excel to Google Sheets

Many people may want to transfer the data they have on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to the Google Sheets program. Here are some motivations they may have for doing so:

  • Wanting to fulfill requirements at the workplace: Some organizations require employees to use Google Sheets for work-related tasks and submit or email files in a Google Sheets file form, sometimes due to computer capacities or employer preference. For this reason, many business professionals may want to transfer an Excel file to a Google Sheets file to fulfill the expectations of their supervisors and colleagues.

  • Seeking to use particular Google Sheets features: While Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are very similar programs with common functions and purposes, some users may want to have access to the unique features of Google Sheets. For example, the cloud technology of Google Sheets enables users to edit spreadsheets in real-time from different places, allowing for effective collaborative editing between team members.

  • Desiring to work on Google Sheets because of previous experience: Many people want to use systems with which they're familiar so they can avoid spending time and effort learning how to navigate a new program. Those with more extensive levels of experience working with Google programs may opt to use the Google Sheets interface to complete tasks quickly and properly, which is especially important in a fast-paced work environment.

  • Hoping to work on a document from different places: Google Sheets is especially helpful for users who want to edit a document both from the workplace and from home, as it saves work using an internet connection and allows users to log on and access an account from any computer or device from any place. Some employees prefer this feature because they work remotely.

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How to convert Excel to Google Sheets

Here are six steps for how to convert an Excel file to a Google Sheets file, applicable whether you're using a PC or Mac computer:

1. Open your Excel file

First, open the Excel file you wish to convert. Make sure to save it to your computer under a particular name in a particular folder so you can find it easily later. It's also important to check if the data on the file is accurate and consistent so the transfer can be successful.

2. Open Google Drive

Next, open your Google Drive application. Visit the website or open your application and make sure to log into your account so the platform can save your files properly. If you have Google as your default web page, you can access its platforms easily by selecting the apps bar on the top-right portion of your screen.

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3. Upload your Excel file to Google Drive

To upload your Excel file to Google Drive, first click the "New" option on the top, left-hand corner of the application, with an icon of a plus symbol next to it. Then, when you click "File upload", Google opens a window into your computer files. You can then select the Excel file you wish to convert, the one you saved earlier, and press the "Open" option.

4. Open your file in Google Sheets

Upon uploading your Excel file to Google Drive, right-click the file and hover your cursor over the option, "Open with." Then, select the "Google Sheets" option to open your file in the Google Sheets application. You can then see your Excel file on your screen.

5. Save your Excel file as a Google Sheets file

Once the file has opened, you can find "File" on the top left-hand corner of the application and select the option, "Save as Google Sheets." This action saves a Google Sheets version of your file on your Google Drive. You can then see it under the original version on your screen.

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6. Move your Google Sheets file to a folder

For optimal organization, you can move your new Google Sheets file into a particular folder so you can find it again easily. Google folders are a great way to organize various documents into different categories. You might also want to rename to help you remember its purpose.

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Tips for converting Excel files to Google Sheets files

While transferring data between applications, it's crucial to make sure you keep your data secure. This is especially true if your spreadsheet includes important business information like financial reports or meeting schedules. Here are some tips for converting Excel files to Google Sheets files:

  • Check your data carefully: After you convert your Excel file to Google Sheets, be sure to check that all your data is present and accurate in the document. While it's unlikely that any data is lost, checking can ensure you're working with the right information and sharing proper facts with colleagues and supervisors.

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection: Google Sheets saves files using an internet connection, so it's important to have a strong, reliable internet connection when you're converting your data and allow Google to save it properly. Good connectivity also means you can conduct the conversion process quickly and easily, without glitches or other errors.

  • Adjust your settings in Google Drive: Google Drive has a setting in which you can choose to convert Excel files to Sheets files automatically when you create the documents. Due to Google's cloud-computing software, you can then work on Excel files from anywhere at any time using the Google platform.

  • Contact a professional: If you're encountering any challenges in the conversion process, you might consider contacting your business' information technology department or a trusted friend or colleague. A professional or someone with experience using Google Sheets and Excel may be able to help you navigate the process.

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