Top 21 Creative Job Titles (With Average Salaries)

Jamie Birt

Updated July 12, 2022

Published February 25, 2020

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Some companies have decided to move away from traditional job titles in favor of creative ones that give their company culture some imagination. Creative job titles have advantages and disadvantages for both the employee and the company.

In this article, we explain what creative job titles are and the advantages and disadvantages of creative job titles, and then we share some creative job title examples with explanations.

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What are creative job titles?

Creative job titles are a word or a few words that describe a person's job in a fun, creative way. Creative job titles are different from traditional job titles in that they are usually humorous while traditional job titles are straightforward.

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Advantages of creative job titles

Creative job titles can offer advantages for both the company and its employees, which include:

  • Brand: Creative job titles can be an avenue for a company to express its brand. For example, instead of having a software engineer, a cloud computing company may have a "code keeper."

  • Creativity: Creative job titles allow companies to express their creativity. Some companies have their employees select their titles, which creates a culture of creativity and encourages employees to think imaginatively in their daily work.

  • Progress: Creative job titles imply that the company using them is progressive and forward-thinking. This will attract young, creative minds to join the company and continue to push the company's evolution.

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Disadvantages of creative job titles

Creative job titles do have some disadvantages for companies and employees:

Lack of consistency

If a company allows every individual employee to select their title, then people who perform the same job duties will have different titles. This can be confusing for other employees let alone for customers or other external stakeholders.

Industry confusion

If an employee chooses to leave their position and try to find another, they will have to state what their former title was on their resume. The informality of a title could be unappealing to other companies.


Some titles are just not a great fit for the role they purport to describe. They could imply status or ability that the employee does not have.

List of creative job titles with explanations

Creative job titles can be used in any industry or business. Here are some examples of creative job titles and the standard titles they represent:

1. Wizard of Want: Marketing Director

National average salary: $88,259 annually

A marketing director wants to entice customers to purchase their company's product or service. Wizard of want conveys that directive in a fun, creative manner.

Duties: Manage a marketing team. Create enticing marketing plans. Communicate with stakeholders.

Requirements: Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or a related field. Experience working on a marketing team. Strong leadership skills.

2. Penultimate Master: Deputy Director

National average salary: $104,916 annually

Deputy directors are generally the second-highest-ranking officer in a company. Penultimate means second to last, or in the case of "penultimate master," the second to last stop on the hierarchical chain of command.

Primary duties: Support the director by performing managerial duties and acting as the director when needed.

Requirements: Dependent on the industry. Usually at least a Bachelor's Degree in Business and strong managerial skills.

3. Number Ninja: Accountant

National average salary: $55,637 annually

Accountants generally have straightforward jobs that do not involve much creativity. Giving them the title number, "ninja," adds excitement to the position.

Primary duties: Manage financial documents, prepare tax forms and provide financial advice.

Requirements: A Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and often a certified public accountant license.

4. Mediamaster: Social Media Manager

National average salary: $48,753 annually

Social media managers often use hashtags to track marketing campaigns and other related metrics. Including a hashtag as part of their title is a fun nod to their work.

Primary duties: Manage a company's social media profiles by making posts, responding to comments and creating marketing campaigns related to social media.

Requirements: A Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations and excellent written and verbal communication skills.

5. Chief Beverage Officer: Bartender

National average salary: $24,398 annually

Bartenders do a lot more than just pour drinks. The title, "chief beverage officer," acknowledges all the skills and information they have about beverages.

Primary duties: Prepare drinks for customers. Manage inventory and keep the serving area clean.

Requirements: Knowledge of mixology and strong communication skills.

6. Herder of Canines: Dog Walker

National average salary: $31,866 annually

Dog walkers often walk more than one dog at once. "Herder of canines" creates a visual more accurately aligned with the actual job.

Primary duties: Care for dogs while the owners are unavailable. Walk and feed the dogs.

Requirements: Love of animals. Comfort walking around in all weather.

7. Chief of Chatting: Call Center Manager

National average salary: $56,967 annually

Call centers are responsible for making cold calls to potential customers. Call center managers are in charge of a lot of communication and could easily be known as "chiefs of chatting."

Primary duties: Manage a team of employees. Provide incentives for employees. Set clear and achievable goals for employees.

Requirements: Management experience. Excellent communicator. Dedicated to customer service.

8. Boss of All Things: Chief Executive Officer

National average salary: $109,247 annually

Chief executive officers, or CEOs, are usually at the very top of the company's hierarchy. "Boss of all things" is a fun way to refer to a CEO.

Primary duties: A CEO's duties depend on the industry in which they work. Many are responsible for employee management and executive decision-making.

Requirements: A bachelor's degree or master's degree in their industries field. Business expertise and analysis skills.

9. Creator of Light: Light Designer

National average salary: $38,189 annually

Light designers often work for theaters and design the lights used in a play, musical or dance production. "Creator of light" is a much more interesting title than "light designer."

Primary duties: Create light displays to highlight the performers. Install and maintain lights as needed.

Requirements: A bachelor's degree in theatrical lighting design or a related field. Knowledge of the stage and lighting for performances.

10. King of the Nerds: Tech Support

National average salary: $33,030 annually

Technical support staff are sometimes referred to as "nerds" due to the depth of their technical knowledge. Tech support staffers can reclaim "nerd" with the creative job title, "king of the nerds."

Primary duties: Provide technical assistance to those with malfunctioning computers, printers or other electronics.

Requirements: A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or a related field. A keen understanding of technology and mechanical awareness.

11. First Impressions Director: Receptionist

National average salary: $27,997 annually

Receptionists are usually the first employees to meet new people coming into a business. Making a great first impression on the receptionist can go a long way with the rest of the company. "First impressions director" is a great creative job title for receptionists.

Primary duties: Greet incoming customers. Answer the phone as needed. Complete administrative tasks.

Requirements: Excellent communication skills. Comfortable with basic computer usage.

12. Healer of Magical Creatures: Veterinarian

Average salary: $97,425 annually

Pets are considered family members by many people. They are magical creatures that love unconditionally. Veterinarians keep these magical creatures healthy. "Healer of magical creatures" is a fun, creative job title for a vet.

Primary duties: Care for ill or injured animals. Provide preventative care to animals.

Requirements: A Doctoral Degree in Veterinary Science. Love for animals.

13. Potion Master: Pharmacist

National average salary: $116,281 annually

Pharmacists can create the perfect drug cocktail to cure your headache or ease your aches and pains. "Potion master" is an accurate and creative way to describe pharmacists.

Primary duties: Fill prescriptions for patients. Understand drug interactions. Educate patients as needed.

Requirements: A Doctoral Degree in Pharmacy. A state license to practice pharmacy.

14. Clothes Curator: Retail Specialist

National average salary: $25,210 annually

Clothing store retail specialists are responsible for creating outfits and looks that appeal to customers that may be featured in displays or on mannequins. "Clothes curator" is a creative title to replace the "retail specialist."

Primary duties: Assist customers as they shop. Make sales. Restock shelves as needed.

Requirements: Excellent customer service skills. Computer and basic math knowledge.

15. Weather Prophet: Meteorologist

National average salary: $87,470 annually

Meteorologists use a variety of tools to predict the coming weather. Instead of referring to them as "meteorologists," using the title, "weather prophets", adds some gravitas to their job.

Primary duties: Track weather patterns and report forecasts.

Requirements: A Bachelor's Degree in Meteorology or a related field. Many meteorologists earn master's degrees or doctoral degrees.

16. Flavor Mixologist: Chef

National average salary: $31,013 annually

Chefs are masters of ingredients. The creative job title, "flavor mixologist", nods to their expertise in cooking.

Primary duties: Prepare menus, oversee a kitchen and manage a staff of cooks.

Requirements: Many chefs are self-taught and begin as low-level cooks and promote to the position of chef. Others attend culinary school.

17. Randomness Manager: Administrative Assistant

National average salary: $32,386 annually

Administrative assistants are often responsible for a wide variety of tasks that may change day to day. "Randomness manager" might better summarize their role.

Primary duties: Assist a manager or executive. Answer phone calls, manage calendars and handle correspondence.

Requirements: Many administrative assistants have high school diplomas or are in college. Strong communication skills, organization and time-management skills are vital.

18. Transportation Troll: Tollbooth Operator

National average salary: $23,358 annually

Tollbooth operators collect money from drivers. Trolls, in ancient lore, often demanded money from travelers. "Transportation troll" is a humorous creative job title.

Primary duties: Collect the correct amount of money from drivers. Provide change if needed.

Requirements: Toll collectors should be personable and able to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

19. Alchemy Merchant: Perfume Salesperson

National average salary: $23,525 annually

Perfume salespeople help shoppers select the perfect scent. "Alchemy merchant" is an enjoyable creative job title for people that sell perfume.

Primary duties: Give perfume samples to customers. Help customers select scents. Collect payment for customer purchases.

Requirements: Strong customer service skills. A keen sense of smell.

20. Champion of the Sun: Helioseismologist

National average salary: $70,103 annually

Helioseismologists study the sun, but the complex name does not immediately make that clear. "Champion of the sun" is a fun, straightforward way of describing their work.

Primary duties: Research the sun's structure through projection and mathematics.

Requirements: A Bachelor's Degree in Physics or a related field. Most helioseismologists have master's degrees or doctoral degrees.

21. People Trainer: Teacher

National average salary: $40,082 annually

Teachers are responsible for training students in specific subjects and analytical thinking. This creative title provides a teacher's job description through its title.

Primary duties: Provide instruction for students. Create lesson plans and grade student work.

Requirements: A Bachelor's Degree in Education or a related field. Experience working with students. Mastery of their subject area.

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