65 Creative Marketing Ideas To Increase Brand Awareness

Updated June 24, 2022

Companies and individuals use creative marketing initiatives to help promote their products, increase profit gains and build a stronger consumer base. There are many ideas that these entities can try to help them achieve these goals. As you familiarize yourself with a diverse range of concepts, you can better identify the ones that work best for your business needs. In this article, we review a list of 65 creative marketing ideas you can use to boost your brand's recognition and achieve greater financial growth.

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10 creative marketing ideas

Here are 10 creative marketing ideas you can explore:

1. Organize a photo contest

A photo contest is an opportunity for your consumers to post pictures of themselves enjoying your products. At the end of the contest, you can reward the winner with a prize. This kind of user-generated content is useful because it encourages audiences to interact with one another, get creative with their photos and promote your products organically.

2. Hold a charity or fundraiser event

Holding a charity or fundraiser event is an effective medium for not only bringing more awareness to your brand but to that of another cause as well. All the proceeds that you earn from this event can go toward a specific organization. Another benefit of hosting these types of events is that consumers may develop a better perspective on your brand.

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3. Collaborate with another business

Businesses that share similarities can collaborate with each other and mutually benefit from the partnership. Both businesses can host partner content on their own platforms, helping the other gain increased brand recognition and a wider audience. For example, a company that sells baby products could collaborate with a brand that sells maternity wear. This means they both benefit without competing with one another.

4. Create a short film

A short film is an opportunity for a company to present its products or services within the context of a unique and creative story. There are many approaches that you can take with this concept, such as a comedic focus or one that's more sentimental and heartfelt. What's important is that the story told highlights the product, while still featuring an engaging narrative that's interesting to watch.

5. Reward your loya l customer base

A customer loyal program for both past and present customers helps users feel more connected with a company. You can reward their business with various types of compensation, such as discount coupons, cashback options and exclusive promotional prices that only loyalty program members can access. By showing them they're valuable, companies encourage users to remain as paying and loyal customers.

6. Host a podcast

Hosting a podcast allows a company to communicate with a diverse audience about topics that they're interested in hearing. You can run a podcast that airs new episodes on a schedule and presents content that's interesting and thoughtful. To ensure that the podcast is successful, hire a sound engineer to help you with the sound quality and ask customers what topics they want to hear about for each installment.

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7. Sponsor online influencers

Sponsoring online social media influencers is one of the most lucrative ways in which a business can reach a wide and diverse audience, especially if the company's primary target audience is young people. You can enlist influencers to take photos or create videos where they feature and talk positivity about the company and its products. This can influence their audience to buy the business' products.

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8. Write online articles

Writing online articles is an effective way to reach audiences who enjoy reading short and long-form media content. You can craft these high-quality articles on the company's website or a blog. You can also try paying another website to feature your writing if it receives more traffic. What's important is that the produced writing is engaging and entices viewers to keep reading.

9. Offer discounts, sales and promotions

One of the best ways to market to current and new audiences is by offering your products at a cheaper price. A discount is an instant reduction in the product's price, while sales usually offer products at a discounted price for a specific amount of time. Promotions are often seasonal and provide special bonuses depending on what products consumers buy or how much they spend. Frequently providing customers with these different benefits is a viable way to encourage repeat business.

10. Start an email campaign

An email campaign is an opportunity for a business to interact with its customers creatively. You can provide customers with access to a newsletter, new product updates or special promotional deals. The business can customize emails sent to ensure that they align with the interest of the consumer base. This type of marketing concept is especially beneficial because customers can opt-in or -out of it whenever they want.

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55 additional creative marketing ideas

Here's a list of 55 additional creative marketing ideas you can try:

  1. Design and release a holiday promotion

  2. Orchestrate a meetup event

  3. Host a webinar

  4. Send consumers free product samples

  5. Interview customers about their experience

  6. Offer a survey

  7. Create a data-driven infographic

  8. Use social media paid advertisements

  9. Present at a local trade show

  10. Act as a sponsor of an event

  11. Release a how-to video

  12. Place sidewalk signs

  13. Create a high-quality business card

  14. Design a brochure

  15. Create a magnet or key chain

  16. Write greeting or thank you cards

  17. Canvass your local neighborhoods

  18. Book a radio spot

  19. Network at local community events

  20. Post on popular forums

  21. Organize a giveaway contest

  22. Use evergreen content to generate sales and leads

  23. Revamp your tagline or logo

  24. Create a brand mascot

  25. Use a Help a Reporter Out (HARO) service

  26. Run a blog

  27. Guest on another brand's blog

  28. Release a weekly newsletter

  29. Employ search engine optimization (SEO)

  30. Host a raffle event

  31. Reuse, repurpose and recycle existing content that you know works

  32. Promote user-generated content

  33. Host a live stream

  34. Use creative and company-specific hashtags on social media

  35. Develop and design new product packaging

  36. Offer incentives to your current subscribers

  37. Create limited-edition products

  38. Request endorsements

  39. Write a press release

  40. Hiring a marketing specialist

  41. Post photo albums

  42. Interact with fans frequently on social media channels

  43. Offer a new promotion each week

  44. Develop a strong call-to-action (CTA)

  45. Run seasonal promotions

  46. Send out a gift on customer birthdays

  47. Use topic clusters to boost search traffic

  48. Create an engaging white paper

  49. Release an infomercial

  50. Pay for a short television advertisement

  51. Reach out to your local news station

  52. Write thorough guides

  53. Host a Q&A

  54. Teach an online course

  55. Incorporate comedy into your promotions

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