26 Cubicle Decor Ideas To Add Style to Your Workspace

Updated February 3, 2023

A person sits at their desk in their home office, which is decorated with plants and colorful walls.

The neutral walls of a desk cubicle can offer an opportunity to create a workspace that shows your personality and improves your mood. There are many decorative features you can add to make your space more stylish and organized, such as color, art and accessories. Getting inspiration for ways to decorate your cubicle can help you choose supplies and decor that match your preferences.

In this article, we list 26 ideas for decorating your cubicle so you can personalize your workspace.

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26 ideas for decorating cubicles

Here are 26 ideas for decorating your cubicle or home office setup:

1. Stick to a theme

Before choosing decor, you can select a theme to help match the items you want to incorporate, such as modern, minimalist, Bohemian, rustic or farmhouse. Alternatively, you can choose a color scheme and select decor that fits the palette. For example, you might choose a few shades of blue or a couple of complementary colors, such as pink and gold.

2. Make use of shelves

If your cubicle includes shelves, you can clear a shelf for decor to add a vertical element to your cubicle decorations, such as:

  • Holiday decorations: Change the decor on your shelf to match the season or upcoming holidays and give your cubicle a festive feel.

  • Photos: Adding pictures of family members, friends and pets can help you personalize your office space.

  • Crafts: If you're an avid crafter, you can use a cubicle shelf to display your creations.

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3. Hang framed art and photos

Use your cubicle's wall space to hang framed art or personal photos. You can create cohesion by using the same color or type of frame for each photo or art piece. If you prefer a less uniform look, you can vary the colors, sizes and shapes of the frames and hang them in an asymmetrical layout, such as a collage or staggered pattern.

4. Add a calendar

A wall or desk calendar is a functional piece of decor that can add color and personality to your cubicle space. It can also help you keep track of important meetings and work events. Consider one with bright seasonal photos or a calendar with quotes from your favorite TV show to boost your mood.

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5. Bring in fresh flowers

Another simple decor addition to a cubicle is fresh flowers. You can visit a grocery store or local florist each week to choose a seasonal bouquet that adds color and cheer to your workspace. A vase that matches your decor or color scheme can help this addition complement your aesthetic. Before adding bouquets to your workspace, check with management and colleagues about any allergies or sensitivities to fresh flowers.

6. Add colorful organization solutions

You can customize ordinary office organization solutions like file holders, desk organizers and trays by choosing colorful or patterned options that match your cubicle decor. Using these tools can add cheer to your work tasks and maintain your motivation. You might also swap out your organizers occasionally to match the season or your mood.

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7. Store office supplies in style

Office supplies are also an opportunity for decor. Paper clips, pens, notepads and push pins in the same color scheme can create a coherent workspace theme. Consider using ceramic containers, mason jars or colorful boxes to store your office supplies and papers in a stylish manner.

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8. Add plants

If your cubicle is near a window, you can add plants to bring color and calm to your workspace. Add personality to your arrangement with hand-painted pots. Remember to make sure no one in the office has allergies or sensitivities to the plants you want to display before you bring them to work. Here are a few common plants for an office setting:

  • Succulents: Succulents are desert plants that can thrive with infrequent watering in a sunny windowsill at an office.

  • Spider plants: Spider plants are hardy houseplants you can hang near a window to add vertical interest to your cubicle decor.

  • Snake plants: A snake plant can grow in lower-light areas of an office and withstand less watering, if you occasionally forget to water your plants at the office.

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9. Create vertical storage solutions

Vertical storage solutions give you the ability to maximize even a smaller workspace like a cubicle. Features like bulletin boards, hanging clipboards and pegboards can help you store important items and display decorative elements. These vertical storage options allow you to organize your workspace in a space-efficient and visually appealing way. 

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10. Add extra lighting

Another way to add personality to your cubicle is to add extra lighting. This can brighten your workspace and serve as a design element. Here are a few ways to incorporate more light into your workspace:

  • Add a lamp. A lamp can add warmth and character to your cubicle decor. Salt lamps are a popular way to add ambient lighting to a work desk.

  • Hang string lights. String lights may add a pleasant glow to a cubicle. You can use push pins and removable hooks to hang them in your cubicle.

  • Use fairy lights. Fairy lights are battery-operated string lights you can put inside a jar or use to decorate a small space with extra lighting.

11. Cover the walls

Another way to add color and personality to your cubicle is to cover the walls with decorative material. Here are some ideas:

  • Fabric: You might buy fabric from a craft store that matches your decor theme and use staples or tacks to adhere the fabric to the walls of your cubicle.

  • Contact paper: Stick-on wallpaper or contact paper is another option for creating a cubicle wall covering. You can test the paper on a small area first to ensure the adhesive won't damage the walls of the cubicle.

  • Wrapping paper: The benefits of using wrapping paper to cover cubicle walls are that it's quick and easy to install with staples or thumbtacks.

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12. Decorate with washi tape

Washi tape is a decorative adhesive made from Japanese rice paper that comes in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns and textures. Here are some uses for washi tape when decorating your cubicle:

  • Trim: Upgrade the trim of items like bulletin boards, your desk and frames.

  • Cable organization: Create a fun and easy way to label and organize cords.

  • Hung items: Secure art and photos on the walls of your cubicle with washi tape.

13. Change your mouse pad

Choose a mouse pad that matches your other decor, and consider one with a wrist rest to avoid pain from performing office tasks. Another option is a desk mat, which sits on your desk under your computer and acts as a surface protector, mouse pad and decorative element. You can find desk mats in many colors and designs.

14. Upgrade your bookends

If you have books and binders in your cubicle, you can add color and personality by using interesting bookends. This can be an opportunity to use your creativity to paint or customize existing items, like rocks, to match the other decor in your cubicle. Consider adding an unexpected aesthetic to your workspace theme with striking bookends, such as a pair with gold or rhinestone features.

15. Raise your computer

In many cases, computer monitors on a cubicle desk are lower than eye level, which can lead to neck strain and other pain. You can prevent or alleviate these issues by finding solutions that also add a decorative element to your workspace. Using desk organizers, boxes, books or a simple monitor stand can help you stay comfortable in your cubicle while adding color to your workspace.

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16. Use keyboard stickers

Keyboard stickers are another way to add color to your workspace. Select adhesives in various colors or designs that match your other decor and add joy to typing tasks at work. They're also removable, so you can change them as often as you want.

17. Add magnets

If your cubicle walls include metal components, you can use magnets to hang items. Display souvenir magnets from your vacations to remind you of your favorite places or buy a magnetic poetry kit to boost your creativity. magnet can simply be decorative or they can hold in place important memos and reminders.          

18. Change your desktop background

A quick and easy way to personalize your workspace is to change your computer screensaver and desktop background. You can also change your desktop themes, like your taskbar and window colors. Matching these computer settings to your favorite colors or decor can help you use your computer as another element for added personality to your cubicle.

19. Hide and manage cords

Cable management solutions like cable sleeves, tubing, cable ties and boxes may help you reduce visual clutter so your decor is the focal point of your cubicle. Minimizing tangled wires can also reduce safety hazards in the workplace. If you don't have a lot of space to keep cables and wires out of sight, use colorful cable ties to bundle them.

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20. Create a hanging photo wire

If you don't want to use frames or pin your photos to the wall, use a wire, string, or ribbon and clips to display photos. This is an easy way to add handmade and personal flair to your cubicle decor. It also makes it easy to change your photos or art prints to match a new theme or refresh your space.

21. Switch out your lunch gear

A simple method for incorporating everyday objects into your cubicle decor is to choose lunch gear that matches the theme or color scheme of the rest of your decor. Consider picking a lunch box, food containers and a tumbler or mug that fit your theme. These elements can add a little joy to your breakfast and lunch routines.

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22. Add a throw pillow

A throw pillow can bring color or a fun pattern to your cubicle while adding comfort to your desk chair. You can also add one to an empty corner of your desk as a decoration. If you want a more functional option, a lumbar support pillow can help you avoid back pain while adding a decor piece to your workspace.

23. Don't forget the floor

It's easy to decorate a desk and cubicle walls while forgetting the floor. You can add a small rug to the floor of your cubicle to give it visual appeal and a cozy look. If you have a rolling desk chair, you can get a colorful chair mat instead to protect the office floor while making moving around your cubicle easier.

24. Incorporate inspirational quotes

Decorating a cubicle can boost your mood with color and personalization, but it can also inspire. You can frame or hang inspirational quotes in your cubicle that may help you stay engaged and encouraged while you work. Consider selecting a colorful frame or using washi tape to hang them.

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25. Add a letter board

A letter board is a sign that allows you to switch out letters to change messages periodically. They're typically black with white letters, but you can also find options with colorful backgrounds. Use a letter board to display inspirational quotes or reminders.

26. Consider handmade items

One strategy for personalizing your cubicle decor is to incorporate crafted and handmade items into your cubicle. This can also help you reduce the cost of buying decor for your cubicle. For example, paint markers can help you turn a generic mason jar into a personalized pen holder for your desk.

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