Your Guide To Creating a Great Digital Customer Experience

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published April 13, 2021

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Browsing company websites, filling online shopping carts and selecting discounts through a company's app are just a few of the ways consumers interact with businesses online. A customer's digital experience can impact how they value and trust a brand. As businesses continue to merge with technological platforms to offer a multi-channel digital presence, companies are focusing their efforts to create a great digital experience for their customers. In this article, we explain the concept of the digital customer experience, give details about the benefits of this idea and share tips to help create a positive digital customer experience.

What is digital customer experience?

A digital customer experience describes brand-specific customer interactions with a business's online platforms. This can include mobile sites, traditional websites and apps. A customer's digital experience with a company can encompass a variety of interactions including:

  • E-commerce

  • Customer service

  • Online shopping

  • Social media

  • Email content

  • Digital accounts

Companies develop strategies to shape a customer's digital experience with their brand. The functions and locations of a business often impact how companies plan to guide customer interactions through digital platforms. Businesses that exist wholly online may focus more heavily on the results of consumer web searches by attempting to make the journey from search engine to company website seamless and easy. Businesses with physical locations might spend more effort on a digital marketing strategy linked to email newsletters or advertisements and customer reward accounts.

Here are some aspects that make up a customer's digital experience:

  • How fast a webpage or application loads

  • The clarity of a website including menu options and interactive buttons

  • A customer's ability to manage their own online accounts

  • The ease of using search engines to find your digital platforms

  • If a customer is able to successfully complete their objective using digital means

  • The ability to reach customer service applications online

  • The quality of digital content like videos and graphics

  • Whether their online experience feels personal and positive

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Why is digital customer experience important?

A customer's digital experience helps shape their overall opinion of a company. If their online transactions are positive, this will most likely result in positive associations with your brand. Excellence in digital customer experience can also affect customer choices and their willingness to repeat their purchases with a company. As with offline experiences, customers are also more likely to recommend the business to their contacts after a pleasant interaction online. Consumers typically engage more with a brand that makes it easy to use digital channels.

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Benefits of a good digital customer experience

A positive digital customer experience can be an effective tool for customer retention, increased revenue and brand awareness. Here are some of the key benefits of a good digital customer experience:

  • Customer satisfaction: When customers are satisfied with a brand through their digital experiences, they associate positive emotions and are more likely to connect with a company in the future. They feel valued when their interactions are shaped by ease of use and successful outcomes.

  • Reduced bounce rates: Customers who are happy with their digital experience are less likely to leave a website or application. This phenomenon is called a bounce. Lower bounce rates are often linked to increased brand interaction and often, increased sales.

  • Repeat business: When a customer knows they can get the product or service they need from a company's digital channels, they often choose to continue purchasing from a business. If their digital experience is efficient and positive, they may opt for your brand when they know they can expect convenience and positive associations.

  • Organic traffic: Attracting customers to your digital platforms without direct spending on advertising or other marketing efforts benefits an organization. Customers who experience a positive digital interaction may become a brand ambassador to their digital contacts. You can encourage this by making it easy for customers to share their positive experience with your brand through their own digital channels.

9 tips for improving a digital customer experience

Creating a digital customer experience involves company leaders and professionals across departments working together to offer consumers a seamless online experience. Here are some ideas to help you provide customers with a great digital experience:

Define your strategy

Companies with the best digital customer experiences achieve this through planning. As more consumers transition to online activity with businesses, facilitating a customer's digital interactions requires a digital strategy. Although a business can continue to evolve their internet offerings and capabilities, implementing strategies for the main aspects of digital interactions can help you achieve success in customer experiences.

Digital strategies can include:

  • Convenience in both service and e-commerce

  • Accessibility through various devices

  • Flexibility across multiple channels

  • Personalization of digital features and accounts

  • Simplified interactions and movement through online platforms

Focus on user experience

User experience (UX) is a term used to describe the point of view from a digital consumer as they interact with any technology facilitated by the internet. This concerns the ease at which a user can find and use items like drop-down menus, search bars and digital shopping carts. Graphic displays also affect a user experience as do the loading speeds of a webpage. Professionals dedicated to improving a user's experience work to ensure that anyone using online systems can navigate their software and hardware in a pleasant and easy way. When you view your digital experience from the eyes of your customer, you are more likely to make changes that will positively impact a customer's digital experience.

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Help customers move easily across brand channels

From browsing search engines to clicking onto a company's website, a positive customer experience is built on ease of movement across a business's internet platforms. Customers travel from device to channel quickly and efficiently based on their needs and choices. It's important for your business to support this movement by ensuring easy pathways across devices and digital channels. An effective digital customer experience means consumers can move from viewing an item on social media to purchasing a product through a company website to writing a product review via email.

Get to know customer behaviors

Just as technologies that serve customers change, so do consumer trends using that technology. It's important to recognize how customers use digital platforms to view and interact with your brand. Identifying parts of your customer's digital experience like how they prefer to access your content, ways they use your digital offerings like brand-specific applications, email promotions or discounts and social media interactions can all contribute to your customer knowledge. Companies can choose from a range of digital analysis tools to achieve these insights on digital consumer experiences.

Help customers self-manage their experience

Self-service options like product information pages, chat features, video training libraries and FAQs offer consumers a way to customize their digital experience with your brand. Allowing customers to complete their own tasks the way that they choose to can help create a positive digital experience. Making your digital channels easy to navigate and offering support that's easy to access if needed is one way to ensure a more personalized and positive digital experience.

Make sure you're mobile optimized

Optimizing websites for mobile use is essential for meeting the needs of online consumer activity. Cell phones and tablets are often the primary ways a client digitally interacts with a company. Users typically expect to view a webpage set to mobile standards and may leave a website that is hard to access on a mobile device. Mobile optimization also includes page load speed so consumers see page content almost instantly when viewing your website.

Get feedback from customers

Customer feedback can offer valuable insights into ways you can improve their digital experience. With varied options for feedback and multiple opportunities to share that feedback, customers are more likely to give you information regarding their online interactions with your brand. Continual analysis of this feedback is important for reshaping company strategies to improve the overall digital experience for your customers.

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Be consistent across channels

Consistency is one way to create a great digital experience for your customers. Making each channel mirror your company's product offerings, values and graphic design helps consumers feel confident in your brand. This also helps to create an "omnichannel" experience for users, meaning all platforms are integrated and easy for users to switch from one to the other while maintaining brand integrity.

Follow up with customers to extend their digital experience

Asking for feedback is one way to extend a digital customer experience however, there are other ways to reach out once a consumer has ended their interaction with your brand. Digital messaging such as personalized recommendations for future purchases and thank you notes showing your appreciation for customer orders are also ways to humanize a consumer's digital experience.

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