How To Increase a Brand's Digital Presence

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 25, 2021

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Digital presence refers to how an entity appears to people online. For businesses, this can include forms of digital marketing, website content and entries on other online platforms that can increase the public's awareness of it. If you work in marketing or advertising, you might benefit from knowing how to build a brand's digital presence in order to enhance the marketing campaigns of your clients. In this article, we define digital presence and explore some steps for how to increase the digital presence of a brand or company.

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What is digital presence?

A company's digital presence is the public reach that it has online through various platforms. This can include pages on a company website, posts on social media profiles, digital advertisements and other digital communications. While these examples are typically controlled by a company or its marketing team, there are also ways for the general public to contribute to a brand's digital presence. For example, posting online reviews or sharing posts on social media can increase a company's audience, even if the user sharing the information is not affiliated with the company.

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Why is digital presence important?

Digital presence can be important for businesses because it can benefit them in many ways. One example of how digital presence can be important for businesses is that it has the potential to increase a company's customer base by informing more people about what it offers. Digital presence can also help a company build brand awareness by creating engaging content that tells consumers about a brand's mission and values.

Another reason that digital presence is important is that it can often be a consumer's first impression of a business, so making sure a company's digital presence is strong can help give more audience members a positive impression.

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How to build your brand's digital presence

Here are some steps for increasing your brand's digital presence:

1. Make digital advertisements mobile-accessible

A great way to increase a brand's digital presence is to ensure that users can access any digital advertising or pieces of online content from a mobile device. This is because many consumers use their cell phones and other mobile devices to browse online content throughout the day, and it can be easier to view digital content on a mobile device when it has the correct formatting.

You can verify that the digital content you create for your clients is mobile-accessible by communicating with your team's web developer and asking them to program your content and website with the appropriate formatting for mobile devices.

2. Respond to online reviews

Online reviews provide a place for customers to share their opinions about a company by describing their experiences. While a company has the potential to receive both positive and negative reviews, responding to all online reviews can help a company build their digital presence. This can occur because responding to reviews is one way to promote customer engagement and show the public that a company cares about what its customers have to say. To make sure you respond to all online reviews, you might designate a member of the marketing team to monitor reviews and leave responses.

3. Stay active online

Because huge volumes of new digital content appear online each day, one of the best ways to build a brand's digital presence is to remain active on all the digital platforms you use to promote the brand. You can achieve this by assigning members of your marketing team to create content for different platforms, such as social media profiles, the company website or digital advertisements that appear in search engine results. This can help to make sure you consistently promote the company you're working for and keep all potential digital outlets active every day.

4. Use search engine optimization (SEO)

An increasingly popular method of increasing the reach of a company's digital presence is the use of search engine optimization, or SEO. Engaging in SEO typically involves conducting research to find keywords or phrases that appear frequently online and that customers can use to search for a business. For example, if you oversee marketing for a dental supply company, you might prioritize keywords like "dental," "teeth," or "toothbrush" to make sure the company's website appears in the correct search results.

Once you determine which keywords you need, you can include them in your content so that search engines recognize them and display your website in the results.

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5. Design websites to be engaging

One of the clearest benefits to using digital marketing and advertising is how accessible the content is to customers in any location. To encourage customers to interact with the digital content you publish, you might devote time to making each website or profile you use engaging by using multimedia elements, clickable buttons and strategic fonts and colors. This can help to attract the attention of potential customers because a user might be more likely to visit a website that's visually appealing and interactive.

6. Create content and advertisements

There are many ways to promote a company through digital channels, two of which are using content and advertisements. Digital advertisements refer to promotional materials published online that a company pays another platform to display, while content is any piece of media that a company's marketing team creates and publishes from the company's own platforms. Because both digital content and digital advertisements have unique benefits, it can be helpful to use a combination of both genres to increase a brand's digital presence to ensure your marketing reaches as many users as possible.

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7. Adjust your strategy according to progress

Being open to changing your digital marketing strategy can help you build a brand's digital presence by making sure you prioritize efforts that you observe to be effective. This can involve keeping track of the progress you make by paying attention to data and analytics that record user engagement with company websites, social media profiles and digital advertisements. After analyzing the data, you can determine which parts of your digital marketing campaign seem to attract the most interactions and devote more time to these tasks.

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