5 Email Pitch Examples (With Tips for Writing Them)

Updated March 10, 2023

Creating a great sales pitch is critical to increasing the sales and revenue of a company. One effective type of sales pitch is an email pitch. If you want to increase sales and attract new customers, you might consider creating an email pitch. In this article, we explain what an email pitch is and when to use one, list tips you can use to write a great email pitch and provide examples to use as a guide when crafting your own.

What is an email pitch?

An email pitch is a type of sales pitch that you can deliver to potential customers via email. An email pitch can promote a new product or attempt to increase brand awareness. Typically, an email pitch includes a subject line, a greeting, an explanation of the product or offer and a call to action. Email pitches are usually brief, but they are often accompanied by follow-up emails or serve as the beginning of a conversation.

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When would you use an email pitch?

An email pitch is useful in a variety of scenarios, including when your company is pitching a new product or wants to increase brand awareness. An email pitch can be a great way to connect with a potential customer who you've previously interacted with, and email pitches can also be useful for reaching a large number of new customers.

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8 tips for writing an email pitch

Here are some tips that you can use to write a great email pitch:

1. Write an engaging subject line

One tip for writing a great email pitch is writing an engaging subject line. Be sure that you write an interesting subject line for your email pitch, as this can make recipients more likely to open the email. The goal of the subject line is to gain the recipient's attention, so you can get creative.

2. Greet your recipient

Another tip for creating an email pitch is to greet your recipient. Offering a warm greeting is essential to a great email pitch. It can set a friendly tone and help you begin developing a relationship with a client. In your greeting, you could mention how you met the client or something you have in common. This can help you start connecting with the client before you pitch your product.

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3. Include a value proposition

A value proposition is one of the essential components of a sales pitch, so be sure to include a well-written value proposition in your email pitch. A value proposition is a statement of the value that your brand can provide to customers. Your value proposition should tell your customer about your brand and why they should choose you over competitors. In your value proposition, be sure to mention what your product is, what problems it solves and how it can benefit your customers.

4. Include a call to action

At the end of your pitch, be sure to include a call-to-action that tells the email recipient the next steps they can take to move forward. Typically, a call-to-action is the last sentence of the pitch.

A call to action might encourage customers to schedule a meeting, make a purchase, sign up for a service or take another step. You can also include features that make it easy for customers to take action, including sign-up forms or links to purchase a product.

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5. Keep your pitch brief

Be sure to keep your email pitch brief so that it can maintain the attention of your recipients. You can state your major points early in your pitch and keep your value proposition short. The goal of the email pitch is to begin building a relationship, and you can follow up with your customer later, so you only need to include the most important information about your product and company in your email pitch.

6. Use an eye-catching email design

You can use email templates and graphic design software to create eye-catching email designs. Additionally, consider using color, animation and interactive media to create designs that gain the attention of your target customers. You can also include images or videos of your product. This can make customers more likely to engage with your email, which can help you form a relationship and close a sale.

7. Back up your claims

One way to strengthen your pitch is to include proof that backs up your claims. For example, you could include customer reviews, customer testimonials, studies and other data. This can strengthen your credibility and encourage people to trust your brand.

8. Send a follow-up email

To get more responses from recipients, you can send follow-up emails. You can also send follow-up emails thanking recipients who responded to your original email pitch.

5 email pitch examples

Here are five examples of email pitches and follow-up emails for different scenarios:

1. Email pitch that connects with a customer

Hi Mr. Lovett,

I noticed your recent post about the importance of protecting your company from security threats, and I think your company would love our security monitoring software.

Our Secure Lockbox Pro software can help your business:

  • Scan for security threats

  • Respond to threats quickly

  • Develop a protocol for security management

You can sign up for a demo of the product. I've included a sign-up sheet in this email.

Thank you!
Laura Littlefield
Sales Representative

2. Email pitch that addresses pain points

Hello Lindsey!

It was great to meet you at the social media conference. I remember you mentioned having a hard time managing social media campaigns. Our company has created a service that I think you will find useful.

Our social media management dashboard can help you track analytics, find the best times to post and boost engagement.

If you would like early access to our service, you can click the link included at the end of this email.

Sydney Gomez
Sales Representative

3. Email pitch that mentions a commonality

Hi Cooper!

Thank you for your suggestion to buy the interactive media creation software. Our company has started using the software to create content, and we love it.

We have a related product that I think you would enjoy, and it can complement the interactive media creation software. Our content scheduling software can help you automate the process of scheduling social media and blog content.

You can reply to this email if you would like a free trial of our content scheduling software. If you would like to learn more about the software and what other customers have to say about it, click the link below.

Thank you,
Betsy Harrison
Sales Representative

4. Follow-up email for customers who did not respond to your original pitch

Hi Raymond,

I recently emailed you about our company's new product, the project management system. I think this product could be very useful for your business.

If possible, can you help me get in contact with the project manager at your business?

Thank you!
Amber Contreras
Sales Representative

5. Follow-up email for customers who responded to your original email pitch

Hello Angela!

Thank you for your interest in our home security system. I think this product will meet your family's needs and make you feel safer in your home.

Do you have any additional questions I can answer about our product or our company? Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Thank you!
Collin Howard
Sales Representative

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