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30 Christmas Gifts for Employees

February 22, 2021

Each company has its way of celebrating the holiday season. Exchanging Christmas gifts is one way for employees from all levels of the organization to show their appreciation for each other. In this article, we discuss what Christmas gifts are and list 30 gifts you can get for your employees.

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What are Christmas gifts?

Christmas gifts are presents that commemorate the holiday, which takes place on December 25. Companies often host their own Christmas party, invite employees and include a gift exchange as a part of the party. A gift exchange guarantees that each employee gives and receives a gift.

Companies may set up a white elephant gift exchange where employees buy amusing gifts for each other. Participation is sometimes optional for employees, and the organization may cap the amount employees can spend on gifts for the event.

Why are Christmas gifts important?

Companies give Christmas gifts because it displays their appreciation for the employee's contributions to the company. An employee receiving an unexpected Christmas gift they like can improve their perception of the company. The employee may feel that the company invests in them, which can increase their loyalty and longevity with the organization.

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30 Christmas gifts to give to employees

Consider these gift ideas to buy the right Christmas gift for your coworker and manager.

  • Grocery store gift cards
  • Movie discounts
  • Additional paid time off
  • Bonuses
  • Books
  • Personalized snacks
  • Travel mugs
  • Massages
  • Travel bag with electronics
  • Winter touchscreen gloves
  • Cell phone stands
  • Bluetooth gadgets
  • Gift baskets
  • Stress balls
  • Coffeemakers
  • Music speakers
  • Desk organizers
  • Wine bottle gift box with a personalized message
  • Coffee mug warmers
  • Festive pens
  • Mousepads
  • Travel backpacks
  • Phone charger
  • Pencil pouches
  • Spa box
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Coffee samplers
  • Desk vacuum
  • Cookbooks
  • Skydiving adventures

Grocery store gift cards

Grocery store gift cards are a thoughtful gift for employees looking to get additional savings the next time they go food shopping. You may pay the membership for membership-only warehouse clubs so employees can spend it on a variety of products sold at these locations. Try to ask employees where they shop for groceries to see if paying the membership is something they'll take advantage of.

Movie discounts

Movie discounts are good gifts to give to employees if they frequently go to the movies. You might give this gift to an employee whose children like going to theaters. Employees can appreciate the attention to detail with gift ideas, so they'll enjoy the effort you made to ensure they received a discount for one of their favorite activities.

Additional paid time off

Company-wide gifts might help bring employees together because employees perceive this gift as a gesture of gratitude for their efforts. Paid time off for all employees sends a message that they performed well during the year and they're rewarded with additional relaxation.

Paid time off highlights the company's commitment toward a work-life balance. A work-life balance prioritizes wellness, which can decrease employee turnover and increase employees' commitment to an organization. A team-oriented gift helps foster a collective workforce since its rewards depend on the team's performance, and it encourages employees to interact and build relationships with one another. 


Companies usually give bonuses to employees annually or if they receive a promotion. Some companies give Christmas bonuses instead of additional paid time off to raise company morale and recognize the efforts of all employees. A company may list Christmas bonuses in their compensation package to recruit applicants and retain current employees.


You can also give books that match employees' interests as Christmas gifts. For instance, you might give a book about the Civil War to a marketing coordinator if they love history or a cookbook to a sales manager who loves watching cooking shows. A thought-provoking book based on an employee's interest can improve their perception of the company and show how much they care about employees.

Personalized snacks

Personalized snacks are a meaningful gift for employees with dietary restrictions. They may include dairy-free snacks, gluten-free snacks, free of nuts and soy, etc. You can still give sweets to employees without dietary restrictions, but the attention to employees with food allergies conveys that the company prioritizes their health and well-being.

Travel mugs

Employees often appreciate travel mugs so they can keep their beverages insulated wherever they go. They may use it while in the office to keep their coffee warm or drink out of it during a business trip. Multi-purpose cups serve as good gifts for employees, especially if they're in need of convenience during work hours.


Companies may have a massage therapist come in to give full-body massages to help employees relax. Therapists can remove any tension from employees' backs, which can reduce fatigue at work and manage pain. Consider having massage therapists come in more than once a year if it's a popular gift to employees.

Travel bag with electronics

A travel bag with electronics like a laptop and a smartphone are vital for employees if they're frequently away from the office. Employees need to have updated technology to reach their goals whether they're on a plane, in a hotel or somewhere else on the road. This gift sends a message that the company cares about providing tools and resources to employees so they can succeed at work.

Winter touchscreen gloves

Getting winter touchscreen gloves could be an attentive gift if employees are looking to operate their smartphones or do other outdoor activities during the winter. This gift is practical for teams that work in a cold-weather environment. You can also purchase unisex gloves so they're usable for male and female employees.

Cell phone stands

Cell phone stands can give employees a location to place and charge their smartphones while they're at work. Purchase this as a Christmas gift if an employee regularly uses their phone as a part of their regular duties. Employees can increase their productivity if they can easily access and use their phones to complete vital tasks during the day.

Bluetooth gadgets

Bluetooth gadgets can aid employees in finding missing items. Gadgets include an app for employees to connect their device and signal if they've lost an important item. Suggest the employee use it on company property to test if it works before moving to personal items. They may get the indication that the organization wants to find different ways for employees to enhance their performance.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets can have an arrangement of food or beverages tailored to the interest of the employee. Food baskets might include chocolates, nuts, popcorn and wine. Companies may choose to survey employees to see the types of gift baskets they'd like to receive or speak with managers to gather insight and make it a surprise.

Stress balls

Stress balls are a considerate gift for employees that might need to relieve stress at work. Squeezing stress balls may elevate employee productivity if they have a healthy outlet to give themselves more energy while relieving stress.


A coffee maker is an ideal gift for employees who love to stay caffeinated. Employees might look out for other employees who use the company's coffeemaker in the morning to see who the ideal employees are to receive this gift. Employers can buy handheld coffeemakers for those who need quick access to coffee while concentrating on their work.

Music speakers

Music speakers are a high-quality gift for anyone who loves to listen to music at the office. Try buying portable music speakers for employees who like listening to music at social events or at home before going to work.

Desk organizers

Desk organizers help employees who need a centralized location for office supplies. Getting them an organizer for their office supplies makes them feel that their workspace is in order and they know where to find items to perform tasks.

Wine bottle gift box with a personalized message

A wine bottle gift box with a personalized message is great for employees achieving milestones with the company. If you purchase this gift for an employee, give a wine bottle gift box and include a milestone that an employee achieved leading up to Christmas. This gift makes employees feel that the company is engaging with them because they're recognizing the employee's accomplishments. Employees may keep it as a souvenir to remember their time at the company.

Coffee mug warmers

Coffee mug warmers permit employees to heat coffee at their desk. You may need to find people who drink coffee regularly at the company so they can use it often. Employees could give it to a friend or family member who likes coffee too.

Festive pens

Festive pens get employees into the Christmas spirit, and employees can use them to write notes during the day. This is a cost-effective gift for companies to give to employees and a creative way to resupply pens for employees to use.


Personalized mousepads are a uniquely practical gift for employees because they can give them inspiration while at work. For example, if an employee is a fan of a particular sports team, an employer can get them a mouse pad of their favorite team. This gift makes employees love the company they work for because they think the company values their interests.

Travel backpacks

Travel backpacks are great for employees who love to travel for work or leisure. If you decide to get this gift for an employee, purchase a backpack that has adequate space so they can store key items for future adventures or business trips.

Phone charger

Purchasing backup smartphone chargers is another thoughtful gift for employees if they're in need of a new charger. Employees can use it while traveling to ensure they stay connected to all their important responsibilities.

Pencil pouches

Pencil pouches help employees keep their pens and pencils in one place. They could use these pouches to bring writing utensils outside of the office if they need to be away from their desk. Companies may provide this gift to employees if they need assistance with organizing and keeping track of items.

Spa box

A spa box is an arrangement of soaps, balms and candles. This gift could encourage employees to relax when they're off from work. Choosing different scents allows employees to trade boxes if they like one box's assortment of scents over another.

Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are key for employees seeking to increase their concentration at work. Employees appreciate this gift because they can wear them outside of the office for activities like running or listening to an audiobook.

Coffee samplers

Coffee samplers give employees a taste of different types of coffee. Consider asking employees what types of flavors they prefer and cater your choices to their tastes. For instance, some samplers may have bolder flavors, or some may have fruity types. Your staff can also trade among themselves to get their preferred varieties.

Desk vacuum

A desk vacuum is practical for employees who love to clean their workspace. Buying one that can clean difficult areas like behind the computer and in between keys on the keyboard improves the value of the gift. Employees may help clean another colleague's desk if they love the gift.


A cookbook is an ideal gift for an aspiring or expert cook. Purchasing cookbooks from different regions around the world can spark conversation among employees and inspire them to cook outside of the workplace. Employees could bond with each other by sharing recipes and making recommendations with ones they loved to cook.

Skydiving adventures

Companies offer skydiving excursions to employees who love embarking on daring adventures. A supervisor might issue a challenge for one employee to help them excel in uncomfortable situations. It might be a cost-effective gift if the company provides discounts during the holiday season.


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