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Employee Schedule Templates and Examples (Free Download)

September 20, 2021

An employee schedule template is a calendar or table listing all employees and the hours they are scheduled to work. You can fill in employee schedule templates easily and consistently so all employees know their expected work hours, stay organized and ensure all shifts are covered.

Many types of employee schedule templates exist, respective to industry and field. Some are organized by time, such as weekly, biweekly or monthly schedules, while others include an estimate of pay based on work hours. The type of template that works best for your business will depend on the needs of your staff.

In this article, we explain what an employee schedule template is and how to create one, plus give employee schedule template examples and answer some common questions.

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How to create a work schedule for your employees

  1. Create a blank spreadsheet
  2. Insert column headings
  3. Fill in employee names
  4. Determine work times
  5. Save as a new document
  6. Share the schedule

1. Create a blank spreadsheet

If not using a pre-filled template, begin by opening a new spreadsheet on your computer. Title it "Employee Schedule Template." Save your new spreadsheet.

2. Insert column headings

The first column heading will be "Employee" followed by column headings for the workdays that need to be filled. If you are creating a weekly schedule, include the days of operation for a week (with dates) in the column headings. Add on if you are creating a biweekly or monthly schedule. Some templates include a "Total hours" heading in the final column while some also tally pay. You can include these items if they are helpful to your employees.

3. Fill in employee names

The employee names will populate the first column below the "Employee" header. Write or sort the names alphabetically for your employees to easily find their names.

4. Determine work times

Populate the rest of the columns with the appropriate shifts. Include either the shift name or the specific hours the person is expected to work. Tally up the number of hours assigned — or have your spreadsheet automate this — and fill in the "Total hours" column if you have included it on your employee schedule template.

To assist with automation, many spreadsheet programs allow you to create drop-down menus to make your scheduling more efficient. For example, if your employees work one of three shifts, you could create a drop-down menu for each day with the three shift names to quickly click and assign rather than typing.

5. Save as a new document

Once you have filled in your employee schedule template, save the spreadsheet as a new document with a different file name. This way, your template will be available for the next round of scheduling while maintaining a record of past employee schedules.

6. Share the schedule

You might want to post your employee schedule somewhere in the workplace while also sharing it digitally. Determine what works best for your employees and make sure they all have easy access, and alert them when it’s posted.

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Employee schedule template examples

Here are some example schedules you can use when creating your own template schedule for your team, including a weekly hourly employee schedule, a weekly employee schedule that auto-calculates total hours and a weekly employee schedule by shift:

Weekly Employee Schedule Template
Image description

Weekly Employee Schedule Template includes customizable fields for employee names and entering weekly hours Monday through Sunday.

Weekly Employee Schedule Template With Total Hours
Image description

Weekly Employee Schedule Template With Total Hours includes customizable fields for employee names and entering weekly hours Monday through Sunday, in addition to auto-calculating weekly hours per employee.

Weekly Employee Schedule Template By Shift
Image description

Weekly Employee Schedule Template By Shift includes customizable fields for employee names and entering weekly shifts (first, second, third) Monday through Sunday.

Downloadable Employee Schedule Templates
To edit our customizable templates in Excel or Google Sheets, go to File > Open > Upload > and select the correct file from your device.

How to choose the right employee schedule template for your business

To choose the right employee schedule template, you’ll want to determine which will best meet your employees' and company’s needs. Then, decide if you should schedule short-term (one week at a time) or long-term (a month at a time). Ask your employees if they’d like to see a tally of their total hours for the week, or their pay calculated on the schedule.

Types of work schedules include full-time, part-time, flexible shift, fixed-schedule and rotating shifts. Other common schedules include 4-2 and 9-80. These can all be illustrated on an employee schedule template.

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