30 Fun College Majors To Explore

Updated March 10, 2023

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A fun major can keep you engaged and focused throughout your college career. Many interesting college majors can offer better career prospects in a specific niche. Learning about the different fun majors available can help you make a more informed decision regarding your education.

In this article, we’ll describe some of the most interesting college majors, plus some of the careers they can lead to.

30 fun majors

Learn more about these cool majors:

1. Apiology

Most apiology programs are actually contained within animal studies or entomology. To focus on apiology, you can take courses in honey bee studies, sustainable environmental practices and bee colony management. This major gets you ready for a career in beekeeping or biological research.

Careers: Beekeeper, beekeeping assistant

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2. Astrobiology

If you've ever wondered about life on other planets, astrobiology is a good major choice for you. Classes include planet habitability, astronomy and evolution and origins. Astrobiology is a research-heavy field, but you can also find jobs in education.

Careers: Astrobiologist, planetarium instructor, research scientist

3. Auctioneering

This focused degree prepares you for a career in auctions, sales and marketing. You'll learn how to appraise pieces, communicate to varying audiences and best practices for auctions. Many states require auctioneers to be licensed, so a degree program qualifies and prepares you for the licensing exam.

Careers: Auctioneer, auctioneer coordinator, auctioneer director

4. Bagpipe studies

Bagpipe studies or bagpipe performance are ideal if you want to learn more about this instrument. With this hands-on major, you'll learn about bagpipe theory, history and performance, preparing you for a career as a bagpiper or bagpipe instructor.

Careers: Bagpipe performer, bagpipe instructor

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5. Costume technology

When you pursue a degree in costume technology, you learn all about the history and techniques involved in costume design. Courses involve costume design, costume construction and the art of costumes. This major prepares you for a career in theater or design.

Careers: Costume designer, wardrobe assistant, costume shop manager

6. Egyptology

Egyptology is perfect for those who are interested in Egyptian history and culture. Depending on the program, you can learn about Egyptian archaeology, Egyptian religion and mythology and hieroglyphics. You can look for job opportunities in history and archaeology with this major.

Careers: Egyptologist, archaeologist, historian

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7. Entertainment design

Most entertainment design programs teach you how to create effective casino games. During the program, you'll take classes like the history of gaming, multimedia design and entry computer programming. You can pursue a variety of careers in entertainment and gaming with this degree.

Careers: Game designer, entertainment engineer, game developer

8. Exercise sciences

An exercise science major involves fitness studies in addition to nutrition and psychology. Courses could include sport psychology, care of athletic injuries and anatomy. Look for careers in fitness instruction and athletic direction with this major. This major is also a good foundation for sports psychology.

Careers: Fitness instructor, fitness director, exercise physiologist

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9. Family enterprise

Pursue a family enterprise major if you want to start a business with your family. In this program, you learn how to start and manage a business with your family with courses like leadership, enterprise management and asset protection. Pursue this major to found any sort of business with your family.

Careers: Business manager, CEO

10. Fermentation sciences

Getting a Bachelor of Science in fermentation sciences prepares you for a career in the brewing industry. Courses include the science of fermentation and business management for running a brewery or winery. Many fermentation sciences programs provide hands-on learning courses and projects to prepare you for a career in this field.

Careers: Brewery logistics manager, brewmaster, brewery engineer

11. Floral management

Learn how to create floral arrangements and direct a flower shop with a floral management degree. Courses include floral design and styling, wholesaling and floral maintenance. You can find a variety of flower- and plant-based careers with this major.

Careers: Florist, floral designer, landscape designer

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12. Golf course management

Golf course management is ideal for those who are interested in learning all about golf courses. You can expect to take courses that teach you about golf course design, lawn care and weed and pest management. You might want to pursue this degree if you want a career revolving around golf.

Careers: Golf course manager, grass research technician, maintenance manager

13. Herbal sciences

Herbs have many medical and scientific properties, which is what you'll learn about in an herbal sciences program. Studies consist of the history of herbal medicine, herbal chemistry and herbs in modern medicine. You can find a surprising number of careers that focus on herbs.

Careers: Horticulturist, herbalist, health and wellness adviser

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14. Horticulture

Horticulture is the study of plants and plant aesthetics. Depending on the program, you could learn about growing and cultivating certain types of plants, including hands-on growing classes. With this major, you can find a variety of jobs in agriculture and landscaping.

Careers: Greenhouse manager, horticulturist, botanist

15. Jazz studies

Similar to pop music, jazz studies can have several concentrations. Classes could include composition and performance, historical and cultural influence and improvisation. Look for jobs in fields like jazz performance or education with a jazz major.

Careers: Performer, instructor, historian

16. Leisure studies

In a leisure studies program, you learn how to design programs and features for relaxation and recreation. Courses could include recreation services, designing recreation parks and buildings and leadership in recreation. This major is ideal for careers in hospitality and health and fitness.

Careers: Resort manager, travel agent, director of parks and recreation

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17. Metalsmithing

A metalsmithing major educates you on the creative uses of metal. Expect hands-on studio courses in addition to the history and art of metalsmithing. Metalsmithing was once mainly for practical uses, but you can look for more artistic endeavors with this major.

Careers: Jeweler, metalsmith, welder

18. Nautical archaeology

This very specific program instructs you on the history and culture of ships throughout the ages. You may take courses in maritime archaeology, nautical archaeology and shipbuilding. Career fields could include research and education with a nautical archaeology major.

Careers: Archaeologist, anthropologist, historian

19. Oceanography

Oceanography programs teach you everything you need to know about oceans and their inhabitants. Expect to take classes like marine biology, marine environmental science and ocean typography. You can explore a wide variety of ocean- and beach-based positions with an oceanography major.

Careers: Research scientist, oceanographer, ecologist

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20. Paper engineering

When you enter a paper engineering program, you learn all about paper composition and distribution. You'll study how paper is made, how to make paper out of various materials like grass and corn stalks and how the pulping process works. Expect a focused career in paper with this major.

Careers: Paper engineer, paper designer, paper mill manager

21. Pop culture

Pop culture degree programs encompass modern cultural trends and how they impact society. You can expect to take courses like popular literature, history of pop culture and popular culture in mainstream media. A degree in pop culture is useful for careers in communications, journalism and mass media.

Careers: Curator, reporter, media specialist

22. Pop music

Pop music degrees include a wide variety of concentrations, like performance, composition and history. You can learn about songwriting, music editing and production. This major doesn't limit you to jobs in just pop music—look for positions in the music industry.

Careers: Songwriter, music producer, studio manager

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23. Professional scuba diving

If you want to explore and document the ocean or other bodies of water, professional scuba diving is a good major. In this program, you take classes like marine biology, underwater photography and scuba emergency rescue and medicine. You can pursue a wide variety of underwater careers with this major.

Careers: Research diver, underwater photographer, divemaster

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24. Poultry sciences

The demand for chicken continues to grow, making a poultry sciences major a reliable, but interesting, educational path. Learn about poultry nutrition, production and breeder management. Your career prospects with this major are focused mainly in the poultry industry.

Careers: Quality assurance specialist, inspector, poultry salesperson

25. Puppet arts

Puppet arts is a hands-on major that teaches you all about puppets. Programs include classes like puppet design, performance and voice studies. You can enter theater and film careers with a puppet arts major.

Careers: Puppeteer, puppet designer

26. Theme park engineering

If you like problem-solving and design, you may want to be a theme park engineering major. Learn about theme park manufacturing processes, theme park layouts and design and engineering theme park analysis. Your career options are mainly focused on the theme park and entertainment industry.

Careers: Theme park engineer, ride designer, theme park director

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27. Turfgrass sciences

Turfgrass sciences refers to any lawn or grass maintenance and cultivation. Courses involve learning about different types of grass, grass chemistry and athletic field maintenance. Landscaping and lawn maintenance are career prospects when you have a turfgrass sciences degree.

Careers: Groundskeeper, golf course manager, research technician

28. Viticulture

Viticulture is the study of cultivating grapes for wine. Courses involve studying the theory of winemaking, grape flavor chemistry and grape growing. You can pursue jobs in winemaking, sales and marketing with a viticulture degree.

Careers: Sommelier, viticulturist, wine merchandiser

29. Wilderness and adventure studies

The wilderness studies major focuses on humans' interactions with nature. Classes could vary from wilderness therapy to rock climbing fundamentals. This major offers several career paths that allow you to work in nature.

Careers: Adventure guide, wilderness counselor, wilderness first responder

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30. Wildlife

Wildlife is an ideal major if you want to learn more about nature and how to preserve species. Depending on the concentration you want to pursue, you can take courses like zoology, mammal management and habitat ecology. Look for any careers that allow you to work with wildlife.

Careers: Wildlife biologist, park ranger, naturalist

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