How to Announce an Employee Job Promotion in 7 Steps

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated June 9, 2021 | Published December 12, 2019

Updated June 9, 2021

Published December 12, 2019

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An employee promotion is an important event that demonstrates the dedication, skill and leadership potential of your organization’s strongest staff members. As a company leader, you may consider writing a clear, professional employee promotion announcement to inform your organization and its clients and celebrate a staff member’s achievements.

In this article, we explore what an employee promotion announcement is, how to write one and a sample announcement to help you write your own.

What is an employee promotion announcement?

An employee promotion announcement is a message given to each employee in a company to let them know about the promotion of a colleague. The announcement is often used to encourage employees to celebrate their coworker’s achievements and congratulate them on their new role.

These announcements are often made formally and professionally via email or an internal memo, sent by letter, posted on a bulletin board or delivered verbally at a team meeting. As a physical document, they may also be referred to as a job promotion announcement or a promotion announcement letter. The company’s external clients should also receive an announcement about an employee’s promotion is working with them.

How to write an employee promotion announcement

You can use the following steps to write an employee promotion suitable for any delivery method and a variety of workplace settings.

1. Select your delivery method

Promotion announcements can be delivered through a variety of channels. Consider the most effective and efficient way to send the announcement, such as:


A promotion announcement sent by email may be the best option if your company is large and employs people across several departments. You may also consider this option if you also want to inform outside clients about the promotion or if you want to ensure everyone has an official record of the promotion announcement.


You may consider this method if you have a company-wide message board to publicly post announcements. It can also be included in a company newsletter to employees and invested external parties.


This method may be appropriate for larger companies who want to formally announce the promotion. This method may also be reserved for promotions to executive or leadership positions.


This method may be best for a small company where everyone works in the same office, attends a weekly team meeting or if you want to maintain your organization’s informal culture while also being professional.

Online announcement

If you have a company website or another online portal to display public messages, consider a mass announcement in this method. It can also be combined with any of the other methods that may reach certain people.

2. Address the audience

Whether you decide to write or verbally announce the promotion to your team, be sure that the message encompasses everyone. “Dear All” or “Dear [Company Name] Staff” are appropriate salutations to address a large team in an email regardless of the organization’s size.

In the event you announce the promotion of your colleague in person, gather the entire team in a centralized location for the announcement. If your department consists of yourself and another employee, schedule a meeting with them to discuss what they will be doing in their new role and how they will assist both of you. You should also send them a memo that includes the information given if you decided to meet with them in person.

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3. Introduce the promoted employee

After you address the audience, begin your announcement by introducing the employee with their full name, current job title and new job title. Consider saying that you’re “pleased,” “honored” or “excited” to announce the employee’s promotion. Using these polite and positive words can demonstrate your appreciation for the employee’s hard work.

Consider detailing how long the employee has worked for the company and the department. This information can provide the necessary context to those who may not be familiar with the employee in addition to illustrating the employee’s history with the company.

4. Explain the reason for the promotion

Next, showcase the employee’s past accomplishments and summarize their achievements, major projects and integral wins that have benefited the company. It’s helpful to add performance metrics to provide a better understanding of how they earned the promotion. These details prove the employee’s hard work and are also other reasons to celebrate their success.

5. Detail the employee’s new responsibilities

After discussing their previous contributions, provide more details on what the employee will be doing in their new position. Consider outlining some upcoming projects, specific tasks they’ll be handling now or any other relevant information on their updated duties. This information can show the employee’s progression to advanced work in addition to updating others on who they may be working or communicating with.

6. Congratulate the employee

The end of the letter is the chance to formally congratulate them for their years of service to the company and the hard work put in to improve the team. The key is to give the employee the confidence to begin their new role and to boost their morale knowing they have encouragement from upper management.

7. End on a call to action

Encourage team members in joining you in wishing them the best of luck and to their future success. A team must support their promoted colleague because the team’s success may depend on this new leadership role.

Employee promotion announcement sample

The following employee promotion announcement sample can be sent as a letter, email or memo. You can customize it to fit your needs as well as transform it into an announcement speech to give at a team meeting.

Dear Staff,

I’m pleased to announce the promotion of Jeff Sanderson from Senior Sales Associate to our new Regional Sales Director. Jeff has worked for our company for more than 10 years and has been an invaluable member of our team.

He has demonstrated his innovative skills over the last decade and into his new management role. Jeff has been a catalyst in the creation and the launching of our new sales database and has shown his commitment as a specialist and manager.

During his time with the sales team, Jeff has signed three new client contracts this quarter and has been at the forefront in implementing practices to bolster lead generation efforts with the marketing team. In his new role, he will oversee the entire sales staff and lead generation efforts to drive in new clients. He will also take over the duties of Phil Shepherd, who is retiring next month.

For any inquiries about what Jeff’s new position entails and its correlation with your working relationship, please feel free to contact me.

I hope you’ll join me in congratulating Jeff on his outstanding contributions to his department and this organization, and we’re wishing him the best of luck in his future position.


Tina Alexander

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