22 Ways To Celebrate Wins at Work

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published February 15, 2021

Learning how to celebrate wins at work is helpful because it gives you a chance to be excited about your achievements. There are many ways you can celebrate, some of which you can do on your own and others that might include your entire company. Celebrating wins is a great way to boost morale for yourself and your co-workers, and it gives you something to look forward to for future wins. In this article, we recommend a variety of ways for you to celebrate wins at work.

Why should you celebrate a win at work?

Celebrating a win at work is a way to reward yourself and your co-workers for achieving something you are proud of. It gives you a small break to recognize you have reached a goal before moving on to the next task or project. It also establishes the idea that you should celebrate all your wins at work, so you know that you will have a chance to celebrate when you succeed in the future.

22 ideas for how to celebrate wins at work

Here are some ways you can celebrate your wins at work:

Have a lunch

Whether it's a company-wide lunch, a casual team lunch or even just a personal lunch you take for yourself, enjoying a good meal is a simple, yet effective way to celebrate a win. If it's a large win, you could coordinate with your managers and co-workers to do lunch in the office that the company pays for. You could also arrange a potluck meal with your co-workers.

CEO or management praise

If a win is a particularly big accomplishment, it might be possible to work with the company CEO or part of the management team to get them to recognize it. This can be a good approach if you want to celebrate the win of someone you work with or if you feel management should recognize your entire team for a win.

Private praise

Recognition doesn't have to be public to feel special. If you are a manager or if you feel there was a co-worker who contributed a lot to a win, you can express your praise to them in private. Similarly, if a manager or co-worker recognizes you privately for a win, it can be a great encouragement. When someone recognizes your wins privately, try to make a note of it by either saving the email or writing down what they said to you so you can refer to it later.


You can decorate your workspace to reflect the size of a win. If it's a more personal, individual win, you might hang something special on your desk or in your cubicle to celebrate. If it's a bigger win that was a team effort, you might decorate a communal space or series of spaces. It is fun to change the environment you spend so much time in as a form of celebration.

Throw a party

Like many other ways to celebrate on this list, you can scale this to reflect the size of the win. If it is a big win for the entire company, you can organize a big party with the approval of management. If it's a team victory, you can celebrate just with your team through a small break-time party. If it's a personal win, you can celebrate with a party for yourself or invite people to celebrate with you.

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Gift or take PTO

If you are a manager, you may be able to work with your company to offer bonus paid time off to team members who led to a win. Even just a few hours feel like an exciting bonus. If that's not an option, you can always take some PTO to celebrate your win however you'd like.

Spotlight during meetings

Regardless of where you are in the work hierarchy, you can always move to recognize wins during a meeting. If you are a manager, you can discuss the win and the contributions the team made to it. If you're not a manager, you can always request some time to spotlight the ways different people worked toward a win.

Financial bonus

For managers, this might look like working with higher-ups to offer financial bonuses to relevant employees. This isn't always an option but it can be a great way to celebrate big wins at work. It may even be a standard practice at your company depending on the position. If you simply want to recognize a co-worker, you could always give them a small gift card for a restaurant or store they enjoy.

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Treat yourself

Even if there's no financial advantage in a win for you, you might be able to set aside some money to treat yourself to something nice to celebrate your win. This might mean a whole day of shopping, a spa day or just a small purchase of something you like. There are ways to reward yourself responsibly for a win.

Update email signatures

If your department or company has won an award or hit another milestone that you want to let those you communicate with know about, you can add something to your email signature about it. Simply a short line can help you share your achievement.

Share on social media

Depending on the type of win, you may also want to talk about it on social media. Your employer may choose to do this through the official company social media accounts or, if it's in line with your company's social media policy, you can discuss it on your own accounts. This is a great way to share your achievement with those you work with and others in your life.

Do a giveaway

If many people contributed to a win, such as an entire company, you might be able to arrange with leadership to do a prize giveaway. Even if your company can't afford to reward everyone involved, with a give-away they can increase excitement about the win. Whether employees can win multiple prizes or there is just one winner, it cost-effectively shows appreciation.

Thank-you notes

If you want to recognize those who helped with your win, you can give them a thank-you note. This might be in an email format or it could be a handwritten note. Express your appreciation for the work they did and how they contributed to your success and offer some positive thoughts about the future.

Host a happy hour

Like a lunch or a party, a happy hour could be arranged with your employer or it could be something you do on your own to celebrate a win. If your company is involved in the happy hour, you may be able to host it at the office, or you can go to a local bar or restaurant.

Winning T-shirts

If your win was a team effort, you can recognize your team's accomplishment by getting T-shirts made. You can pay for them all yourself as a gift, see if your company will pay for them or ask your team if they want to contribute to the cost. If your work requires attending events where T-shirts are appropriate, you could even wear them there to show off your accomplishment.

Surprise celebration

If you want to recognize someone else's win or your team's win, you can plan a surprise celebration for them. If you decide on this option, it's generally best to plan it for a quiet celebration during the workday that doesn't disrupt others' schedules too much. A simple treat and celebration over anywhere from a few minutes to an hour can give those involved time to relax.

Go to a conference

If you were instrumental in a win, you might be able to arrange with your employer to attend a relevant conference as a reward. A good way to approach this is to mention your achievement and that you would like to continue to build your skills by attending the conference you have in mind. Attending a conference allows you to learn new things about your field and grow your network. Some wins may even be an award that is presented at a conference, giving you a great reason to attend.

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Advertise the win

If you've experienced a win for your company and it's something you'd like your community to know about, you can coordinate with leadership to use advertising to share. This is a way to celebrate the win but also hopefully increase business, which is an added benefit. This might range from a small newspaper or magazine ad to a billboard, depending on your budget and industry.

Share customer comments

If part of the win is that you have a lot of happy customers, you can share those customer comments with anyone you'd like. You may want to share those comments with management, your team or even the public. If the customer directs their comments to a particular project or employee, be sure to spotlight the employees involved.

Gift exchange

You can even use a gift exchange as a way to celebrate a win. You can organize a gift exchange with your team and do it in a variety of ways, including each person selecting one co-worker to give a gift to or bringing in random gifts and each person selecting a wrapped package. If you want to recognize a particular co-worker with a gift, you can do this as well.

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Verbal praise

When your team experiences success, sometimes the simplest way to celebrate is to talk about it. You can speak with an individual or group who made the win possible and let them know how you appreciate their contributions. You can do this in person, over a video call or on the phone.

Have snacks or a treat

If you want to celebrate a win for yourself or your team, you can always bring in a snack or some other food to share. Maybe you're excited about your own personal achievement and want to share that excitement, or maybe you want to reward your coworkers for their help. Either way, it can be an exciting break.

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