30 Ways To Compliment Your Coworkers

Updated February 16, 2023

Two coworkers are raising their hands.

Offering a sincere compliment to a coworker is a great way to show your kindness and support. And if you’re in a managerial position, it’s especially important to make an effort to praise your employees for their continued efforts and accomplishments.

In this article, we explore compliments and how to craft a well-meaning, genuine compliment for coworkers for various reasons, such as a job well done, how they use a certain skill or to recognize a new team member.

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Example compliments for coworkers

The compliment you give in the workplace should depend on the recipient. Make sure they embody the actions you’re praising them for. Here are examples of professional compliments you can give your coworkers:

Compliments for a job well done

Every employee wants to know that they’re performing well at their job. Recognizing their strengths and abilities in the workplace is a great way to boost their confidence. This could lead to your company’s continued success, as well. If your coworker just completed a large and troublesome project, this compliment will go a long way.

  1. “Nice job on your presentation.”

  2. “You made some great points in the meeting today.”

  3. “I know public speaking is something you’re not comfortable with, but you did it! You’ve inspired me to do something out of my comfort zone, too.”

  4. “I could see how much effort you put into creating that strategy. Great work!”

  5. “Work has been so busy lately, but you’ve handled the stress with grace.”

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Compliments on specific skills

Complimenting coworkers on skills is a good way to encourage them to continue to build skills that are essential for succeeding in the role or growing in their career.

  1. “You’re a great communicator. ”

  2. “I really admire your work ethic.”

  3. “You’re so organized. Can you give me some tips?”

  4. “You think about things in such a creative way. You help me think about problem-solving in a new way.”

  5. You handle stress so well. You help me keep work in perspective.”

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Compliments for a new team member

Starting a new job can be scary, even for experienced professionals. You have to learn new processes, technology and work styles. Offering compliments to new coworkers in their first few weeks on the job can help them feel more comfortable and like they are becoming a part of the team. It’s good to show appreciation for the skills, insight and perspective a new coworker brings.

  1. “Keep up the great work.”

  2. “I love your confidence.”

  3. “You’re very creative.”

  4. “You’ve been a great addition to the team!”

  5. “I’m excited to work with someone with your experience.”

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Compliments for positivity

While it may be easy for some people to display their enthusiasm regularly, providing this compliment to your team members is a great way to express your appreciation for their positive and energizing demeanor. Not only are they enjoying their job, but they’ll enjoy receiving this compliment, too.

  1. “I appreciate your enthusiasm.”

  2. “You ask insightful questions.”

  3. “Your enthusiasm for the work inspires me to be enthusiastic too!”

  4. “Thank you for always coming to work with a smile. It’s contagious!”

  5. “You keep a positive attitude in challenging situations.”

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Compliments for being a good teammate

With so many different personalities and opinions in the workplace, it’s important to recognize an individual’s insight and contributions. Show appreciation when a coworker supports the team with their actions or contributions.

  1. “Thank you for being flexible.”

  2. “We appreciate your reliability.”

  3. “Thank you for providing a unique perspective.”

  4. “Thanks for always bringing great ideas to the table.”

  5. “It’s always enjoyable to collaborate with you.”

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Compliments for your boss

Managers need encouragement too. Whether it’s a new manager or one you’ve reported to for a while, try to encourage continued demonstration of the behaviors you like to see in a leader.

  1. “You give me the autonomy I need to learn at my own pace and ask questions when I need to.”

  2. “You show appreciation for everyone on the team.”

  3. “I know you have many responsibilities to take care of yourself. Thank you for guiding me on this project.”

  4. “Thank you for letting me share my concerns with you.”

  5. “Thank you for understanding the situation.”

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How to compliment coworkers

While offering compliments outside of work can be more casual, it's best to focus workplace compliments on professional qualities such as someone’s attitude, skills, talents, qualities or contributions. Here are a few steps to consider when providing your coworkers with positive praise:

1. Consider the recipient

The compliment you give should depend not only on the person but on their role in the company, as well. Is the person you’re complimenting your manager, your teammate or your employee? Knowing this will help you determine how to compliment them and what to compliment them on.

Here are some examples you’d give to your manager, teammate and employee:

  • For your manager: “Thank you for teaching me how to use the new content management system. I appreciate the time you took to show me how the articles will be formatted from now on.”

  • For your teammate: “I enjoyed your presentation and the insight you provided. I’m aware of many people who say they appreciate learning your perspective, as well!”

  • For your employee: “I love your creativity. The minimal and abstract aesthetic you used in that logo is really effective in encompassing the company’s motto.”

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2. Make sure your compliment is specific

A specific compliment proves your praise came from the heart and that you truly mean it. For example, instead of saying “Great work,” you could say, “Great work on the brand campaign today. Your creativity and passion for the project really made a difference in the execution.”

3. Be professional

While compliments outside of the workplace tend to be more casual, the compliments you give your coworkers must be formal and polite. Remember the workplace environment, those around you and what you’re complimenting them on. It’s also important to consider the time and place when complimenting your coworker. Make sure you give your compliment at an appropriate time, especially if you give it in a public setting.

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