How To Write a Good Mission Statement (With Examples)

Updated October 11, 2022

A strong mission statement can be an effective unifying tool for a company. It helps define the organization's goals and characters and reinforces its image with the public. Understanding how to write a good mission statement can help you improve a company's reputation and convince its customers that it provides high-quality offerings.

In this article, we explain how to create a good mission statement and provide tips and examples to use as inspiration.

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What is a good mission statement?

A mission statement is a declaration of a company's purpose. It's essentially an announcement of a company's reason for being, and it communicates to the world why it exists. Good mission statements help focus the goal of the business, both for the target market and the company personnel. In many ways, these statements function as the foundation upon which companies establish their brand. For many companies, the mission statement is the most important declaration of the organization's unification. For customers, the mission statement differentiates the company from its competitors while enabling it to communicate a broader purpose.

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How to write a good mission statement

Mission statements can vary in approach and delivery, but some factors that remain constant are the focus on informing the public why the company exists and what makes it different from other companies in its niche. Here's a list of steps for creating an effective mission statement:

1. State what the company does

A company's mission statement can open with a simple sentence. There's no need to get too detailed at this point, as there are ample opportunities to expand on the statement in the following sections. You can state what the company provides or produces. For example, an acceptable way to open a financial company's mission statement is with the sentence, "Our firm provides a wide range of financial solutions."

2. Describe how the company operates

This section requires some thought, as you aren't necessarily trying to provide a detailed description of the company's operations. Instead, you're attempting to describe how the company operates in general terms. Many mission statements incorporate one or more of the company's main priorities into this part of the statement.

It might be worthwhile to develop a list of essential core values the company hopes to embody. For example, some values you could consider mentioning are providing exceptional customer service, producing high-quality products, protecting the environment, encouraging innovation and practicing sustainable development. It's good practice to highlight one or two core values when developing this part of a company's mission statement to ensure clarity. Adding core values to a statement may read something like, "Our firm provides a wide range of financial solutions that anyone can afford."

3. Explain the reason for the company's existence 

Adding an explanation of the company's reason for being might give it extra interest and help communicate the passion that drives the business's operations. Continuing with the previous example, the mission statement could state, "Our firm provides a wide range of affordable financial solutions with the goal of empowering disadvantaged communities and individuals." This statement answers the "why" of the company's existence and explains why it's a better alternative to other firms in a niche.

This aspect of a mission statement also helps establish a company's genuine concern for the welfare of its customers. It might help to talk with a company's leadership team and learn why they started the company in the first place. Reflecting on the initial inspiration that led to the company's founding could help refresh the message's focus and enable you to communicate the company's passion more effectively.

4. Apply the mission statement to a real-world scenario

After you've completed a company's mission statement, try to put it to work immediately. Make sure that customers can apply the statement to a real-world scenario. Consider rewriting it for logic and clarity if necessary. Remember that your mission statement doesn't only facilitate a company's planning, but it also encourages a company's employees and resonates with its customers. No matter how you word the mission statement and what it contains, its ultimate goal is to make customers want to conduct business with your firm and inspire employees to do their best.

Tips for writing a mission statement

Here are some more helpful tips for writing a good mission statement:

  • Communicate the company's best qualities in clear and direct terms.

  • Aim for a strong and compelling mission statement.

  • Consider incorporating the mission statement into other aspects of the business.

  • Use the mission statement to unify the company's marketing strategy or give the firm a more cohesive image.

  • Feature the mission statement prominently in the workplace, including on the company's website and within its marketing materials.

  • Take note of every place where the mission statement appears so you can update every instance easily when necessary.

  • Consider revising the mission statement if the company undergoes a significant change.

Mission statement template

As you're assisting with creating a mission statement, it can be beneficial to refer to a template. Think of a template as a framework upon which you can develop a more compelling mission statement. You can still present the company's goals and reason for existing in your unique way, with the added advantage of working with an established format that can make the statement more cohesive and easier to follow. Here is a template you can follow:

  1. [Answer this question: how do you want to present the company?] [Talk about the company's culture, approach, and ethos.]

  2. [Describe the company's goals.] [Answer the following two questions. Where do you see the company in the future? What does the organization hope to accomplish for the community?]

  3. [Include some words and phrases that characterize the company and its organizational goals.]

  4. [Include a graphic that represents the company's vision.]

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Examples of good mission statements

Mission statements can vary considerably depending on the focus and culture of the company. Here are a few examples of mission statements that you can use as inspiration:

Example 1

Here's an example of a mission statement from a company that provides financial services:

Finance United is a leading provider of innovative financial solutions, catering to individual and corporate clients. We focus primarily on providing practical and actionable solutions that enable our clients to achieve financial independence and meet their investment objectives. We hope to expand our range of services over the next several years to help even more people achieve their financial goals.

Example 2

Here's an example mission statement of a company that offers HVAC services:

Cali Cooling's goal is simple: We aim to be the foremost supplier of state-of-the-art HVAC systems on the West Coast. From our earliest years in the business, we have focused on quality and innovation, making us the go-to source for quality heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in the greater Los Angeles area. Over the next few years, we expect to add even more corporate customers to our clientele.

Example 3

Here's an example mission statement from a real estate company:

From the very beginning, our approach at Pinnacle Homes has remained the same: provide a wide selection of housing options to meet the needs of new homeowners. By targeting the middle-income sectors, we have managed to provide a wide range of quality housing solutions that meet the budgetary needs of a growing number of families.

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Example 4

Here's an example of a banking institution's mission statement:

At Summit Bank, we aim to provide a wide range of professional banking solutions that meet the needs of individuals, families and corporate clients alike. We specialize in accessible and flexible banking solutions that make it easy for anyone to perform whatever transaction they wish. We believe our customers should have a secure banking system they can rely on, and we strive to fill that role.

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