7 Ways To Earn Your NLP Certification

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 9, 2021

Getting a neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, certification can help introduce new career options and increase your skills in psychology and psychotherapy. This type of certification can help you learn specific language and techniques to address acute psychological challenges.

Learning how to get one of these certifications can simplify the process and help you choose the best option for your goals. In this article, we discuss NLP certifications, explore seven ways to earn one and provide tips for the certification process.

What is an NLP certification?

A neurolinguistic programming certification is a document that proves someone completed advanced training in NLP practices and methods. Neurolinguistic programming is the study of how people communicate internally and how that communication affects their external communication, behavior and self-image.

Psychology professionals often earn these certificates because it teaches them how to recognize learned behavior patterns and how to use these patterns or adjust them to help patients. An NLP certification can help you explain to patients why they respond in a certain way to stimuli or situations and why they may experience communication barriers with others.

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Seven methods to get your NLP certification

Here are seven ways to earn an NLP certification to enhance your career opportunities:

1. Online NLP programs

There are hundreds of companies available online that offer specific programs for NLP certifications, so you can make your educational process more efficient and flexible. With online classes, you can learn everything about NLP and earn your certification while managing your other responsibilities.

Consider applying to accredited programs to give you the best education. Accreditation from the International Coaching Federation or the International NLP Association (INLPA) proves experts in NLP reviewed and approved the content of your certification.

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2. NLP books

Some NLP books or manuals offer certification pathways once you complete the coursework in the book. They also help prepare you for certification by teaching you the basic principles of NLP and how to use it in a clinical setting. Try to choose books from NLP experts with strong reviews from readers and students. A lot of these books are available online or at a bookstore, but some might only be at a college bookstore. Consider choosing a workbook that provides sample questions and answers, multiple-choice questions and other learning materials.

3. University programs

Some university programs may offer NLP courses independently or as part of a degree pathway. Consider a university if you prefer in-person instruction and a college atmosphere. Some university programs also offer financial aid for those who qualify, which can help save you money. Try to choose a university program if you think you might seek additional educational credentials in the future. Depending on the program, it could take several months or a couple of years to earn your NLP certificate.

4. Private online courses

There are many resources for prospective NLP experts online, including classrooms and courses on education websites. These sites offer courses on unique skills and career paths and can provide you with certification once you complete the course. These programs typically focus on one topic at a time, so your education pathway is more focused and direct.

Consider a private online course if you want to save money on your education costs and earn a certification more quickly. Some private education and tutoring sites are free, so there may be no extra cost for your training except for course fees.

5. Training seminars or live events

Some NLP experts host live training events or seminars where you can earn an NLP certification in a group setting. These events can also allow you to network with other NLP professionals and build connections in the industry. Consider a training seminar or live event if you want another option besides online classes or university courses. You can look on the International NLP Association website to learn more about future training seminars and opportunities in your area.

6. Individual learning

If you prefer to learn at your own pace, you can purchase NLP learning kits for home use that allow you to work around your schedule. You can learn everything for certification from home with minimal costs. To ensure you don't miss important instruction or clarification on certain subjects or methods, you can supplement your independent learning with training sessions or networking with other NLP students or experts. This can help keep you accountable in your education and help you develop a network of professionals in the industry.

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7. Employer training

Some employers sponsor NLP training in the workplace, offering full scholarships to employees or making NLP training part of the onboarding process. Consider asking your employer if they have a program and what the requirements are.

Gaining a certification through your employer can save you money on education costs and help prevent scheduling conflicts between your job and education. Some employers may prefer to promote employees who show an interest in professional advancement, so taking a course in NLP might make you a more viable candidate for promotion.

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Tips for earning an NLP certification

Here are some tips for earning an NLP certification:

  • Check for accreditation. Verifying the program you choose has accreditation from the INLPA ensures you're getting accurate, high-quality coursework and a legitimate certification. Employers might prefer certifications from accredited programs to verify their legitimacy.

  • Create a schedule. Balancing school, work and your personal life can require strong time-management skills. You can improve that balance by creating a schedule for your education, which can help you meet deadlines and ensure you complete all of your coursework.

  • Consider program costs. Program costs for NLP certifications can vary depending on whether they're private, university-sponsored or online. Consider weighing the cost of each program to help you choose the one that best fits your budget.

  • Make a career plan. Earning your certification can be one of the first steps in your NLP career, so it's important to create a plan for how you're going to use the new credentials. Try to decide where you want to work and what additional options might be available to help you plan your career path.

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