How To Increase Online Sales: Benefits and Steps

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 11, 2021

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The goal of a business is typically to sell goods and services to an audience with similar interests or needs. With so many kinds of computer software and applications available, selling on the internet can expand a business's customer base and increase profits. Understanding the methods for increasing online sales can help you grow the company you work for and enjoy the advantages of a larger target audience. In this article, we explain how to increase online sales for your business and the benefits of increasing sales through your website.

Benefits of increasing online sales

There are many benefits to increasing online sales of your products, and earning a higher profit is the main one. With an increase in profit, you can spend more money on marketing, sourcing new products and refining your brand. Here are some other benefits to increasing online sales:

  • Gathering more data on your customers: Tracking customer behavior can help you market with greater success because you understand which products customers like and how they found your store. Use this data to understand which products generate sales so you can adjust your other products to be more successful.

  • Improving your reputation: When customers shop your online store and leave good reviews on your website, this shows other people that your business is trustworthy and provides high-quality products. A better online reputation may attract more customers and encourage repeat purchases.

  • Having space for new products: The more you sell, the more space you have to introduce new products into your store. When you limit the amount of time an item is for sale, customers are more likely to make a purchase because the item may not be available later.

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How to increase online sales

The following steps show you how to increase online sales to benefit your business:

1. Create honest sales copy

It's important to write sales copy that accurately depicts your products and offerings. Honest product descriptions, for example, set clear expectations for customers about how a product performs. If customers know exactly what to expect when purchasing an item, they're more likely to leave helpful reviews on your site and recommend it to friends.

2. Expand your ads with ad extensions

Ad extensions change the way your search engine advertisements appear in internet search results. Usually, they make your website link and description take up more space on the screen by adding links to relevant pages underneath the main description. This attracts attention to your ad and encourages shoppers to visit your store, which can often generate sales.

3. Display reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials from customers may make a new shopper feel more comfortable buying from your store. Consider displaying some of your best reviews and testimonials on the front page of your website so that potential customers can easily see what other people think about your products. This may help to establish trust between shoppers and your business.

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4. Simplify your checkout process

When someone makes a purchase from your store, they likely want the checkout process to be simple and quick. Try to shorten your checkout process to one webpage and only include necessary information to make it easy for customers to complete their purchases. Busy customers may especially appreciate simple checkouts because they can quickly complete a purchase and then continue their day.

5. Use product descriptions to answer questions

Your product descriptions are a great place for customers to get to know your brand and what you offer. Consider answering questions in product descriptions before customers have to ask them. For example, describe the material, dimensions and typical use of a product. When customers understand all aspects of a product, they can more easily decide if it's right for them.

6. Use sale deadlines to create urgency

People typically enjoy buying items at a discount. Emphasizing a sale or discount deadline can increase the urgency to make a purchase before the price of a product rises again. A common way to display sale deadlines is with a countdown at the top of your website that shows the discount, how much longer it's available and a call to action to make a purchase.

7. Have a good refund and return policy

Sometimes customers are unsure about a product, so they may check your return policy before making a purchase. Consider offering full refunds for returns to make shoppers feel more comfortable making a purchase. If they keep the item, then you increased your sales and gained a new customer who may purchase from you again.

8. Offer only a few types of products

Consider offering only a few types of products to increase online sales. Select products different enough from one another so that customers can easily choose which one they want and provide only a few variations of color choices or designs. This way, shoppers can find what they want quickly and be more decisive.

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9. Target audiences like yours

Growing your audience through targeted ads is a good way to increase online sales. Using third-party data, you can target audiences similar to yours through social media, search engine ads and website ads. This helps people learn about your business and raises the chance that someone becomes a customer.

10. Accept many payment options

There are various ways to pay online, so try to accept as many types of payment as possible to accommodate different types of customers and simplify their checkout process. A customer may be less likely to abandon their cart if they can easily checkout with their preferred payment method. You can accept popular forms of payment like credit cards, debit cards and online payment services.

11. Use giveaways

Giveaways are a useful method for attracting and keeping customers. You can use social media and your store's website to offer giveaways for new items, seasonal products or small gifts included with a purchase. While the giveaway itself won't make money, the people who learn about your businesses because of the giveaway may become repeat customers and make more purchases.

12. Have high-quality images

High-quality product images are important for effective marketing. Consider investing in having professional photos taken for the items you're selling so that customers have a better idea of what the products look like in real life. Customers are also more willing to purchase items with professional, high-quality photos because it shows you care about how you represent your products.

13. Consider tiered pricing

Tiered pricing can increase sales because people are more likely to make a purchase if they have some options. For example, a customer may choose a mid-priced item out of three choices because it seems better quality than the low-priced item but a good deal compared to the expensive item. This method creates more value for the mid-priced item and encourages customers to buy.

14. Create detailed audience segments

Audience segments are small groups of your audience that want or need specific things. Using advertisement and behavior data, create detailed descriptions of your audience segments to better understand what they want from your products. With this information, you can market to them more accurately and increase the probability of relating to them.

15. Use pop-ups

Pop-up newsletter sign-ups and discount codes are useful for staying relevant in a potential customer's mind. A pop-up may direct a shopper's attention back to your store and encourage them to make a purchase or get more information before they leave your website. While discounts might get an immediate purchase, newsletters help you stay relevant to potential customers over a longer period of time.

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16. Optimize for mobile browsing

Many people browse websites and shop on their phones, so it's important to optimize your site for mobile devices to ensure everyone can access your store. Mobile optimization also gives shoppers access to your store at any time and place, which means there are more opportunities for a casual shopper to make a purchase and become a customer.

17. Use your customers' needs

When creating copy for your website, it's useful to specify how your products can satisfy the needs of your customers. Anticipating and addressing the wants and desires of your customers can make them feel understood and encourage them to purchase your products. Consider differentiating your product from similar ones by identifying these customer needs and describing how your product fulfills them.

18. Consider follow-up emails

You can send follow-up emails to customers after they've made a purchase to thank them for buying your product, recommend similar products or remind them to leave a review. Doing this shows customers you care about their purchase, and it may convince them to buy more of your products or recommend your store to their friends. Recommendations can expand your customer base and improve your reputation.

19. Stay active on social media

Social media is a great place to communicate with potential and returning customers, increase awareness of your brand and hold giveaways. Interacting regularly on social media helps you stay relevant in your market and gain a better understanding of what customers want from your products. Consider responding to comments and questions on social media to create a brand voice and improve reputation.

20. Identify your most popular items

If one of your products is very popular, consider noting that in the product description or marketing material. Shoppers often trust products that many other people use and that have many reviews. For example, you may have a product that sells out every time you restock it. If you mention this popularity in advertisements, it may encourage shoppers to try the item because so many others like it.

21. Learn how to remarket

Remarketing refers to the practice of displaying ads for items customers viewed but didn't purchase. This technique involves tracking customer behavior and is often very effective at keeping your products relevant to customers. It may also convince unsure customers to return to your website and realize that your product could improve their lives and satisfy their needs.

22. Offer free shipping

Many people may expect free shipping from online stores, especially if they're placing an expensive order. Offering free shipping for any purchase amount can help you increase online sales by encouraging customers to complete purchases. Customers may also make purchases more often with free shipping because they don't feel restricted by extra costs.

23. Send emails for abandoned carts

If you're tracking customer activity and collecting email addresses before checkout, consider sending emails to remind shoppers about items left in their carts. Typically, customers leave items in their carts because they're hesitant to make a purchase, but a reminder email can convince them to reconsider.

24. Focus on SEO

Quality SEO allows you to gain more customers and increase online sales by showing your webpage near the top of search engine results. When potential customers search for a term that includes your keywords, your website will likely appear in the results. This helps customers find you when they're already searching for products similar to yours, which means they are likely to make a purchase.

25. Use live chat

It's important for customers to be able to contact your business if they have questions about products, shipping or returns. Including a live chat feature is a good way to provide customers with quick responses and ensure a better shopping experience. This feature is especially useful if a live chat agent can provide a customer with help that convinces them to complete a purchase.

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