How To Increase the Sales Volume: 15 Tips

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated April 1, 2021 | Published February 8, 2021

Updated April 1, 2021

Published February 8, 2021

Focusing on sales volume is a common tactic used in many sales departments. You can move inventory faster to make space for incoming stock or increase the number of sales your team makes by focusing on sales volume. In this article, we define sales volume and list ways for you to increase it.

What is sales volume?

Sales volume is the number of products you're selling over a given period. A high sales value can indicate that a company's marketing and sales tactics are effective. Sales volume is a common metric that many sales professionals measure along with revenue, but they're not the same. Revenue tracks how much money you're bringing into a business, while sales volume tracks how many units of products you're selling.

How to increase sales volume

Here is a list of 15 ways you can increase sales volume:

1. Emphasize customer benefits

One good strategy for increasing sales volume is to incorporate an emphasis on customer benefits into the sales pitch for a product. Detailing the benefits of a product can help a customer weigh a product's value.

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2. Know your competitors

Doing some market research into your competitors' products can help you develop a sales pitch that differentiates your product from the competition. Here are some attributes to compare between your product and a competing product:

  • Price: Knowing how much your competition is charging for a similar product can help you more accurately sell the product based on price.

  • Value: Value is how many benefits and features a customer is getting for the price of a product. By identifying your competition's value, you can help position your product to be more valuable in your market.

  • Promotions: You may get ideas for promotions to try by examining the promotions your competition is using to sell products.

3. Understand customers' challenges

Another way to increase sales volume is to position your product to be a solution to a challenge your customer is facing. You can do this by listing the challenges of customers in your market to explain the solutions your product can deliver. For example, maybe a customer has trouble with time management, and your product has a time-saving component that you can include in your pitch.

4. Integrate sales with marketing

Combining your sales and marketing processes or aligning the two teams can help maximize sales volume. This collaboration between sales and marketing may create new leads or strategies that can help your sales team sell a higher quantity of products.

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5. Offer sales incentives

You can offer a sales team incentives, like a bonus, to encourage them to sell more units of your product. Here are a few other forms of sales incentives:

  • Gift cards: Gift cards to restaurants, stores and services are a compelling way to incentivize sales.

  • Event tickets: You can offer tickets to a show or sporting event to reward your sales team for working harder.

  • Office additions: You can reward salespeople with standing desks, new chairs or new appliances when the whole team reaches a goal.

6. Reward new customers

Promotions can help you move more inventory while also gaining new customers. For example, you could offer new customers a discount when they buy more than one product during their first purchase. Adding limitations to promotions can create a sense of urgency for customers to buy more than they would if a promotion was ongoing.

7. Evaluate lead generation and qualification

Lead generation is the process of finding people who might be interested in your product. You can assess your lead generation by determining both the quantity and quality of the leads you're getting. If you need more leads to increase the sales volume, it might be helpful to look for new audiences.

Lead qualification measures how likely a lead is to buy your product. Here are a few ways you can improve your lead qualification to increase sales volume:

  • Budget: Find out whether your prospect can afford to buy your product.
    Need: Identify what prospects need and how your product can meet these needs.

  • Solution: If you're selling your product as a solution to a problem, use surveys to ensure your product is truly solving the problem.

  • Timeline: Establishing urgency is an effective sales tactic that can help increase both the sales velocity and the sales volume. You can find out the timeline for each prospect buying your product to find and focus on the prospects who will buy your product the fastest.

  • Influence: Determine whether your prospect has the authority to buy your product.

8. Use metrics to identify areas to improve

You can use key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify causes of low sales volume. From there, you can create a strategy for improvement. Here are some KPIs to watch when you want to increase sales volume:

  • Sales volume by location: This metric can help you find out which territories are buying the highest quantity of your product.

  • Conversion rate: This indicator can tell you how often leads are converting into sales.

  • Units per transaction: This measures how many products that customers are buying during each sale.

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9. Make use of social media marketing

You can incorporate your company's social media channels into your strategies to increase sales volume by informing users of any deals that might help increase the sales volume. The best part of this strategy is that posting to social media is a free form of advertising for your product. However, paid advertising on social media is also an option. You can maximize your marketing budget on social media by using a pay-per-click model of advertising.

10. Practice negotiating common objections

One of the best ways to overcome sales objections is to have your sales team practice responses. This benefits the sales team by giving them more confidence during the sale. It also can help increase sales volume by boosting the rate that leads are converting into sales.

11. Focus on time management

Find ways to save time on non-selling activities, like filling out paperwork or conducting research. For example, you may be able to move those tasks to days or times that aren't as successful for selling. You may also want to explore ways to move those tasks to other roles so the sales team can focus more on selling. For example, a sales assistant could help with paperwork and research.

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12. Focus on sales velocity

Sales velocity is a measurement of how fast your business is making money. You can also think of it as how long it takes for a lead to become a sale. The faster you're able to make sales, the faster you can sell inventory and increase sales volume.

13. Pay attention to your top customers

If your top customers have been consistent buyers, you might be able to negotiate larger orders that help increase the sales volume. For example, you can develop promotions for your top-buying customers, who already have a proven track record of purchasing your product, to encourage them to buy a higher quantity of your product.

14. Look for new audiences

If you want to increase your sales volume, you may have to increase the scope of your target audience. Here are a few strategies for finding new audiences:

  • Cold calls: You can call customers outside your target market to gauge their interest in your product.

  • Social media ads: You can experiment with targeting ads to adjacent audiences on social media to see whether you can find new customers.

  • Territory growth: You can research other territories to help find new customers.

15. Determine which territories are top buyers

Use your metrics to find out which territories or market segments are buying the largest volume of your product. You can focus your energy on creating marketing strategies that maximize the amount you can sell to the area that's buying the most. You can also ensure that the top salespeople are assigned to the highest-buying territories to help increase sales volume.

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