How To Schedule a Facebook Post in 4 Steps (Plus Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published October 18, 2021

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Social media can be a valuable tool in an organization's marketing strategy. Many organizations use Facebook to interact with current and potential customers, publicize events and provide information about their services. If you use Facebook to promote a brand or company, it might help you to know how to schedule a post on a Facebook Business page. In this article, we discuss why you might schedule a Facebook post, explain how to perform this task and provide tips for using Facebook effectively.

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Benefits of scheduling Facebook posts

Here are some ways scheduling Facebook posts can benefit a marketing team:

It can increase the success of a campaign

Using scheduled posts can help a marketing team create a social media strategy for key events on an organization's calendar. For example, if you're planning to post about an organization's upcoming holiday campaign, you can schedule your posts throughout the weeks leading up to the event, increasing in frequency as you approach the target date. Using Facebook's scheduling tools, you can also see what days have posts scheduled, which can help you determine when to post additional content about an event or trend.

It can help you manage your time

Developing a process to create and schedule posts can allow you to create the social media content for a day or week all at once. For example, a marketing manager or intern might spend the first few hours on Monday creating posts and scheduling them for publication throughout the week, which allows them to move on to other marketing tasks once they've finished. A scheduling system also allows the organization's social media to continue to reach their audience when the social media coordinator or manager is absent from work.

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It can expand your reach

Scheduling posts can help you reach audiences who access Facebook outside of your hours of operation. For example, if your target audience are working professionals, they may primarily access Facebook when they're at home after their daily work or early in the morning. If you schedule posts to match when your audience has leisure time, you might ensure that the posts appear on their timeline when they have time and energy to interact with them. It can also help you expand your audience to different time zones or countries.

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How to schedule a Facebook post

Here's how to schedule a Facebook post in four steps:

1. Open the publisher tool

The publisher tool allows you to create posts, schedule them for publication and preview them before they appear on the organization's page and timeline. If you're using an organization's Facebook Business page, you can access the publishing menu by clicking the Business Suite icon on the left side of the main account page and then clicking on the blue button labeled "Create Post" at the top of the page. You can also click the "Create Post" button on the main page and select "Publishing Tools" in the post creation pop-up to access the menu.

2. Create your post

In the publisher, write or paste your content in the box labeled "Text." You can use the buttons below the box to add images or other attachments. If the organization is in a specific location, you can add a city, state and country to your post. In the box to the right of the entry fields, you can use the preview buttons to see how the post might look to both desktop and mobile users.

3. Select your scheduled posting time

At the bottom of the publisher, there are two publishing options. The button labeled "Publish" sends your post to the organization's page immediately. Click the down arrow next to the "Publish" button and select "Schedule Post" next to the image of a clock to open the scheduling menu. In the menu, select the time and date to publish the post. Clicking "Save" returns you to the publisher and replaces the "Publish" button with a new blue button that says "Schedule Post." Select that option to schedule the post for your desired time.

4. Edit or change post as needed

To change the post, you can open the Facebook Business Suite main page and select the post under "Scheduled Posts." You can change the post's text, attachments or scheduled posting time while preserving the message. Use this tool if you want to launch the scheduled post immediately or delete it and start a new one. The editing tool also allows you to create ads within the publisher.

Tips for posting on Facebook

Here are some strategies you can use to optimize your use of Facebook for an organization:

Use Page Insights to adjust your posting strategy

Facebook features tools that measure the success of your posts, which you can use to optimize your posting schedule and strategy. You can access this data by clicking "Page Insights" on the Facebook Business Suite main page. The Page Insights menu provides a wide range of information, including how many people interacted with specific posts and which links provided referrals to your page. By looking at your Page Insights, you can determine what kinds of posts to emphasize and when to publish them.

Link to original content

Facebook can be an ideal place to share expert content from an organization. You might direct them to blog posts, embed video interviews with colleagues or link to news stories featuring the company. Sharing informative content can help your audience learn about your industry and establish the organization as a trusted resource that can add value to their lives. They may be more likely to choose the organization for paid goods and services if they engage with them on social media first.

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Interact with your followers

One benefit of social media is that it allows current and potential customers to interact with representatives of an organization. Followers might post comments under your scheduled posts or send direct messages to the organization's business page. Responding to these questions and comments can be an effective way to engage with your audience and encourage them to visit your website, sign up for a promotional service or attend an event. You can also curate comments under each post so that other users can see informative or valuable comments first.

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