How To Sell on Instagram (Plus Tips for Getting Started)

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Published October 26, 2021

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Many businesses sell products on various social media platforms. Instagram is a popular social media site for selling products, as many users like to purchase from accounts they follow. Learning about how to sell on Instagram may help you market your products more effectively and generate revenue. In this article, we discuss the reasons to sell on Instagram, provide a list of steps for doing so and give some tips.

5 reasons to sell on Instagram

Here are some reasons you may choose to sell items on Instagram:

1. Get more exposure for your products

Selling anywhere online can potentially get you more engagement for your brand, but selling on Instagram provides an audience with similar interests, so you may reach more potential customers than when selling elsewhere. For example, people who are interested in fashion may be more likely to browse fashion pages on Instagram and purchase products from those pages.

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2. Reach teens and young adults

As many young people use Instagram, you may use it to reach potential customers within that age range. For example, you may sell products for students on Instagram. This may allow you to reach more potential customers than other marketing strategies, such as TV advertisements or newspaper advertisements.

3. Have a low-cost strategy

Depending on your current marketing budget, you may decide to sell products on Instagram for a lower cost than on other platforms. Instagram may allow you to reach customers without paying to advertise your products. Additionally, you can pay a small fee to promote your products to a new customer base that has an interest in your type of products.

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4. Get information about your customer's preferences

Social media can help you not only sell to your customers but also help you to get feedback about what they like and don't like by asking questions. For example, if someone responds positively to your product, you can ask them questions like, "What did you like about it?" or "Would you buy it?" By getting this information, it may help your business to know your customers better.

5. Build a community around your brand

Instagram helps to provide a community for you and your product. This may allow people to feel more involved in your company and conduct word-of-mouth advertising for you. This also creates a scenario where customers may be more likely to become loyal customers. For example, if someone follows your Instagram page, they may consistently have exposure to your products when they browse the application, encouraging them to make repeat purchases.

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How to sell on Instagram

Here are steps you can follow to sell your products on Instagram:

1. Create an Instagram account

To create an account, you can download Instagram and click "Create an Account." Follow the on-screen instructions and choose your username, password and email. Additionally, choose to create the account as a business account rather than a personal account.

2. Make sure your account is public

Once you have created your account, check that the page is public rather than private. This allows new users to follow your page and view your content with no approval from you. This is to help new customers find out about your page without you having to pay for advertising on the platform.

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3. Write a profile bio

A bio, or biography, appears at the top of your profile when users navigate to your Instagram page. You may write a description of your business in this section so that users know what kind of products you sell or the mission and goals of your business. You may also navigate to the settings page to include a type of business on your profile. For instance, you can choose to display your page as a "Food and Beverage Company." This type of business appears below your profile bio.

4. Create a post

Next, click the "+" icon on the top-right of the page to post your first photo or video. You may choose to introduce your business with this post or immediately post photos or videos to advertise a product. You can choose to post a single photo or video, or multiple photos or videos in the same post. For example, you may upload photos of the product from various angles.

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5. Add text

To add text to your post, you click "Next" after uploading the photos or videos. Then type in any additional information you wish to include in the post. For example, you may describe the product you are posting or write about the price and shipping details.

6. Add hashtags

You can include hashtags in your post by typing "#" in the text section of your post. Instagram may suggest possible hashtags you can use, listing how many posts currently use that hashtag. Hashtags may help customers find your post, as users may follow specific hashtags or see posts on their "Explore" page that uses hashtags they consistently interact with on their profile. For example, you may use the hashtag "#beauty" to advertise make-up products.

7. Create Instagram Stories

Instagram allows you to create "Stories" that appear on your profile for 24 hours after you post them. Many users may browse the "Stories" of users they follow, which can create additional exposure for your products. For example, you may create a story that advertises specific products or directs users to go to your page to view your products.

8. Continue to post

To gain more followers and keep current followers engaged, you may continue to post photos or videos to promote your products. You may post new products or continue to promote the same products. For example, you may post videos of customers using your products along with pictures of customer reviews.

9. Interact with your followers

To create a more engaged customer base, you may interact with your followers in various ways on your page. You may respond to comments on your posts or choose to privately message customers that follow your page. For example, you may send a message to a customer thanking them for making a purchase or offering them a coupon for a future purchase.

Tips for selling on Instagram

Here are some tips to help you sell products on Instagram:

  • Use consistent hashtags: Using the same hashtags throughout your posts may help you consistently attract users with interests that align with your products. For example, you may always use the hashtag "#fashion" to attract users to your clothing products.

  • Use multiple images in each post: By using multiple images in a single post, you are able to provide more information about the product that you are providing. For example, if you are providing a beauty product, you can take photos of the products and also include photos of models using the products.

  • Encourage customers to leave comments on your page: By encouraging customers to leave comments on your Instagram page, you're able to better understand what customers like about your product. This may create a more interactive environment with customers that may make them more interested in returning for future purchases.

  • Respond to questions or complaints: By responding directly, you are able to address concerns or answer questions that clients may have about the product. This also lets them know that their voice is being heard by the business, which may create more loyalty in customers.

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