How To Write a Twitter Bio in 3 Steps (With Examples and Tips)

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Published October 21, 2021

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Social media is a useful tool for building relationships, both personally and professionally. By creating a Twitter bio, you can introduce yourself to other users and make meaningful professional connections. Learning how to write an interesting bio can help increase your online following and find a community of people similar to you. In this article, we explain what a Twitter bio is, provide a list of what you can include in one and explain how to write a one with steps and examples.

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What is a Twitter bio?

A Twitter bio summarizes who you are or what your company is that appears on your Twitter profile. Twitter is a social media application where you can connect with businesses, consumers and public figures globally. This is a useful tool for building relationships that can benefit you professionally. A Twitter bio can act as a first impression, so it's important to create a bio that reflects your personality and values. If you create an account for a business, try to promote the brand in your bio.

What do you include in a Twitter bio?

When considering what to include in a Twitter bio, first decide if your account is for a business or person because the elements you include can change. Here are some ideas of what to include in your bio:

  • Greeting: Start with a friendly greeting. This can make your account appear more human and personalized.

  • Professional summary: Briefly explain your work history. If you're using social media to make professional connections, this is useful to have in your bio.

  • Key traits: List key personality traits or titles you have in your life, such as whether you're a parent or sibling. This can help you connect with people like you.

  • Job title: For businesses and professionals, list your job title or the industry in which the business operates. This can help you connect with customers and other business professionals in your industry.

  • Mission statement: As a business, it's helpful to tell users what your mission is and your goals. Consider how you can promote your brand when writing a bio.

  • Social proof: Try to provide proof that you are an actual business or person. Profile pictures can help show social proof, but you may also consider including professional contacts for reference or, if you're creating a business account, include the name of the CEO.

  • Call-to-action: A call-to-action can lead social media users to a portfolio, e-commerce store, donation page or encourage them to take another action. Adding a call-to-action is a good idea for businesses to bring traffic to their website.

  • Hobbies: Include your interests and hobbies in your bio to help find others who have the same interests. Sharing your hobbies helps create a summary of yourself and shows your personality.

  • Location**:** Twitter has a space to mention your location in your bio. You can write in any location in this space.

  • Date of birth or establishment: You can add your date of birth or the date of establishment of a business. If you feel it's too personal, you can omit this information.

  • Affiliations: You can include business partners, companies you work for and products you sell or create in your bio. Tagging people or brands that you affiliate with can also show your personality.

  • Disclaimers: Include legal or social disclaimers if necessary. Some accounts may need to specify if they're a brand ambassador or if their views are their own and not affiliated with a company.

  • Links: Including links to your online portfolio, website and other social media accounts are useful to bring more traffic to those sites. Many use this feature for self-promotion.

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How to write a Twitter bio

You can follow these steps to write a Twitter bio:

1. Edit your Twitter profile

If you have a Twitter account, you can go to your profile and select "Edit profile." This opens a text box for you to write a bio. Your bio appears under your profile picture when you open your account. There are 160 characters you can use to create a summary. Within these 160 characters, you can use hashtags, emojis, special characters, links and regular text.

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2. Describe yourself or your business

To write a bio, consider key traits about yourself or your business. You can write a complete sentence or use phrases to conserve your characters. You may find it useful to compile a list of descriptions you could include and narrow your list to the most interesting or relevant. As a business, it's important to write a summary that's consistent with your brand. If you are writing for a professional account, consider including your job title and tagging the company at which you work.

3. Include other links to your sites

Since a Twitter bio offers a finite amount of space, adding links can help you share more information with other social media users. Consider linking your portfolio, business website and other social media pages. You can use an address to a webpage that hosts all your important links so that your bio doesn't fill up with webpage links and only displays one which leads to all the others.

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Examples of Twitter bios

Here are examples of Twitter bios to provide you inspiration for your own:

Bios for businesses

Here are examples of bios you can use for a business:

  • Welcome to EAT Fresher! We're committed to helping you eat healthy and live sustainably. Check us out

  • Slurp a Soup With Stevie! We love soup and making friends.

  • Green Marketing. We're SEO experts and Green Thumb Gardeners.

Bios for professionals

If you're writing a bio for a professional account, here are examples:

  • Marketing consultant/entrepreneur/author, get my book

  • CEO of Stevie's Soups. I Love Soup, Wine and Pasta! DM me your favorite soup.

  • Traveler. Linguist. Expert translator. Come travel with me!

Tips on writing a Twitter bio

Here are additional tips to help you write an effective bio:

  • Use your space wisely: Try to be brief and include only the most interesting information because you only have 160 characters to describe your company.

  • Be authentic: Be honest in your summary and personable to encourage others to follow your account.

  • Add an accomplishment: Mentioning an achievement may be a good method to describe yourself and may tell other users about your career.

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