Introduction Letter for Realtors: Overview and Example

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Published May 3, 2021

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An introduction letter can allow realtors to open a line of communication with potential clients. Realtors can use their introduction letter to showcase their expertise within real estate and build rapport with future clients. If you are in the real estate field, learning how to write an introduction letter for realtors may be useful for you. In this article, we discuss what an introduction letter for realtors is, when to send it, what to include in it and provide a template and example of an introduction letter.

What is an introduction letter for realtors?

An introduction letter is a formal document that realtors use to start relationships with clients. They help clients decide if they want to work with a real estate agency by giving a brief overview of the services offered and how the agency can serve the client's real estate needs. Introduction letters can offer potential clients insight into a realtor's selling experience, new deals available and an overview of the realty market.

Potential clients may feel a connection with realtors who offer introduction letters, since they can learn about their background and selling history. Introduction letters are often the first impression that a client has of a realtor, so it's important that the letter is interesting, friendly and easy to understand.

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When to send an introduction letter

Here are several scenarios that can prompt a realtor to send an introduction letter to potential clients:

  • Client shows interest in real estate: Realtors can send an introduction letter if a potential client has shown interest in a real estate transaction, possibly through a real estate website or property viewing.

  • Client signed up for real estate information: If a client has signed up for information about a real estate agency, realtors can send them an introduction letter to introduce themselves. Potential clients may request information about an agency through their website or over the phone.

  • Client is in realtor's network: Realtors can send introduction letters to individuals within their network to help promote their realty work and attract potential clients.

What to include in your introduction letter

Here are several pieces of information that you can include in your introduction letter:

Prior experience

Listing all related experience can help attract clients and build rapport, so that clients know the full extent of your skills related to real estate. Consider include your education and any achievements related to real estate. For example, you can include information about positive client reviews, repeated clients and any awards you have received as a realtor.

Specialty services

Most realtors specialize in certain areas of real estate, so it's important to let potential clients know exactly which areas you specialize in. Here are several services that realtors offer:

  • Renting

  • Buying

  • Relocation

  • Foreclosure

  • Investing

  • Vacant property

  • Condominiums

  • Multi-unit living spaces


Since clients may be unfamiliar with specific realtor certifications, you can include a general statement about your certifications. For example, if you hold the certification, Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) offered by the Residential Real Estate Council, you can mention that credential and then list the agency you currently work for.

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Contact information

Contact information allows potential clients to contact you if they decide to work with you. Be sure to include clear instructions for the contact information and any important information, like if you have specific working hours. Typically, the contact information goes right before the closing, so that your information is fresh in the client's mind once they finish reading the letter.

How to write an introduction letter

Follow these steps to assist you in writing an introduction letter as a realtor:

1. Open with a greeting

When beginning your introduction letter, it's important to start with a thoughtful greeting. Be sure to address the client by their name so that the letter feels more personal. After you have greeted them, you can include a sentiment that helps build a connection with the reader. Here are some examples of a sentiment you can include directly after the greeting:

  • I hope you're having a lovely day.

  • Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

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2. Explain your background

Include which services you provide, which areas that you specialize in and provide any certifications you have. Explaining your background can help build rapport with potential clients. Be sure to provide the name of the real estate agency that you work for to establish your credibility.

3. Include relevant experiences

A large part of the letter should include information on your prior experience as a realtor. Highlight past achievements you've earned in real estate, include any education and expand on any major accomplishments in your realtor career. Potential clients may find it useful to have a better understanding of your experience in real estate.

4. Show how you can help their real estate needs

After you have included your real estate experience, you can explain how you can help potential clients achieve their real estate goals. Be sure to include any deals you can earn for them as clients and how quickly you can find them a good match for their real estate needs.

5. Provide contact methods

Before closing your letter, be sure to include contact methods that potential clients can use to reach out to you. You can provide your work phone number, email, social media platforms and website. You should also include the time that a client should reach out to you. Be sure to let clients know if your work hours differ from traditional working hours, like if you don't work during a certain day of the week.

6. Include closing

As a way of showing your appreciation, be sure to include a thank you at the closing of your letter. Also, include your full name so that potential clients know how to address you if they choose to contact you.

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Introduction letter template

Here is a template that you can use as you create an introduction letter:

[Greeting with name of potential client]

[Opening sentence with thoughtful sentiment]
[Sentence that includes your first name, certifications and real estate agency name]
[Sentence that details the realty service you're offering]

[Section including relevant experience like achievements, education and selling history]

[Section explaining how you can help the client with their real estate needs]

[Provide contact information]

[Full name]

Introduction letter example

Here is an example of an introduction letter for realtors:

Dear Ms. Jin,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. My name is Natalie and I am a Certified Residential Specialist, currently working with Markum Real Estate Agency, LLC. I specialize in buying and selling vacant properties for my clients so that they can find a lot that is the perfect price, size and location for their needs.

I attended Capital University and received a bachelor's degree in finance. After college, I completed my real estate certification so that I could help clients reach their real estate goals. In the past five years, I have helped over 100 clients buy or sell vacant lots at a winning price. My agency has awarded me with an outstanding service award for the past two years, based on positive client reviews.

If you are interested in buying or selling a vacant lot, I can help you determine the right price, find an excellent location and ensure you're satisfied with your real estate transaction. Typically, I can find an available property for my clients within the first two weeks of their real estate search.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time for a free consultation. My phone number is 440-555-4245, my email is and my agency's website

Thank you for your time,

Natalie Smith

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