10 Inventory Management Software Options (With Features)

Updated June 24, 2022

Having a successful inventory management software system can help a business increase its revenue, have more efficient operations and generate higher customer satisfaction ratings. Managing an inventory successfully allows many types of businesses to organize an inventory system, including wholesale and retail companies. By learning about some common applications businesses can use, you can better identify when you have product shortages and enhance your business career overall. In this article, we discuss what inventory management software is and review 10 options along with their benefits.

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What is inventory management software?

Inventory management software describes programs that can track a company's current inventory storage, what products are circulating for sales and alert personnel of any shortages. It can help you track both complete items on a sales floor and smaller parts needed to repair inventory items. It can also help you analyze customer purchasing trends, which may help staff members better predict which items to re-stock in the future. Inventory management software can also involve inventory financing, quality control and business documentation features.

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10 inventory management software tools

Here are some inventory management software options for you to consider:

1. Stockpile

Stockpile is a platform that allows you to track inventory by importing information to a personalized dashboard, tracking stock accounts and taking returns. A key feature of this software includes basic inventory tracking, which streamlines the process and alerts users when it's an optimal time to re-order items from a supplier. Stockpile may benefit from working in a small, growing business as the program allows you to store data from unlimited items and locations, meaning you can increase your inventory size over time.

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2. Ordoro

Ordoro allows you to track and sync inventory and sales, scan barcodes, create and fill purchase orders, and get shipping discounts. It has automation features that allow you to set instructions for label creation, meaning you can add labels to any new shipping orders quickly and efficiently. You can also create a personalized tagging system that can help you organize shipments into different categories. To find up-to-date payment information for Ordoro, be sure to check the product's website.

3. Sortly

Sortly is an inventory management system that can run on multiple operating systems. It allows you to search for barcodes, use an internal scanning system, and prepare customized reports to help you gather information. By implementing Sortly software, you can download the application on a cell phone and use it to input changes, make updates or manage inventory levels. You can also import data directly onto the system to help optimize your inventory management efforts.

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4. Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory has a wide range of inventory management features, including a cloud-based strategizing system, an interface to organize warehouse storage and a dashboard to process customer orders. It allows you to integrate e-commerce accounts, which can help you streamline the purchasing process for both staff members and customers. Zoho Inventory also provides features for business reporting and data analytics, which allows you to study the purchasing habits of customers.

5. Fishbowl

Fishbowl is a platform that allows you to track inventory levels in real-time, including individual repair components. It provides a detailed search system that allows you to find orders via various criteria, including a product's identification number or expiration date. This program has an automated ordering system, which can help you prevent stock shortages and better predict inventory levels in the future. Fishbowl can integrate with many third-party applications, including a company's customer management system.

6. Stock Control

Stock Control allows you to list inventory items on a streamlined dashboard, sort between different warehouse locations, transfer data and receive alerts for inventory shortages. It has features for manufacturing suppliers, allowing you to process orders for product components on a specialized interface. Stock Control also provides a data analytics system, which can help you better understand customer purchasing habits and calculate how many new inventory items to order in a certain timeframe.

7. Boxstorm

Boxtorm is a software program that allows you to import or export inventory data, identify sales quotas, purchase new orders and receive stock alert messages on a preferred communication medium. It allows you to track inventory levels and categorize orders by warehouse facility. This program also has an automated ordering system that allows you to customize the metric system for how much new stock to order and when to complete those purchases. Developers also designed Boxstorm to integrate with third-party business applications, plus run on a mobile operating system.

8. Salesbinder

Salesbinder is a website-based inventory management application that allows you to create customized purchase orders, scan individual items using a barcode and organize items into different categories. You can also upload photos for each item and provide customized measurements, which may streamline an inventory search process. Salesbinder also allows you to import and export spreadsheets, allowing you to manage a company's financial information and track costs from inventory orders.

9. Odoo

Odoo is an open-source inventory management software program that allows you to manage multiple warehouses, oversee shipment processes and track an order's movement through the production process using an in-depth database. This program provides a reporting feature, which allows you to analyze inventory storage levels in a visual graph format and customize an interface according to a company's needs. You can also integrate Odoo with other programs offered by its host company, including accounting software and a customer relationship management system.

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10. CashierLive's Store Management Software

This program allows you to track inventory levels, create purchasing orders, input new products and scan individual items using a barcode. It uses a company's sales information to monitor inventory storage, which can help you optimize your daily work efforts and better avoid stock shortages. This program has a reporting and analytics system that allows you to view a business' sales history, allowing you to predict which products may be most valuable to order in the future.

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