70 Job Titles in Supply Chain (With National Average Salary)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published February 22, 2021

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Working in supply chain can expose you to different industries, as many fields use a supply chain to bring goods and products to a consumer base. You can also usually use your interests and strengths to your advantage by selecting to build your career in a particular area of the supply chain, like manufacturing or quality, that fits you best. The wide variety of supply chain jobs means you can learn more about one area, such as logistics, and transfer into another, like procurement, as you continue to build your knowledge base about supply chain management.

In this article, we provide a list of positions in supply chain you may consider, organized by category and with descriptions for some of them.

18 supply chain job titles and descriptions

Here are just some supply chain job titles and descriptions to explore if you think you may want to build your career in supply chain. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the national average salary link for each job title below.

Production clerk

National average salary: $29,004 per year

Primary duties: A production clerk assists the production team with things like reviewing production and shipping schedules, creating reports, monitoring inventory and addressing any problems with production. Production clerks also measure the costs of manufacturing and procurement.

Warehouse clerk

National average salary: $30,585 per year

Primary duties: A warehouse clerk is responsible for receiving and shipping orders. They also load trucks with goods and materials, unload receiving trucks, keep inventory, move products following a purchase order and keep the warehouse clean and organized.

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Logistics coordinator

National average salary: $35,399 per year

Primary duties: A logistics coordinator oversees the logistical operations of the supply chain. They make sure all employees fulfill their part of the production process, communicate with suppliers and the transport team and review purchase orders. Logistics coordinators may also evaluate the logistics process and implement procedures to improve it.

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Production technician

National average salary: $36,214 per year

Primary duties: A production technician is responsible for monitoring quality and productivity, then adjusting processes to improve both facets of operations. They also inspect packages and products, make sure that all operations follow local and state regulations and test that each piece of equipment meets safety standards.

Purchasing clerk

National average salary: $36,760 per year

Primary duties: A purchasing clerk receives requests, prepares purchase orders and communicates with the purchasing customer to make sure the items that come in for them meet their specifications. Purchasing clerks also handle inventory, monitor the shipping and delivery of purchases, submit requests and compare prices from multiple vendors and suppliers.

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Load planner

National average salary: $46,411 per year

Primary duties: A load planner is responsible for facilitating an efficient transportation process. They expedite routes, create processes that maximize deliveries and transports, adjust shipping times as needed and simplify the shipping process.

Inventory associate

National average salary: $48,979 per year

Primary duties: An inventory associate manages inventory. They count products, keep a log of products they receive and sell, report any variations between their count and official records and implement improved inventory management processes. Inventory associates also process shipments, enter data into a computer system, clean and maintain their inventory area and may need to operate machinery to accurately count inventory.

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Inventory controller

National average salary: $49,563 per year

Primary duties: An inventory controller is responsible for developing systems that manage inventory for a retailer or a business that's in the industrial industry. They make sure stock remains at a healthy level based on demand and work with the logistics team to fulfill orders and transfers. Inventory controllers may also handle audits, need to produce reports to account for any inventory changes and communicate with vendors and clients.

Warehouse supervisor

National average salary: $53,640 per year

Primary duties: A warehouse supervisor oversees the daily operations of a warehouse. They may handle receiving goods, inventory storage and making sure that the end-user or purchaser receives the correct item. Warehouse supervisors manage a staff of warehouse workers, develop productivity goals, train employees and create quality assurance policies.


National average salary: $57,959 per year

Primary duties: A buyer is responsible for selecting the products, goods, merchandise and materials to purchase on behalf of a company. They coordinate the purchase, conduct market research to determine how beneficial the purchase will be for the business, test items before committing, analyze competitors and monitor purchase orders. Buyers also produce reports for management to explain a purchasing decision and the resulting sales from the company carrying the product.

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Category analyst

National average salary: $60,291 per year

Primary duties: A category analyst monitors and analyzes how a category or brand is performing. They may develop marketing plans and sales promotions to increase the success of the item, conduct market analysis, identify trends, monitor competitors and work closely with customers to learn more about their buying preferences. Category analysts also work with companies to recommend new product lines and provide insight into how their industry is faring.

Procurement specialist

National average salary: $61,151 per year

Primary duties: A procurement specialist is responsible for sourcing goods and other products for a company. They perform research on different products and services based on the company's needs, analyze the cost of procuring and selling the product, monitor inventory and negotiate contracts with suppliers and vendors. Procurement specialists also project the organization's future needs through accurate reporting and data analysis.

Logistics manager

National average salary: $61,671 per year

Primary duties: A logistics manager oversees both the purchasing and distribution parts of a supply chain. They are involved with customer service, transportation and warehouse work to create a cohesive supply chain that benefits all parties. Logistics managers also negotiate with suppliers, vendors, manufacturers and consumers, manage inventory, delivery terms and transportation costs, implement processes to improve efficiency, plan routes, train warehouse staff, develop budgets and timelines and produce metrics and reports to analyze the performance of the supply chain.

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Supply chain analyst

National average salary: $71,164 per year

Primary duties: A supply chain analyst is responsible for gathering data and using it to recommend and implement improvements to the supply chain process. They may look for ways for the organization to be more efficient or cost-effective, or they may develop training processes so new hires can learn their positions faster. Supply chain analysts also work closely with employees throughout the supply chain, including sales, customer service, manufacturing and marketing to understand more about current processes so they can offer suggestions.

Export manager

National average salary: $72,510 per year

Primary duties: An export manager oversees transportation, including carrier contracts and all transportation mediums, like air and ship transport. They maintain a record of exports, prepare shipping quotes, create export documents, work with vendors to make sure they comply with government regulations, train other logistics employees and create tools to improve the export process.

Demand planner

National average salary: $76,614 per year

Primary duties: A demand planner is responsible for evaluating the current market and estimating future demands. They monitor inventory, analyze data and forecast the organization's needs based on past performance and upcoming trends and demands. Demand planners also create risk assessment reports for company stakeholders, monitor sales and budgets, analyze inventory flow and create processes for estimating needs with accuracy.

Capacity manager

National average salary: $81,943 per year

Primary duties: A capacity manager monitors the capacity levels of all manufacturing parts of the supply chain process. They measure production, transport and import to make sure the warehouse or another facility can manage the levels they are currently operating with. Capacity managers also seek to understand how much a company can produce or export within a certain period of time, and help other parties in the supply chain support these capacity standards.

Quality manager

National average salary: $82,847 per year

Primary duties: A quality manager is responsible for ensuring that all products, goods and materials that a company sells meet the quality standards of the organization. They perform market research to understand customer needs, create quality control processes and procedures, supervise the work of production and manufacturing staff, report on production results and train employees on specific standards for quality assurance. Quality managers also conduct audits of company processes to make sure the quality standards are still valid and being met, and they may create improvements if they identify issues.

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Nine positions in manufacturing

Manufacturing involves the creation of products, goods and materials. Some positions in manufacturing for a supply chain include:

  • Production manager: $68,273 per year

  • Safety manager: $75,772 per year

  • Maintenance manager: $80,251 per year

  • Manufacturing engineer: $82,536 per year

  • Packaging engineer: $85,284 per year

  • Manufacturing manager: $85,342 per year

  • Plant manager: $96,756 per year

  • Vice president of operations: $149,670 per year

  • Vice president of manufacturing: $184,309 per year

10 inventory positions

If you want to work with monitoring the stock levels of goods and other materials or analyze the inventory that a company has, you may consider a position in the supply chain that has responsibilities involving inventory. Here are some of them:

  • Order picker: $30,437 per year

  • Supply clerk: $38,203 per year

  • Inventory control specialist: $36,381 per year

  • Production scheduler: $45,197 per year

  • Inventory analyst: $57,877 per year

  • Replenishment manager: $64,826 per year

  • Materials manager: $80,317 per year

  • Plan manager: $88,188 per year

  • Demand manager: $116,701 per year

  • Vice president of supply chain: $196,256 per year

11 positions in sourcing and procurement

These positions entail finding products, securing these items, negotiating with vendors and suppliers and analyzing procurement processes. Some positions in sourcing and procurement include:

  • Purchasing agent: $52,727 per year

  • Sourcing specialist: $58,437 per year

  • Vendor manger: $66,072 per year

  • Purchasing manager: $70,530 per year

  • Quality engineer: $75,405 per year

  • Commodity manager: $85,872 per year

  • Procurement engineer: $86,624 per year

  • Category manager: $93,058 per year

  • Sourcing manager: $94,972 per year

  • Supplier manager: $123,536 per year

  • Director of procurement: $125,741 per year

12 logistics positions

Logistics positions may be ideal for individuals who want to handle the coordination of some area of general operations. Employees in logistics have a role in receiving items and delivering goods to consumers. Here are some available positions in logistics:

  • Transport driver: $29,318 per year

  • Fulfillment associate: $36,121 per year

  • Logistics specialist: $40,255 per year

  • Distribution specialist: $44,545 per year

  • Customer service representative: $47,593 per year

  • Route manager: $48,266 per year

  • Import manger: $49,996 per year

  • Warehouse manager: $57,884 per year

  • Logistics analyst: $63,859 per year

  • Distribution manager: $67,778 per year

  • Transport planner: $70,323 per year

  • Director of transportation: $97,527 per year

10 positions in quality and improvement

Employees in the quality and improvement part of the supply chain make sure that the processes that are in place meet standards. They may analyze procedures, collect data and find ways to improve approaches. Here are some positions in quality and improvement for a supply chain:

  • Operations assistant: $27,315 per year

  • Quality technician: $38,890 per year

  • Materials technician: $51,531 per year

  • Quality specialist: $60,792 per year

  • Business process analyst: $75,975 per year

  • Quality assurance engineer: $82,236 per year

  • Operational manager:$82,566 per year

  • Continuous improvement manager: $92,596 per year

  • Planning engineer:$102,239 per year

  • Lean six sigma specialist:$105,262 per year

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