72 Lead Generation Tools to Assist Your Marketing Campaigns

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published April 14, 2022

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When running a marketing campaign or promotional website, you might use lead generation tools to grow your potential market. Finding new prospective customers, called leads, is a large part of creating a marketing campaign because it can increase the number of people who may buy your product. Using the right tools for promoting your product or service can help you identify potential new customers, create marketing materials and automate content for consistent delivery.

In this article, we discuss multiple lead generation tools and how you can use them to improve the number of people who interact with your website or marketing campaign.

What are lead generation tools?

Lead generation tools are any programs, websites or pieces of technology that help you find potential customers for your product or service. They may also allow you to research a current customer base for any insights that can help you find more potential clients. Some key sales tasks that lead generation tools may help you perform include creating surveys for current customers, developing email campaigns and preparing interactive posts for a company's social media pages. Lead generation tools may also help you use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to attract more visitors to a company's website.

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Why are lead generation tools important?

Using lead generation tools can help you manage your advertising campaigns, gather marketing data and attract potential customers, making them important aspects of a marketing campaign. In addition, they may provide you with templates that can make your campaign materials more compelling, which may increase the number of potential customers who interact with them. Lead generation tools can also simplify the lead generation process by tracking your information and allowing you to centralize your campaign management applications. As a result, you can better manage large-scale campaigns involving multiple clients.

Types of lead generation tools

Here are the primary types of lead generation tools:

Inbound tools

Inbound lead generation tools help attract new visitors to a company's website by managing any content that you place on third-party platforms . One form of an inbound lead generation tool is a pop-up ad, which is promotional content that appears on a third-party website randomly or in certain contexts. These tools can also help you organize this context, gather demographic data from visitors who click on these advertisements or automate an item's publication process.

Outbound tools

Outbound tools help you directly contact potential leads through emails or other sources of communication that you gather from people who visit your website. For example, they allow you to send targeted advertisements to those visitors. Common functions of outbound lead generation tools include tracking visitor information, analyzing it for patterns and helping you compile email addresses for potential web campaigns.

On-page tools

On-page tools are programs that allow you to design and code items for your website to promote interaction. They can also help you gather demographic information about your visitors, allowing you to create more targeted advertisements and sales pitches in the future. They usually take the form of widgets that you can place directly onto your webpages. On-page tools can comprise multiple formats, including quizzes, live chats, polls or surveys.

Conversion rate optimization tools

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a technique that allows you to increase the rate of visitors who perform a specific action on your website. Actions can include buying a product, joining a mailing list, providing customer feedback or clicking on website links. CRO tools can help you increase your conversion rate by monitoring website activity, managing online forms or performing analysis with two different groups to determine what strategies work best.

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Marketing management tools

Marketing management tools allow you to organize, monitor and use your other lead generation tools effectively. They usually centralize your tools and information so that you can easily see all of your marketing insights or create advertisements using one interface. For example, you can use a marketing management tool to manage on-page tools and pop-up ads on the same screen, allowing you to analyze demographic data from both sources.

Email marketing

Email marketing tools increase lead generation by helping you create and manage email marketing campaigns. Common email lists include newsletters, notices about sales or promotions and volunteer lists. These tools can help you compose, automate and gather information for emails meant for groups of customers based on demographic information. They can also help you manage any email lists that your company uses internally, like different sales teams.

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Search marketing

Search marketing tools, like email marketing, improve your lead generation by monitoring your traffic from search engines and identifying any keywords that visitors often use when accessing a company's website. As a result, you can use SEO techniques to place keywords in webpage content strategically, increasing the number of people who visit a website from online searches. Many people use search engines to help them navigate the internet and find potential products, which can make improving your search marketing tools a helpful strategy to increase your leads.

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Utility tools offer services that may improve your ability to attract and maintain new customers by streamlining key business processes. For example, organization software is a common type of utility tool that allows you to schedule and maintain meetings with potential customers. These services can also include video chat software, digital calendars, team communication apps and project management programs.

7 common lead generation tools

These are a few examples of lead generation tools, including details of the program's function and price:

1. Unbounce

Unbounce is a tool that allows you to create custom landing pages. A landing page is a specific web page meant to increase conversions. A quality landing page can interest viewers and may increase customer interaction with your webpages. Unbounce uses an interface that allows you to click on desired features and drag them to your preferred location on the landing page. There are also several templates that may help streamline your lead generation process.

2. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert allows you to search for email addresses and contact information for people who aren't already on your contact list. This service allows you to search for contact information in bulk using a comma-separated values (CSV) file, which involves plain text, meaning it may be more accessible for nontechnical personnel. You can use this to contact potential customers, industry experts or network with potential business associates.

3. MailChimp

MailChimp allows you to keep track of your email campaign by automating emails, creating shareable URL links of your email content and collecting data from your mailing lists. This program also provides its own lead-capture forms and templates that you can link to pop-ups you create. Mailchimp has several pricing plans, meaning it can benefit start-up companies looking for a cost-effective option. You can often research this product on this website to learn the most up-to-date pricing information.

4. Zapier

Zapier combines all of your marketing apps into a single platform and allows you to automate processes, such as scheduling campaign posts in advance or answering commonly asked questions with autogenerated responses. When you have multiple lead generation campaigns or a large audience, automating your campaigns can save you time and may help you increase your audience. You can visit Zapier's website to determine if the program integrates with the marketing apps your workplace uses.

5. Hellobar

Hellobar is a widget tool that creates toolbar pop-ups on your website that may help visitors navigate it more efficiently. You can customize your widget content with personalized messages, plus determine whether it appears on every website page or only in specific areas. These toolbars can also allow you to display interactive features, such as surveys or links to social media.

6. Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter is a tool that allows you to create custom contests, raffles and promotional content for your product. They provide embedded forms for your contests that you can use on multiple social media sites. It also includes a specialized feature that allows you to contact the winners directly and send them prizes from the Rafflecopter program.

7. Intercom

Intercom allows you to use live chat modules on your website, which can help answer a visitor's questions immediately and may increase your conversion rate as a result. You can also add automated responses to these live chats that provide answers to common requests or redirect visitors to a new chat with an available expert. Intercom also has tools to help you increase targeted messaging, publish guidance articles and manage your live chat data.

65 additional lead generation tools

Here are more examples of lead generation tools that you can use:


These are a few tools that can help you attract traffic to your website:

  1. Poptin

  2. Optinmonster

  3. Crystal

  4. Hotjar

  5. EverWebinar

  6. SlideShare


Some examples of outbound tools include:

  1. Leadfeeder

  2. Prospect.io

  3. Hoovers

  4. Hunter.io

  5. Reply.io

  6. Skrapp

  7. AeroLeads

  8. Datanyze


These are a few on-page tools you can put on your website:

  1. Drift

  2. Tawk.to

  3. Acquire

  4. CallPage

  5. Qualaroo

  6. Driftrock

  7. SurveyMonkey

  8. ProProfs Survey Maker


Here are some conversion rate optimization tools:

  1. Adoric

  2. Instapage

  3. Leadpages

  4. ClickFunnels

  5. SeedProd

  6. WPForms

  7. Proof

  8. Pingdom

  9. Lead Forensics

  10. VYPER

  11. Gleam

  12. RafflePress

Marketing management

A few potential marketing management tools you can use include:

  1. IFTTT

  2. Salesforce

  3. OnePageCRM

  4. Nimble

  5. Pipedrive

  6. BuzzSumo

  7. HubSpot

  8. Keap

  9. Marketo

  10. Pardot

Email marketing

These are some marketing tools for your email campaigns:

  1. ActiveCampaign

  2. SendinBlue

  3. OutreachPlus

  4. Boomerang for Gmail

  5. HubSpot Sales

  6. Yet Another Mail Merge

Search marketing

Here are a few examples of search marketing tools:

  1. SharpSpring

  2. Constant Contact

  3. Snov.Io

  4. Global Database

  5. SEMRush

  6. Sumo

  7. Acquisio

  8. Hubspot marketing

  9. Hootsuite


Some utility tools that can improve your lead generation include:

  1. Slack

  2. Asana

  3. Zoom

  4. Calendly

  5. Doodle

  6. LimeCall

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