12 Top Lead Management Software Programs

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Published April 26, 2021

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Lead management is a crucial part of the sales process and can help your company provide a more personalized sales experience to your customers. You might benefit from lead management software if you are working to make your sales team more effective or if you are looking for an organized way to handle a growing number of leads. There are many options for lead management software, so researching the capabilities of each can help you make an informed purchase. In this article, we discuss different lead management software programs for companies from small businesses to specialized sales teams.

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What is lead management?

Lead management is the sales process of encouraging and communicating with leads, potential customers who have responded in some way to an advertisement or message from your business. A lead might have reached out actively by calling you, emailing you or submitting information through a form on your website, or they might be someone your sales team has contacted. Lead management involves keeping track of these leads and responding to them with direct marketing techniques.

The lead management process begins when your sales team and a customer first make contact. Next, a salesperson reaches out to them over email, phone or by sending materials or a letter. The correspondence continues, sometimes including meetings and quotes for services, until the lead decides either to become a paying customer or purchase from a different company. Lead management software can centralize all these actions to take place within the same software.

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Why is lead management important?

Lead management is a process to make your sales team more effective, increasing the percentage of potential customers that turn into paying clients and helping you make more sales. Developing a lead management process can help you track all your leads. With a record of leads and their contact information, you or your sales team can remember to reach out to possible customers, check-in if you haven't spoken to a potential customer in a while and even make sales to "cold leads," or people who you considered leads once who stopped responding to you.

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What does lead management software do?

Lead management software helps sales departments manage many leads in different stages of the sales process. It can prompt follow-up communication and keep records of that lead with the communication file so salespeople can personalize the experience for each lead. Lead management software does this by integrating with email and phone systems, providing automatic reminders, assignments to contact specific leads and other tools.

Lead management software is more sales-focused than customer relations management software, or CRM software, which provides tools to communicate with people who are already customers. CRM software often requires extensive data entry for each customer, while lead management software enables users to contact leads without requiring a time investment to enter that data. Some companies provide lead management and CRM tools within the same software.

Here are some things lead management software might do for your company:

  • Provide history of communication, company and contacts in one place for each client

  • Integrate with email and phone systems so that the salesperson can contact the customer through the lead management software

  • Provide sales management interfaces for managers to assign leads to sales representatives and assign follow-up tasks

  • Integrate with social media to import contact information and check whether leads are following or tracking your company's content

  • Allow remote access to lead information from smartphones or tablets with a cloud-based platform

  • Offer categories for current leads, cold leads and prospective leads

  • Help you customize your process for converting leads to sales, known as a sales funnel

  • Integrate with other business software like CRM, time tracking software, billing and even ecommerce software to help you manage customers from initial contact through repeated sales

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Industry-standard lead management software

There are many lead management software programs that are customized for businesses of different sizes or in different industries, so doing research can help you pick the right software for your situation. Here are 12 lead management software programs to consider:

1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive provides cloud-based lead management guidance with a focus on actions. It offers extensive email integration and integration with other calendars, task management and customer relationship management software. The visual interface provides detailed descriptions of follow-up tasks and the history of communication with the customer. Some functions are only available with the higher subscription plans.

2. noCRM.io

This product is web-based with apps for both Android and Apple, so it is accessible remotely on phones and tablets without software installation. noCRM.io focuses on potential actions in the sales process rather than providing CRM functionality, so it reduces data entry labor with the ability to import potential leads from email, business cards and even the user's own website. This product is made for smaller teams with one to 100 users.

3. SharpSpring

SharpSpring is also a cloud-based lead management software with the ability to interface with many different CRM softwares. It provides several web management features like the ability to design landing pages and track visitor IP addresses from within SharpSpring. This product may be a good lower-cost option for smaller businesses.

4. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell provides a simple and intuitive lead management software interface. It can be a good option for businesses looking for a quick implementation time and basic data reporting tools without significant integration.

5. Keap

Keap offers marketing and e-commerce services within the same interface, which can be useful for small businesses. It can integrate with timekeeping, inventory tracking, online shopping interfaces and invoice systems. It also provides advanced and detailed tagging capabilities, so you can separate customers into precise groups based on their activity.

6. ClickPoint

ClickPoint is a lead management software that offers extensive phone integration, with automated texts, two-way texting capabilities, call logging, call scripting and call tracking metrics. It offers a simple visual interface for users and can help salespeople get through many leads quickly.

7. Honeybook

Honeybook can be useful for small business owners and freelancers. It provides marketing, communication and sales features like hourly billing, room booking and expense tracking in addition to sales and lead management activities tailored for entrepreneurs. The payment system is per feature, so entrepreneurs can choose which Honeybook capabilities they need.

8. monday.com

This program includes a wide variety of services for business owners, from lead management to project management, so can be both lead management software and CRM. Its visual interface provides several ways to view data, and the user can customize both the interface and sales process.

9. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot software performs as lead management software and a CRM. HubSpot CRM can create automated assignments to sales representatives and follow-up task assignments for each lead, and offers the ability to respond to emails and access sales history without leaving the software.

10. Nimble

Nimble is a lead management software with exceptional social media and email integration. It offers sales pipeline features as well as automated customer information importing from social media accounts. Nimble can also track customers' social media interactions with your business, including when they follow your accounts and like your content.

11. Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a comprehensive marketing platform with many capabilities for small to mid-sized businesses. Marketing 360 provides lead management, basic web design, social media marketing campaigns, SEO and other capabilities. This program might be especially helpful for entrepreneurs who want many services from the same software.

12. Marketo Engage

This offering from Adobe provides native integration with several different CRM software programs and an online community for sales professionals to exchange ideas. Marketo provides distinctive dashboards, easy creation of graphs and visualizations to track lead success and an active customer support system. It is built for moderately sized teams from 3 to 1,000 users.

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