72 Websites and Resources That Allow You To Learn by Coding

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Published April 14, 2022

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There are a variety of programming languages that work as the base for technology like websites, apps and computer software. Learning these languages can give you an advantage in a career that focuses on coding and development. Using websites can help you learn to code by giving you an opportunity to apply basic programming concepts. In this article, we talk about how to learn by coding and provide a list of 72 websites and resources where you can start.

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Benefits of learning by coding

There are many benefits you can gain from learning by coding, which include:

  • An understanding of technology: Coding can allow you to better understand technology by helping you learn about the processes of programs. It gives you insight into what each piece of technology is capable of based on which type of code it uses.

  • Problem-solving skills: Coding can help you develop your problem-solving skills. This is because it's based on the idea that you're finding a solution for a situation you want to solve with a program.

  • Data visualization skills: Coding can provide you with the basic skills necessary to understand data visualization as you work on the design of dashboards and reports. This can mean that you become more capable of making data easier to understand.

  • Creativity: Learning to code can encourage you to be more creative by allowing you to try roles like webpage development. This means you can create something more unique instead of relying on templates that may not suit your overall style.

  • Career opportunities: Coding can provide you with many career options in the information technology field. This can include options like software development, app development, website coding and data analysis.

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20 websites where you can learn by coding

Here are 20 websites you can use to learn by coding:

1. Codecademy

Codeacademy is an interactive online platform that gives you the opportunity to take coding classes in multiple different programming languages. This includes options like Python, Java, JavaScript and SQL while also offering classes on website markup languages like HTML and CSS. The site offers access to personalized courses, quizzes and projects that are based on real-life scenarios.

2. Udemy

Udemy is an online open course provider that focuses on educating both adults and younger students. It not only offers courses on coding for different programming languages but also offers courses depending on what career path you plan on using coding for. This includes choices like web design, game design and marketing analytics.

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3. freeCodeCamp

The nonprofit organization freeCodeCamp has the goal of making coding development accessible to anyone. It offers verified certifications in subjects such as web design, data visualization, front-end development and machine learning. The website also has a forum so that users learning the same programming language can communicate with each other or with other well-versed programmers.

4. Codewars

Codewars is a community website that educates computer programing through gamification. It offers community-based challenges in a variety of programming languages such as PHP, Java, JavaScript and C++. You can do all of your work within your browser. The website's interactive platform includes features like instant feedback and the ability to compare your work to other programmers' projects.

5. The Odin Project

The Odin Project is an open-source project that offers a full curriculum of web development courses. It can allow people with no programming experience to learn the fundamentals of coding before beginning specialized courses that focus on HTML, Java, JavaScript and Ruby. You can also use the website to help create a portfolio of coding projects, which can help you get hired as a web developer.

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6. HackerRank

HackerRank is a website that creates programming challenges for both consumers and businesses. Developers can submit a solution to programming challenges in various languages like Java, C++, Java, Python, SQL and JavaScript. The website scores each submission on the accuracy of the output and then ranks them globally to encourage competition among users.

7. Zenva Academy

Zenva Academy is a website that offers tutorials on game development. The website includes a variety of courses that include subjects like data science, mobile apps and VR development. Its coursework can allow users to build a professional portfolio through the creation of real-world projects.

8. Mammoth Interactive

Mammoth Interactive is a website that focuses on online courses for programming, data science and development. It includes in-depth lessons based on programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, HTML and CSS. It also gives students the option of either signing up for a specific course or subscribing monthly for full access to all courses.

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9. Upskill

Upskill is an online course website that offers a variety of training exercises and coding challenges that the platform provides alongside training videos. Its web development courses include learning about programming languages such as HTML, CSS, SQL and JavaScript. It also covers job-seeking skills like portfolio building and interview practice.

10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit association that provides a variety of classes targeted towards high school students and younger children. It has a computer programming course that teaches programming using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It also has a gallery that showcases student projects and their coding.

11. MIT OpenCourseware

MIT OpenCourseware is a web-based publication of almost all the course content that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers. Its courses include coding subjects like algorithms, data structures, artificial intelligence and computer engineering. Each lesson is at the university level and requires that students have the ability to complete all the projects associated with the coursework.

12. Coursera

Coursera is an open online course provider founded by Stanford University. It offers free courses on a variety of computer programming concepts, such as software development, mobile development and computer security. A university professor teaches each course and you can request a verified certificate after you complete them.

13. GA Dash

GA Dash is a free online course provider that teaches the basics of web development through in-browser projects. Its coursework includes programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The website also includes courses on basic graphic design.

14. The Code Player

The Code Player is a website that offers courses on HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript. It does this by having walkthroughs of the code that play out like a video. You can also create and submit your own code to share with other users.

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15. Code Conquest

Code Conquest is a free online course that offers coding for beginners. It offers tutorial-based training on PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML and CSS. It also offers courses on Android and iOS app development.

16. Udacity

Udacity is an online university that offers a variety of programming coursework based on computer science. It includes courses on web development, cloud computing, mobile development and cyber security. It also offers nanodegree certification programs.

17. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is an online learning platform that helps businesses and individuals learn about the latest in computer programming. It offers coursework in relation to software development, machine learning and cloud computing. The website also has sandbox environments where coders can practice what they've learned from the courses.

18. HTML Dog

HTML Dog is a website that has courses related to web development, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Its tutorials target beginners and include step-by-step guides and examples. HTML Dog also offers a full reference library that defines the terminology used in the lessons.

19. CodeGym

CodeGym is a website that offers courses on Java coding. Starting with the fundamentals, most of the lessons provide small programming tasks that increase in complexity, which means you to can learn directly by writing code. You can also get your code checked by professionals or have it validated immediately through the website's platform.

20. SidePoint

SidePoint has a variety of coding tutorials that include subjects like WordPress, PHP and web development. There is a forum that allows for direct connections between students to troubleshoot any coding issues. It also offers courses at the university level for advanced skill learning.

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52 more resources where you can learn by coding

Here are 52 more resources that allow you to learn by coding:

  1. A Byte of Python

  2. A List Apart

  3. After Hours Programming

  4. Alison

  5. Android Developers

  6. Bento.io

  7. Classpert

  8. Code Avengers

  9. Code2College

  10. Code.org

  11. Codeasy

  12. Codeasy.net

  13. Coderbyte

  14. CodeSignal

  15. Cybrary

  16. Dataquest

  17. DevOps.com

  18. Edabit

  19. edX

  20. EliteDataScience

  21. JavaScript for Cats

  22. JavaScript.com

  23. Launch School

  24. Learn Python the Hard Way

  25. Learn Ruby the Hard Way

  26. LearnCpp.com

  27. Learncs.org

  28. LearnJS

  29. LearnPython.org

  30. Machine Learning Mastery

  31. MarkSheet

  32. Mozilla Developer Network

  33. NodeSchool

  34. O'Reilly Security E-books

  35. PHP Pandas

  36. PHP: The Right Way

  37. Rails for Zombies

  38. Rails tutorial

  39. Ruby in Twenty Minutes

  40. Ruby koans

  41. RubyMonk

  42. Scotch.io

  43. Sololearn

  44. Springboard

  45. Apple Developer

  46. The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction

  47. ToolsQA

  48. TutsPlus

  49. Unity Learn

  50. UXPin

  51. W3Schools

  52. WPBeginner

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