What Are Excel Marketing Templates? (Plus Benefits and Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 16, 2021

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Excel marketing templates are a helpful tool for businesses, allowing them to create and maintain organization while saving time. There's a wide selection of templates professionals can choose from that meet different business needs, such as templates that help draft, schedule and publish posts to social media platforms or ones that help businesses organize their marketing data and analytics. If you or your employer wants to maintain organization and improve productivity within your workflows, it may be helpful to learn more about Excel templates.

In this article, we describe the benefits of using Excel marketing templates, list different types of templates you can use and provide tips for using them effectively.

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Benefits of using Excel marketing templates

Depending on the chosen template, there are many advantages to using Excel marketing templates. These templates eliminate the need to create a manual Excel spreadsheet because they allow professionals to simply place information into an established structure. This saves users' time and allows them to work on other important marketing strategies and implement them accordingly.

Marketing templates are also shareable, so instead of one team member presenting data to others, all users can view it in a concise, professional format. For example, sharing marketing budget templates helps businesses present figures and values in organized sections for partners and team members. Marketing budget templates can also help a business track its spending on product marketing, paid advertising and public relations initiatives.

5 types of Excel marketing templates

Here's a list of common Excel marketing templates that you can use:

1. Marketing budget template

A marketing budget template in Excel allows companies to easily create a budget for projects or general company expenses. Users can create custom, itemized categories for a more detailed analysis of their total spending costs, such as market research, travel expenses, sales support and public relations campaigns. Marketing budget templates also help users calculate the difference in their projected costs and actual spending. These options separate even further into distinct marketing templates, such as social media, event planning and digital, television and website marketing.

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2. Marketing calendar template

A marketing calendar template can help companies with their business planning processes by creating and maintaining daily, weekly and monthly plans to execute and achieve important marketing goals. Many businesses can use these templates to implement effective time management practices, as team members can view important deadlines in an organized format. This helps marketing teams save time and money by planning ahead for projects and other tasks.

This tool allows users to track and maintain short- and long-term goals using an annual calendar that functions as a planner for all marketing activities. The calendar template also helps businesses manage an active marketing presence with customizable, monthly metrics that track whether campaigns are reaching the right audiences.

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3. On-page SEO template

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing practice that aims to improve the ranking of a company's website or articles when customers search for specific keywords on search engines. Implementing effective SEO practices can ensure that companies remain digitally visible, meaning that customers can easily find their content when they search for relevant topics.

The on-page SEO template creates a checklist of important SEO practices that users can reference when considering their website's rankings. For easier management, the template divides the checklist into three sections: content, HTML elements and website structure. Some practices in the checklist include revising page titles and URLs, updating meta descriptions and incorporating internal and external links into your content. Professionals can use this template as a guide to help them reorganize their website to remain more visible on search engines for users.

4. Social media posting schedule template

Companies that engage with their audience through various social media platforms are more likely to experience increased digital traffic to their web pages. Certain social media websites and applications cater to more niche audiences. It's important for businesses to create and maintain an online presence that targets their customer or client demographic to garner interest and drive sales.

This template helps companies achieve this goal by assisting them in deciding which posts to publish on various social media platforms. For example, users can draft their social media posts to upload to Excel, along with the exact day and time to post them on a platform. Users can set posts to run, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly and may include links to separate pages. Businesses can also use Excel's social media template to proofread and revise posts in advance to avoid users discovering mistakes in their content.

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5. Marketing dashboard template

The marketing dashboard template offers businesses a comprehensive analysis of their metrics and key performance indicators, such as monthly website traffic or profit margins, in an easy-to-read format. This template clearly highlights a business' data and analytics, using colorful charts and graphs so companies can quickly gauge the efficiency of their workflows. Users can monitor and manage data with daily, weekly and monthly reports, which can save them hours of time typically spent researching and analyzing the data manually.

Tips for using Excel marketing templates effectively

Using Excel marketing templates can help your business improve its processes to suit unique business needs. Here's a list of ways to ensure effectiveness while using marketing templates:

  • Customize your template: Excel marketing templates are customizable so users can analyze their unique metrics and make tailored decisions based on that information.

  • Share your template: Sharing templates with team members and employees is an effective strategy for fostering a collaborative culture. It's also a good way to ensure that everyone aligns with your company's goals.

  • Test it: It can also be important to test the different settings and features for each template you plan to use to gain a better understanding of what works for your business.

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