31 Master's in Mechanical Engineering Online Degree Programs

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Published May 12, 2022

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If you're interested in a master's in mechanical engineering, there are various options for online degree programs. Many universities that offer in-person programs also offer online programs in this field. Learning about these degree programs may allow you to make a more informed decision about your master's education.

In this article, we discuss 11 online master's in mechanical engineering degrees in detail and list 20 additional programs of this type.

11 online master's in mechanical engineering degrees

Here's a list of 11 online master's in mechanical engineering degree programs, with a description of each:

1. Penn State

The online mechanical engineering program through Penn State's online world campus is equivalent to their in-person instruction program. The curriculum of the 32-credit program can assist you in developing advanced knowledge related to research investigations, data analysis and design in mechanical engineering. This program also includes in-depth courses in automatic control systems, heat transfer, fluid mechanics and solid mechanics and engineering optimization.

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2. Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Institute of Technology offers an online program of study in mechanical engineering for master's students. There are two options for students in this program: One is a thesis track, and the other is a non-thesis track. The program has a total of 21 credits, including core courses, electives and a capstone senior project for the non-thesis track and 30 credits for the thesis track.

3. Columbia University

The advanced professional degree in mechanical engineering is designed to provide students with a more advanced, comprehensive and rigorous program of study than an undergraduate major in mechanical engineering. This program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to function successfully in many areas of mechanical engineering including research, design, manufacture and development. Students in this program have various options for concentrations, including thermodynamics, manufacturing engineering, kinematics and power generation.

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4. Stanford University

The Stanford University School of Engineering has a Master of Science in mechanical engineering program that comprises units of coursework. The mechanical engineering department has six areas of concentration: energy systems, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, design and manufacturing and manufacturing processes and operations research. Every concentration involves core courses and a selection of electives from each area of specialization.

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5. University of Michigan

The online program at the University of Michigan meets the needs of working professionals who are seeking to expand their knowledge and experience in the field of mechanical engineering. The curriculum provides you with high-quality instruction, self-paced flexibility, mentorship from graduate students and faculty and a virtual classroom that offers interactions with peers and faculty members. This program has a total of 30 credits that include core courses, elective courses and a senior design project.

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6. University of Washington

The University of Washington has a degree program in mechanical engineering that requires two years of full-time coursework and is for working professionals who are seeking advanced knowledge and training in the field. This online program is equivalent to the traditional in-person courses at the University of Washington. The curriculum has a total of 42 credits that includes core courses, elective courses, a capstone design project, independent studies and a departmental seminar.

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7. University of Southern California

The online graduate degree program in mechanical engineering at the University of Southern California is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to function effectively in many areas of the field. The curriculum includes core courses, electives and a capstone design project that involves creating a product or service that promotes the development of your technical skills and creativity. This program comprises 27 credits of coursework.

8. Purdue University

The online mechanical engineering master's degree program at Purdue emphasizes the hands-on aspects of mechanical engineering, with courses that focus on design and innovation. The curriculum includes courses in product development, energy solutions and design for manufacturing. This program comprises 30 credits of coursework.

9. University of Florida

The online master's in mechanical engineering program at the University of Florida is a multidisciplinary program that focuses on the application of fundamental engineering principles. It develops students' knowledge of the design, analysis, manufacturing and operation of various products, devices and machines. The curriculum consists of 30 credits, including core courses and elective courses in specialized areas such as heat transfer and fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, materials science and manufacturing science.

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10. Johns Hopkins University

The mechanical engineering program at Johns Hopkins University is for students who have a background in a physical science or engineering discipline, and whose interests lie in the broad field of mechanical engineering. As a part of this program, it's a requirement to complete 10 engineering core courses within five years. This program focuses on modern technological advances including robotics development.

11. Worcester Polytechnic University

This graduate online program in mechanical engineering is designed to provide students with an intensive and comprehensive education in the field of mechanical engineering. The curriculum consists of 30 credits including core courses, electives and a capstone design project. This program includes coursework that focuses on analysis, design, and manufacturing in mechanical engineering.

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20 other masters in mechanical engineering online degree

Here's a list of some additional online degree programs for a master's in mechanical engineering:

  1. Lehigh University

  2. Colorado State University

  3. University of Wisconsin-Madison

  4. Texas A&M University

  5. Michigan Technological University

  6. University of Cincinnati

  7. University of Houston

  8. Stevens Institute of Technology

  9. Auburn University

  10. University of Idaho

  11. Villanova University

  12. Mississippi State University

  13. Missouri University of Science and Technology

  14. Southern Methodist University

  15. Ohio State University

  16. University of California Los Angeles

  17. Boston University

  18. North Carolina State University

  19. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  20. The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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