18 Great Mission Statements for Restaurants (With Template)

Updated April 14, 2023

It's important for restaurants to define their company's purpose and share their vision with consumers, so potential customers understand its values and the food items it offers. Many restaurants do this by writing mission statements and including them in marketing campaigns or on the company's website. Understanding what they are and how to write them can help individuals in the restaurant industry connect with members of their target audience and attract new customers.

In this article, we define what a mission statement for a restaurant is, explain why it's important, describe how to write one, provide a template and offer 18 examples of mission statements to review.

What is a mission statement for a restaurant?

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A mission statement for a restaurant is a short description of a company's purpose and vision. Restaurant managers typically create mission statements for their employers to communicate the brand's image and give the public an understanding of its values. Mission statements can also help describe what makes a restaurant different from its competitors. Restaurants may display them inside their establishment or use them on their websites, in advertisements or in promotional materials.

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Why write a mission statement for a restaurant?

A mission statement may benefit your restaurant by:

Providing direction for company staff and leadership

Writing a mission statement can help provide direction to a restaurant's leaders and employees. It can help remind them why the establishment began, explain what the original vision for the business was and provide a common goal for all members of the staff. Business leaders, such as managers and supervisors, can refer to the restaurant's mission when solving problems or making business decisions.

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Attracting new employees to the restaurant

A strong mission statement may make a restaurant more attractive to potential employees. Dedicated food service professionals may seek to work for restaurants that demonstrate particular values, such as a commitment to the local community or a focus on high-quality products. A mission statement that clearly defines a restaurant's priorities can also attract more specific talent. For example, if you mention the main focus of your menu in your restaurant's mission statement, you may be more likely to attract cooks who specialize in those areas.

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Explaining why your restaurant is unique

A mission statement can be an important part of your restaurant's marketing operations. It can help spread your company's messaging and brand image concisely that's easy to understand. It can help you show potential customers, employees and investors why your restaurant is unique and how it differs from other establishments.

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Expanding the meaning of the business

A mission statement can help you develop a set of brand values. This can help you build customer loyalty by communicating what your company cares about and aligning your values with community needs. It may also attract new customers who share your restaurant's values.

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How to write a mission statement for a restaurant

Consider these steps when writing a mission statement for the restaurant for which you work:

1. Determine the purpose of your restaurant

To begin to write an effective mission statement, determine the fundamental purpose of the restaurant. Consider what kind of food it serves, what makes it special and why the owner initially started the business. Then, write these ideas down so you can reference them later when you're writing the mission statement. You can also think about values that are common in your community and create a list of ones that your employer shares.

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2. Think about your brand's image

When developing ideas for a mission statement, it's often helpful to align them with the brand's image and messaging. Consider the appearance and tone of the restaurant and think about how the business presents itself in advertising. Once you understand the restaurant's image, you can create a mission statement that matches it. For example, if you're writing a mission statement for a luxury restaurant, it may be helpful to write in a formal tone. Instead, if the restaurant has a casual atmosphere, you may consider writing your mission statement in a more direct or humorous tone.

3. Consider your audience

Before writing the mission statement, consider the people who live and work near the eatery. They may be future customers, so it's helpful to think about how to acknowledge their values and desires in the statement. You can also consider what needs other local restaurants may already fulfill for your potential customers. This can help you create a mission statement that shows how the restaurant differs from the competition, appeals to a specific group of people and offers customers something new.

4. Include company values

Including company values in a mission statement can help the restaurant develop a reputation that matches its clientele. For example, a restaurant that offers casual dining might emphasize how it invests in its community of employees, which may encourage customers to see the business as friendly and approachable. This may also help potential customers understand how the establishment differs from other restaurants and motivate them to support the business.

Consider developing a list of several values that you think best represent the restaurant. Then incorporate those values into the mission statement. If you're not sure how to add company values, try creating several versions of the mission statement and asking your colleagues for feedback.

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5. Be honest and concise

Writing an honest mission statement can help potential customers know what kind of dining experience to expect from the restaurant. Consider creating a statement that matches the food and services the restaurant provides. This can also help you set realistic goals for staff. When writing a mission statement, it can also be helpful to keep it concise. This may help customers and employees read it quickly and understand it easily. To create a concise mission statement, try limiting the content to two or three sentences.

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Restaurant mission statement template

Here's a template for a mission statement for a restaurant that you can use to help you develop your own:

Our mission is [discuss your primary goals and values]. We aim to [service or initiative you provide] and [service or initiative you provide]. At [name of restaurant], you can expect [core value or fundamental aspect of the dining experience].

18 restaurant mission statement examples

Here are some examples of mission statements that different types of restaurants might use:

For a bakery

Here's a list of examples of mission statements a bakery may use:

  1. Our mission is to create community and conversation using fresh-baked pastries and espresso. At Pierre's Parisian Bakery, our customers are our family, so we hope you feel at home.

  2. At HomeStyle Bakery, we pride ourselves on crafting the finest quality bread and specialty sweet treats. By offering a new menu every week, we ensure that we only use the freshest, seasonal ingredients so you and your loved ones can savor the flavor of HomeStyle.

  3. We Love Bread is all about getting back to the basics. With simple, wholesome ingredients, a no-fuss atmosphere and friendly service, you can count on us for your favorite traditional baked goods.

For a takeout restaurant

Here are some examples of mission statements for takeout restaurants:

  1. Our mission is to offer fast, healthy solutions for people on the go. At Nxt in Line, we're committed to the belief that you don't have to substitute quality for efficiency.

  2. Hot & Ready is an eatery that offers fast and fresh dishes that are perfect for dining in or enjoying in the comfort of your home. We know your time is valuable, and we're proud to offer the foods you love at a speed that suits your face-paced lifestyle.

  3. When you're in the mood for breakfast food but don't feel like pulling out a skillet, stop by Good Morning Eatery, where we're proud to serve your favorite breakfast items for you to take home and enjoy with your loved ones. 

For a coffee shop

Here are examples of mission statements for a coffee shop:

  1. Our mission is to offer simple, high-quality drinks at an affordable price. That's why at Bean and Grinder, we offer five signature drinks at one fixed price.

  2. Stop by The Friendly Mug for a cup of joe and excellent service. We want you to feel like family, so whether you want a warm drink to go or are looking for a place to relax, everyone's welcome to stop by for a sip.

  3. At Penny's Coffee, we care about offering our customers a positive, uplifting environment where they can sit back and unwind.

For a steakhouse

Here's a list of examples of mission statements for a steakhouse:

  1. At Del Santo's Steakhouse, we value quality over quantity, which is why we're open four days a week, allowing our chefs an extra day off to find inspiration for their next innovative dish. Our goal is to exceed the dining experience of a traditional steakhouse by providing elevated cuisine and a true fine-dining experience.

  2. At Skyline Steakhouse, we believe that farm-to-table is not the best way, but the only way. We partner with local farmers and ranchers to deliver the freshest cuts of steak and locally sourced ingredients so you'll be sure to feel good about your meal.

  3. Our mission at Open Fields Steakhouse is to make our guests feel connected to their meal, by allowing our visitors to customize their dishes and mix the flavors they're craving. We offer a unique, high-end dining experience where people can make lasting memories with their loved ones. 

For a diner

Here's a list of examples a diner may use:

  1. At Sue's Diner, we believe that the most important thing about is a meal is the people you share it with. That's why our mission is to strive for a wholesome and family-friendly environment where loved ones can gather over a bowl of soup or a piece of pie.

  2. At McSteven's Daily Diner, we know that the classics can't be beaten. That's why we're proud to offer our community a blast from the past with a 1950's casual dining experience that can't be beaten.

  3. Our Mission at Diner On the Corner is to offer a modern twist on the classic diner experience you know and love. We're excited to bring an innovative approach to your favorite dishes using fresh, hearty ingredients. 

For a restaurant with a seasonal menu

Here are mission statement examples for restaurants that offer a seasonal menu:

  1. At Seasonal Seedling, we believe that food should reflect our environment, which is why we only use ingredients available within our geographic region at the time. We aim to offer our customers a unique and refreshing dining experience every time they visit by changing our menu according to the season.

  2. Our mission is to use only the highest-quality organic and ethically sourced ingredients. At All-for-One Soups and Salads, we aim to pioneer a food culture that focuses on caring for our bodies, our community and our planet by only offering dishes that coincide with what's in season. 

  3. You'll only find the freshest local ingredients at McCarthy's Eatery, where our seasonal menu features new dishes every two weeks. Stop by to check out our innovative flavor combinations make with food from our community garden and meat and dairy products from farmers in your area.


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