Nano Influencers: What They Are and How They Can Help Your Brand

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 1, 2021

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If you're looking for a creative and inexpensive way to market your products and services, consider learning more about nano influencers. Nano influencers are social media personalities who can effectively market a brand to their social media followers and persuade their followers to engage with that brand. Although they have a smaller number of followers compared to more popular influencers, nano influencers can still be a very effective marketing tool. In this article, we discuss nano influencers, the role of nano influencers in marketing, the benefits of using nano influencers and tips for how to find the perfect nano influencer for your business.

What are nano influencers?

A nano influencer is a person with a social media presence who has a connection with a specific audience and creates social media posts to market a brand to that audience. Companies pay influencers to create and publish sponsored posts, which are social media posts that advertise the company's products or services. Although a nano influencer has a social media following that is relatively small compared to other influencers, their followers are more active and more likely to engage with their posts. Nano influencers also charge cheaper rates, which makes them a good marketing option for companies on a budget. Here is a breakdown of different types of influencers:

  • Nano influencers: 1,000-10,000 followers

  • Micro influencers: 10,000-50,000 followers

  • Mid tier influencers: 50,000-500,000 followers

  • Macro influencers: 500,000-1,000,000 followers

  • Mega influencers (often celebrities): Over 1,000,000 followers

A nano influencer is someone who is very active on social media and has achieved a small status of popularity. The majority of a nano influencer's followers include their friends and members of the local community who enjoy their content and style. While nano influencers have a smaller number of followers and thus a limited reach, they have closer, higher-quality relationships with their followers. They receive engagement on their profiles in the form of direct messages, likes and comments from their followers, and users typically trust nano influencers more than strangers. For this reason, some companies prefer using nano influencers to market their brands.

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Role of nano influencers in marketing

Nano influencers are one of many marketing strategies a company could use to advertise its products and services. That being said, nano influencers can be particularly effective in attracting customers to a company because of their impact on consumer psychology, which is the study of the reasons behind consumer thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Because nano influencers have a small, intimate and friendly social media following, consumers may feel as though they can trust them more. Consumers may trust the taste and opinions of nano influencers based on shared interests or because they may consider them a friend.

Advertising a brand on social media can help a company increase brand awareness and visibility, which ultimately increases sales, so nano influencers play an important role in providing a way for a company to spread information about itself and its mission. Nano influencers can design exciting and creative digital advertising content for companies and even provide direct links to a company's website so that social media users can quickly and easily make purchases.

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Benefits of coordinating with nano influencers

Nano influencers can be a great marketing choice for startups and small businesses or those with limited budgets, time and resources. Some benefits of coordinating with nano influencers include:

Powerful connections with audiences

Nano influencers often foster close, intimate connections with their followers and view most of them as friends. They provide thoughtful and meaningful responses to comments and questions and are usually willing to connect customers with a brand. In addition, nano influencers typically only choose high-quality brands they love and care about for sponsored posts. If their followers are aware of this, they may be more likely to trust their advertisements as genuine.

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High amounts of engagement

Although nano influencers have smaller amounts of followers, they have higher amounts of engagement. This means that followers are liking, commenting and clicking links from their posts at higher rates than influencers with larger followings. Because nano influencers are cheaper and have higher reachability, companies who pay them are getting a lower cost per impression and higher return on their investment. In addition, while many nano influencers require payment in money, some accept a company's free products or services in exchange for their endorsement. This means that companies on a budget can save money while also paying for advertising services.

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High-quality engagement

Along with getting better value for their money, companies that use nano influencers can make bigger impacts on their audience. Since nano influencers are smaller, consumers see them as more approachable and tend to ask them more questions about products and follow links to websites. While the comment section on posts from mega influencers can include a lot of automated responses, nano influencers are more likely to have personal and thoughtful comments on their posts. Nano influencers can also cause higher conversion rates, which are the rates at which users who visit a company's online platforms become paying customers.

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Specific niches

Nano influencers can be a helpful way for companies to reach specific niche audiences, or particular sections of the market, and provide a more trusted and personal campaign to customers. Companies can find nano influencers who share their values and have followers who have interests related to the brand. This way, a business can spread information to people who are more likely to purchase products and services from them. For example, a small, local farm could reach out to influencers who blog about supporting local businesses, eating healthy and minimizing waste to advertise their products. Here are some examples of niches:

  • Conscious consumers

  • Travelers

  • Pet owners

  • Remote workers

  • Gamers

  • Makeup lovers

  • Vegans

  • Locals

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New markets

Companies can use nano influencers as a way to experiment with new markets without risking a lot. They can hire various nano influencers who have different types of followers, see which demographics make the most purchases and then invest in those groups. It's a low-risk strategy because nano influencers are less expensive. Nano influencers can help companies find their target audiences and reach new, diverse audiences that they wouldn't have found otherwise.

Large amount of high-quality content

Nano influencers can produce a high volume of content at a low price, which is helpful for businesses without a marketing department, creative team or advertising experience. Companies can use nano influencers to create unique and innovative marketing content for their products and services, such as photography and graphics. Most nano influencers have interesting aesthetics and distinct, visually appealing themes on their social media pages, which can make their sponsored posts attractive to customers and help a business increase profits.

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Competitive edge

Using nano influencers can give a company an edge over its competition. Nano influencers are an under-utilized resource because many companies don't know about their existence. While big corporations often use mega influencers, small companies can use nano influencers to gain more quality engagement and a local feeling to their advertisements. A nano influencer will typically avoid advertising competing brands on their profile and a company's sponsored post may even be a nano influencer's only advertisement on their page. This means a company's post can get more attention and customer traffic.

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Nano influencers are much more common than influencers with higher followings. This means you can easily scale your marketing strategy and digital content by hiring a large number of nano influencers. For example, instead of spending one million dollars so that one celebrity can create a sponsored post, you could spend the same amount hiring thousands of nano influencers and get more value for your money.

Tips for finding nano influencers for marketing

Here are some tips for finding the right nano influencer for your business:

  • Review their content. Make sure to review a nano influencer's previous social media posts to see if their values and style align with your brand identity. If they have previous sponsored posts, it can be especially helpful to view those to see if they received enough engagement to justify their cost.

  • Give a detailed brief. Provide your nano influencer with detailed instructions on what you are looking for in the sponsored post. They may be new to advertising, so make sure to include any advertising tips you have.

  • Avoid interfering too much. Avoid interfering a lot in the process of your nano influencer. Let them communicate with their audience the way they usually do so that the post can maintain a sense of authenticity and naturalness.

  • Avoid nano influencers who endorse too much. Avoid nano influencers who have a huge number of products on their page because this could mean their followers don't trust their content as much. Choose a nano influencer whose other posts are personal, non-sponsored content because this makes the sponsored post feel more special.

  • Form partnerships. Nano influencers can become loyal to your company and provide great opportunities to advertise in the future. Building long-term partnerships with nano influencers can be mutually beneficial and can even expose your products and services to larger audiences later.

  • Avoid comment pods. Make sure the nano influencer you want to work with doesn't use comment pods, which are social media groups that commit to consistently engaging with each other to increase impressions and engagement. By doing this, you can ensure that engagement on your sponsored post is organic.

  • Keep it local. Find influencers in your city to capitalize on your local market. In addition, many conscious consumers today like to support local businesses, so marketing to these types of consumers near you can bring them to your business.

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