10 Ways To Find Happiness in Your Career

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated August 29, 2022

Published March 29, 2021

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Career and workplace priorities can be as diverse as the professionals who decide on them. Of the many metrics people use to determine which jobs to pursue, many prioritize happiness at work when determining their career path. Being happy at work can have many benefits, including increased productivity and personal wellbeing. In this article, we share ten ways to find happiness in your job, discuss finding a new job and share some of the benefits of being happy with your job to help support your career satisfaction.

Ways to find joy at work if you're not happy with your job

To help support your effectiveness and well-being in your career, here are ten ways to find happiness in your current role:

Practice mindfulness

Being aware of the current moment, what you are experiencing and how it makes you feel can help increase your happiness at work. This practice, known as mindfulness, can help some people feel calmer and less reactive in the workplace, which contributes to many individuals' happiness. Consider researching mindfulness techniques to try at work or exploring mental wellness programs your employer might provide.

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Find work-life balance

Balancing the demands of your job with your personal values and priorities can help support your happiness at work by possibly maintaining a greater sense of fulfillment and calm. Try to identify your own ideal work-life balance, and take measures to meet that balance if it is possible to do so. If your employer provides resources to help with this objective, see if you can use them to help your career happiness.

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Personalize your workspace

If you can, try personalizing your workspace with items or memorabilia that brings you joy. Items such as plants, photos and other personal mementos might be positive additions to an office space, for example. A locker might be another good place to position items that bring you joy, or a personal storage space in a break room. Seeing these items regularly might help boost your mood and outlook at work.

Celebrate success

Reflect on your work experience and identify achievements you are proud of. Consider using these points as affirmations to support your happiness during moments of stress. You might even consider writing them down and posting them in a place where you will see them frequently. Be attentive to new successes as well, because looking forward to celebrating your wins can be a good way to find happiness at work.

Take a break

Sometimes rest can reset your perspective and help you feel more positive at work. Be sure to take breaks during the day if you can, and try to disconnect from work during these times if possible. If you can, and if it would help your outlook at work, consider taking time away from the workplace either at home or on a vacation. Adequate time to recuperate from workplace stress might increase your happiness at work.

Pursue healthful choices

Healthful choices might increase your personal and professional wellbeing and translate to greater happiness on the job. For example, eating a balanced diet might help you feel physically energized at work. Sleeping well at night, if possible, can also help you feel refreshed and ready to tackle each day's challenges. Similarly, exercising if you can might support feelings of wellbeing on the job.

Seek mentorship

Finding a good mentor and referring to them in times of challenge or stress can be a good way to find happiness at work. This is because you might be able to rely on them for help problem-solving, validating your successes and finding the positive aspects of your current role. If you don't yet have a trusted mentor, consider exploring your professional network and making connections who might serve in this role.

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Stay positive

Seeking out the positive parts of your work experience can also help you stay happier and more effective at work. For example, seeing challenge as a learning opportunity might be a positive experience if you enjoy professional growth. Pleasant workplace relationships might also be one way to find enjoyment in your current role.

Communicate and collaborate

Appropriate communication and teamwork can help you feel happier at work by cultivating positive professional interactions. Try reaching out to colleagues in positive ways and building friendly connections if you can. Working on challenges collaboratively can also help you feel effective and productive on the job, which might contribute to feelings of happiness.

Pursue new challenges

Finding satisfying professional challenges in your current role might support your happiness at work, especially if you enjoy learning new skills and accomplishing new goals. Consider discussing your role and tasks with a leader, if it makes sense for your situation, and seeing if you can take on different or additional tasks. If you can independently accomplish meaningful tasks in your role, try to do so in order to support your career satisfaction.

Consider changing positions

You might consider changing jobs in order to pursue workplace happiness. If you have explored your options for finding joy in your current role, you may wish to find alternative employment to increase your job satisfaction. Brainstorm a list of priorities to emphasize when searching for a new role, and consider staying flexible about factors that affect your happiness less. Use internet search tools to find job listings that might fit the priorities you've identified.

You might also leverage your professional network to become aware of new opportunities that fit your key happiness factors. Be sure to network mindfully if you are still employed in your current role, depending on whether you want your current employer to know that you are considering a new job.

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Benefits of being happy with your job

Being happy with your job can increase your professional and personal wellbeing. Here are some benefits of being happy with your job:

  • Productivity: Being happy with your job might help you be more productive by increasing your motivation and efficiency in daily tasks.

  • Enjoyment: Though it is possible to find enjoyment in a less ideal job, being happy with the job itself can help you derive greater enjoyment from each day.

  • Work-life balance: Being happy with your job can facilitate good work-life balance by helping you identify where and how you'd like to establish boundaries between your personal and professional life.

  • Health: Workplace happiness can potentially support your mental and physical health by possibly lowering stress levels, which can contribute to overall wellbeing.


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