Interesting Nursing Research Topics To Choose

Updated June 24, 2022

Before you finish your degree in nursing, you may have to write a nursing research paper to show your expertise in a specific area of nursing. Nursing can be a broad field and require extra time to find an interesting research topic to choose. It's helpful to brainstorm what topic is the best choice for you. In this article, we discuss what a nursing research paper is, what to consider when choosing a nursing research topic and provide a list of potential research topics for a range of specializations.

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What is a nursing research paper?

A nursing research paper is a piece of academic writing about a specific topic relevant to nursing that you may need to complete while in a nursing program. This academic paper usually shows that you can conduct research and that you have a firm understanding of special topics in the field that you want to pursue. It can also help you familiarize yourself with future specializations in nursing.

These research papers can be essential components of your degree and a large part of your grade. You may need to complete this paper to graduate.

How to choose a nursing research topic

Since your research paper is so important, be mindful about the topic you choose. Try to choose one that is:

  • Interesting

  • Relevant

  • Explorative

  • Specific

  • Orginal

  • Meaningful

When picking a topic, consider asking your professors or mentors for suggestions to make it more specific or directions that could make you more successful in your research.

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Nursing research topics

Here is a list of potential nursing topics by subject:

Childhood nursing

If you're interested in specializing in pediatric nursing, you may focus your research on a topic within childhood nursing. Here are some examples of research topics:

  • Antibiotics impact on childhood immunities

  • Effects of childhood exposure to environmental pollutants

  • Effects of second-hand smoke inhalation in early life

  • Ethics of pediatric care

  • Genetic factors of diabetes in children

  • Has neonatal care improved in the last 50 years?

  • How has childhood cancer treatment developed?

  • How has neonatal care changed in the last 50 years?

  • How health in children can affect their health later in life

  • How successful are malnutrition treatments in children?

  • How to address psychological issues in children with physical illnesses

  • How to diagnose and manage respiratory illnesses in children

  • How to improve child care at inpatient facilities

  • How to mitigate infant injury during delivery

  • How to prevent malnutrition in children

  • Prenatal effects of exposure to environmental pollutants

  • Presentation and treatment of ADHD

  • Prevention strategies of childhood obesity

  • Resistance to antibiotics in children

  • Stem cell solutions for pediatric diseases

  • Major causes of child mortality

  • Causes of childhood obesity

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Adult nursing

Adult nursing is the care of people 18 and older. If you are interested in pursuing nursing in this field, you may research a topic similar to the following:

  • Analysis of dental and oral health in a region

  • Analyzing the balance of health care and cost

  • Analyzing the benefits of collaborative nursing

  • Analyzing the causes of depression

  • Analyzing the difference between treatment for cardiovascular issues between the sexes

  • Analyzing the difference in diets

  • Analyzing the history of nursing and their role in health care

  • Comparing culture's effect on nursing in different countries

  • Effective strategies to maintain emotional health for nurses

  • Ethics of data collection in adult health care

  • Evolution of nursing in a specific time period

  • History of treatment for eating disorders and current treatment analysis

  • Nonchemical treatments for bipolar disorders

  • Strategies to reduce the contraction and spread of infectious diseases by nurses

  • The ethics of euthanasia

  • Treatment for acute coronary syndrome

  • Treatment history for anxiety disorders

  • Treatment history for migraines with examples and analysis

  • Treatment of restless leg syndrome

  • Triggers for chronic anxiety disorders

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Midwifery nursing

A midwife is a nurse who has also completed midwifery training to care for women during and after their pregnancy. You may research a topic focused on midwifery if you are interested in pursuing this type of nursing. Here are some examples of topics in this field:

  • Analysis of caseload and quality of care for underreprensented groups

  • Analysis of childbirth experiences of women with autism

  • Analysis of common feeding problems for newborns and infants

  • Analysis of mother-child bonding during postnatal care

  • Analysis of postpartum depression treatments

  • Analysis of risks for advanced maternal age

  • Analysis of shifts in midwifery practice

  • Analysis of spirituality in midwifery

  • Analysis of teamwork in midwifery

  • Analyzing effects of telephone-provided care during postnatal treatment

  • Case studies of positive birth experiences

  • Case studies of positive postnatal experiences

  • History of midwifery in minority communities

  • Managing parental experience with challenging births

  • Midwifery practices in rural areas

  • Nonchemical pain management in labor

  • Nonchemical treatment of mental disorders during post-natal care

  • Nonchemical treatment of mental disorders during pregnancy

  • Role of midwifery in emergency care

  • Skincare and hygiene for newborns

  • Treatment of disabilities during postnatal care

  • Treatment of disabilities during pregnancy

  • Treatments of pregnancy-induced hypertension

  • Ways to engage fathers in pre- and postnatal care

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Elderly nursing

Elderly nursing is providing care for patients usually over the age of 65. If you are interested in caring for senior patients, consider choosing a research topic focused on this area of nursing. Some examples of topics are:

  • Age-related factors in cardiovascular deterioration

  • Analysis of complications that arise from prolonged hospital stays

  • Analysis of diet as a factor in dementia

  • Analysis of effects of aging on the immune system

  • Analysis of physical environment as a factor in functional decline

  • Analysis of signs of malnutrition in older adults

  • Analyzing a nurse's role in advanced-care planning

  • Care strategies for improving pain management in elderly patients

  • Case studies of vaccinations for older adults

  • Case study of Parkinson's disease

  • Ethical use of physical restraints in elderly patients

  • Ethics of critical care for geriatric patients

  • Medical emergencies associated with cancer treatment of senior patients

  • Prevention of falls and injuries in senior patients

  • Strategies to improve oral health conditions in senior patients

  • Strategies to improve recognition of dehydration in aging adults

  • Strategies to treat sensory system changes in aging adults

  • Treatment for cardiovascular risk

  • Treatment of joint disorders in the senior population

  • Treatments of Alzheimer's disease

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Women's health

A women's health nurse cares for women throughout their lifespan. If you are interested in providing health care to women, you may be interested in one of the following topics:

  • Analysis of emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

  • Analysis of preventive measures for sexually transmitted infections

  • Analysis of sleep disorders in women

  • Analysis of treatment for menopause

  • Analysis of women's health care for immigrants

  • Cultural differences in women's health

  • Diagnosis procedure for breast cancer

  • Disorders in female sexual health

  • Effectiveness of breast cancer screening measures

  • Environmental factors that lead to high infertility rates

  • Ethical treatment of infertility

  • Ethics in women's health

  • Factors that increase conception in women

  • The gap between female and male health care professionals

  • Treatments for acne in women

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Mental health nursing

A mental health nurse cares for patients affected by their brain chemistry or mental processes. If you are interested in mental health, consider some of these topics:

  • ADHD management strategies

  • Analysis of mediation treatment on patients with cognitive development impairment

  • Analysis of mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation

  • Analysis of the risk factors of anorexia

  • Analysis of the connection between dopamine levels and autism

  • Analysis of the connection between screen time and ADHD

  • Analysis of the relationship between fatigue or depression and cancer

  • Analysis of treatments for dementia patients

  • Benefits of using antipsychotics when preventing delirium

  • Chemical stimulant treatments of ADHD

  • Detection and risk factors of bipolar disorder

  • Effects of social media on mental health

  • Environmental factors in connection with Alzheimer's disease

  • Genetic factors in bipolar disorder

  • Methods of recognizing and helping intimate partner violence victims

  • Prevention techniques for post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Treatments for helping stroke patients regain their motor functions

  • Understanding personal experience and sense of self in schizophrenia

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Pain management nursing

Pain management is the care of patients who need relief from pain or help to manage chronic pain. If you are interested in pain management nursing, you may consider some of the following topics:

  • Analyzing the effectiveness of nonchemical pain management methods in adolescents

  • Analyzing the nurse's role in pain treatment

  • Chemical and nonchemical pain treatment plans for post-surgery patients

  • Effectiveness of pain management strategies in cancer patients

  • History and best practices of cognitive hypnotherapy in pain management

  • Medication trends in pain management relevant to nurses

  • Pain management in hemophilia

  • Treatments for long-term pain

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Health care management

Research topics in health care management focus on the business of nursing more so than the care for patients. If you are interested in administrative work, focus on one of the following topics:

  • Analyzing the quality of health care in outpatient facilities

  • Ethics of health care for the homeless

  • Evaluating diversity in health care

  • Evaluating ethics of nursing uniform code rules

  • Evaluating gender roles in nursing

  • Evaluating the shortage of men in health care

  • Examining the digital effect on nursing and its future

  • Human resources management in hospitals

  • Leadership styles within ER management

  • Leadership within rural practices

  • Methods of enhancing staff relations in health care

  • Nursing education for nurse leadership

  • Pathways from nursing to physicians

  • Remote care in the future of nursing

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