16 Online Accredited Schools (Plus Degrees and Benefits)

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Published March 11, 2022

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Accredited online schools provide coursework in higher education you can complete without attending an on-campus class. Many universities now offer online accredited programs, meaning you can earn an academic degree remotely and may receive an increased number of available educational opportunities. By reviewing some popular online programs, you can determine which institution can best suit your particular needs. In this article, we discuss the benefits of attending an online accredited school and highlight 16 options that may work for you.

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Why work with an online accredited school?

Online accredited schools provide many benefits that may make them a practical choice for some individuals. A few of these benefits include:

Flexible scheduling options

Online schools may include flexible scheduling options that can fit your day-to-day tasks. For example, you may schedule classes after finishing a work shift or completing a family obligation. Some schools include a progress-based system that doesn't require set class schedules. Instead, you receive a work portfolio that includes tasks and assignments to finish by specific dates throughout a semester. Other programs may include video-based education options that allow you to speak with professors or classmates from different locations, allowing you to ask questions about assignments or plan study sessions.

Decreased tuition costs

Online accredited schools may provide lower costs than traditional, in-person colleges. Lower tuition rates may occur because online students don't use the school's in-person campus facilities or resources. As a result, individuals who cannot attend in-person classes or who have limited financial resources can access a high-quality education.

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Minimal community and campus-service costs

When attending online accredited schools, you can often avoid a daily commute, meaning you can save money on driving and parking costs. You can also avoid fees for various on-campus services, like gyms, libraries, dining options or storage units. This benefit helps you save money alongside reduced tuition costs for online accredited schools, meaning you can reserve funds for other obligations or ventures.

Fast-track graduation programs

If you want to graduate quickly and begin your career, you may prefer online education to in-person schools. Online accredited colleges often include fast-track programs that allow you to take multiple courses simultaneously or fewer, more in-depth courses. These programs can also summer classes that help you earn credits year-round. If you need a degree for a new position or career change, getting an online degree can allow you to remain at a current job position or train for a new one simultaneously.

Chances of meeting people online

Though you may not meet people in person during your online education, you can still make new online friends among your classmates. Online accredited schools may provide online forums and discussion boards where you can talk about classes, personal interests and learn more about your classmates. Some schools may let you share personal information with these individuals, creating friendships beyond an online environment. You may then use these contacts when finding new job opportunities in the future.

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16 accredited online schools

Here are some examples of online accredited colleges:

1. Alvernia University

Alvernia University uses an online curriculum based on Catholic values and other religious concepts. Their mission statement involves combining knowledge with acts of service. To meet this goal, they provide multiple small classes that increase student and teacher interaction. Online programs include teachers with real-world experience in the field, such as successfully published writing professors. Alvernia typically offers six online programs with starting dates at various points throughout the year, letting you begin your education whenever desired. Students can either complete an accelerated schedule or take a few classes at a time to accommodate other obligations.

2. Anna Maria College

Anna Maria College is a nonprofit, private college focused on Catholic knowledge and value systems. Students may study various liberal arts programs, including nursing, public administration and health management, in traditional and online classes. These courses often focus on creative innovation skills and ethics debates pertaining to a particular topic. Online courses provide individualized advising, meaning students chat with their professors regularly while tracking their progress. Students may also receive hybrid education, meaning they occasionally attend classes in person or perform in-person study sessions with nearby online classmates.

3. Babson College

Babson College's primary focuses include entrepreneurial training, executive education classes and other business-oriented fields. Its courses often focus on helping students develop key entrepreneurial skills they can apply to any industry or field, like teamwork or critical thinking capabilities. These entrepreneurial concepts provide a foundation for both undergraduate and graduate online courses, including advanced leadership courses and short-term executive training classes. Courses include online lectures from accomplished business professionals with real-world experience in their subjects.

4. Benedictine University

Benedictine University provides liberal arts education alongside religious studies. It contains multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, education and professional studies. Each class focuses on logical reasoning skills and provides individualized goals for each pupil. The online platform includes a support platform available at all times during the day that can help students fix any technical or operational issues while they attend online lectures, such as chat links not opening properly. You also get full library access in a digital format and online tutoring help.

5. Champlain College

Champlain college lets students receive an associate, bachelor or master's degree in multiple fields, including business, health care, cybersecurity and marketing. Students can work directly with instructors online by posting in forums, conversing with chat rooms and attending video lectures. Online courses provide availability at any time, meaning students can create their own schedules to complete classwork. Champlain College provides accelerated seven to eight-week-long classes for students who aim to finish their programs quickly. Champlain College also includes digital study materials, including online program guides and tutoring sessions.

6. East Mississippi Community College

East Mississippi Community College has eight different campuses throughout Mississippi, each of which offers online degrees in humanities, fine arts, mathematics, science, sociology, business and career technical education. The college typically offers over 450 different online classes each semester, helping students transition to new careers and learn key professional skills. For example, Adult Basic Education and Workforce Training can help students improve their basic skills in reading and mathematics, allowing them to receive more advanced job opportunities.

7. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University provides bachelor, master and doctorate degrees from eight different study colleges. These are business, education, arts and media, humanities, nursing, health care, theology, science, engineering and technology. Grand Canyon University provides a religion-oriented curriculum that integrates Christian concepts of spirituality in many core classes. Each online class focuses on four tenants, called Academic Achievement, Christian Camaraderie, Extracurricular Activities and Wellness and Well-Being. Online students may attend digital classes by chatroom or video, depending on the course.

8. Michigan State University

Michigan State University offers online programs in various career-based topics, including supply chain management, business analytics and health care. These online programs focus on non-credit certification, graduate certifications and master's degree programs. For example, you might apply for a Michigan State University online program to get a certification in a specific industry area after completing a bachelor's degree program elsewhere. This school has flexible scheduling options, allowing you to view online lectures and continue working in a job position.

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9. Notre Dame College

Notre Dame College provides private education in which students can earn associate, bachelor and master's degrees in 30 different programs. Online classes focus on the student's needs by allowing them flexible schedule options, including opportunities to schedule tutoring sessions around their day-to-day obligations. Notre Dame College also provides online training for working professionals focusing on advancing their careers later in life. These courses include business certifications and professional licensing that may help you transition to a hands-on technical job, such as electrical or plumbing repair.

10. Northeastern University

Northeastern University allows students to enhance their knowledge of many fields and subjects. For example, you might enroll in international studies to gain more overall knowledge of global cultures and politics. It also provides multiple degrees in many colleges, including business, computer, engineering, health, law, science and humanities programs. Students may earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees online, including doctoral programs. Its college of arts, media and design provides many classes, giving creative students the chance to learn at home while improving their artistic abilities.

11. Ohio University

Ohio University's eCampus provides many remote learning opportunities for students. These include undergraduate and graduate degrees in arts, sciences, business, education, engineering, technology, leadership and public affairs. Students can either take all courses online or try a hybrid schedule, allowing them to take some classes on-campus. Students may combine online courses with independent learning, including research-based programs to advance their education.

12. Presidio Graduate School

Presidio Graduate School includes a variety of online classes focused on business-oriented degrees. These may include graduate-level degrees for general business, management, accounting, planning and executive work. Coursework also focuses on teaching students sustainability concepts, such as creating a more efficient material production, focusing on community well-being, improving environmental protections, improving workplace culture and minimizing business societal costs. Online classes allow students to collaborate in a virtual chatroom to build stronger relationships with their peers and future colleagues.

13. The University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati offers 400 different degree programs in over 14 colleges, including many online study programs. This school focuses on science, medicine, education, technology, arts, humanities and business. Students may work partially online with occasional classroom visits or meetings and full-time online learning. UC has more faculty than students, meaning online classes can often focus more on one-on-one interactions between pupils and instructors.

14. The University of Denver

The University of Denver provides an accelerated online master's degree program you can earn in just 18 months. It also provides graduate certificates in six months, accelerating your certification for a new career. Online programs include certifications in Arts and Culture, Communication Management, Global Community Engagement and Health Informatics. You may apply for the Bachelor's Complete Program, which allows you to transfer any previous credits to the institution and finish your degree online.

15. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest is a private university that focuses on individualized education for online students, meaning courses have a smaller student-to-teacher ration and instructors prioritize one-on-one interactions with their pupils. Personalized classes also pair a single student with a teacher through emails, short video conferences and student-specific courses. Wake Forest offers many online undergraduate programs, including degrees in Accounting, Classical Languages, Chemistry, Computer Science, Chinese Language and Culture, Finance, English, Dance and Communication.

16. William Carey University

William Carey University offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees from multiple colleges, including business, education, music, health sciences, osteopathic medicine, behavioral sciences and religion. The online versions of these degrees include video-based classroom environments and online direct messaging. William Carey University also provides hybrid degree programs in education, nursing and music, meaning you can combine these programs with others and create a unique educational path.

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