32 Online Assessment Tools for Teachers (With Features)

Updated June 24, 2022

Online teaching may require new educational platforms and assessment tools for teachers and students. For example, online assessment can help teachers track educational progress and provide students with key resources for learning new materials. By learning about different online assessment tools, you can determine which features best align with your preferred teaching style. In this article, we discuss online assessment and list 30 online assessment tools teachers may use in their classrooms.

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What is online assessment?

Online assessment typically includes tests, quizzes and questionnaires that teachers can administer to students so they can examine their progress in different learning areas. For example, they can include skill assessments, communication tests and behavioral evaluations. Online assessment platforms allow teachers to create tests based on curriculum content or learning development needs. They also allow teachers to track student data for future reports, allowing them to create more targeted educational practices.

Online assessment can help teachers and other educational professionals evaluate elementary, middle, high school and undergraduate students. Teachers and professors may use these platforms to:

  • Gauge a student's personality and response to a classroom environment

  • Evaluate a student's current skills, abilities and knowledge

  • Showcase a student's progress to their parents

  • Help students transition to higher education or a future career

  • Identify potential student teachers in a college setting

  • Track a graduate student's master's or doctoral degree progress

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30 online assessment tools

Here are 30 common online assessment tools you can try:

1. Assessment Generator

This online assessment software lets users create surveys, tests and assessments for teachers and their students. These tests may help teachers assess each individual's skills and progress and help improve decision-making. Each test measures a student's progress against past tests taken on the platform. Teachers may then share these detailed reports with students and parents by email or by them to display during group meetings together.

2. Award Force

Award Force uses a cloud-based platform to assess portfolios and assignments for teachers and students. It uses a plagiarism detector that can help teachers identify information students may have repeated from their sources, such as specific wording or general ideas. Teachers may also use the drag-and-drop form builder when creating tests and assessments for students to save time and produce more standardized testing options between classes.

3. ClassMarker

ClassMarker involves an online testing website where teachers can create online quizzes and progress reports. The program automatically marks and corrects tests and quizzes, giving teachers more time to work on more challenging assessments . You can share this data with a student's family directly to discuss a student's strengths and address areas of improvement.

4. Criteria

Criteria provides comprehensive personality examinations and assessments for teachers. Its assessment software suite uses data science, psychology, emotional intelligence and student aptitude to give teachers and parents a stronger understanding of a student's capabilities. Teachers may then share this information with parents and use it when directing their lessons.

5. Edmodo

Edomodo provides an online platform where teachers can create personalized online assessments programs based on quizzes and tests. It provides an interface modeled after common social media platforms, which may help students feel more engaged in the assessment process. Students can create personalized posts on this program, showcasing assessment information to instructors, classmates and families.


EVA-SSESS is interactive video-interviewing software that offers p ersonality reports based on psychological analysis. To create these reports, teachers input information into the program's system so it can generate quizzes for students automatically. Educators can these in-depth reports to track a student's learning development and social skills, plus develop a growth plan alongside their families.

7. Exam Time

Exam Time provides teachers with an online assessment platform where teachers can build quizzes, share them with students online, track their progress, grade tests and share results with families. It provides a database of user-generated content from different teachers, allowing you to both use and supply shared resources in the wider educational community. It also provides templates and other design elements that can enhance the quality of your assessments and streamline your quiz creation process.

8. Flubaroo

Flubaroo integrates Google Forms and spreadsheet creation to provide teachers with an online assessment tool. You may create various questions, synchronize data collection to various spreadsheets, set up self-grading options and share results with students and parents. Teachers may also embed quizzes on a student's online profile or in emails using this assessment software.

9. iMocha

iMocha provides teachers with over 2,000 automated assessments for aptitude and technical skills. This website includes a database that teachers can use when creating unique quizzes and tests. They may print these tests or give them online, which allows them to share information more easily with students and parents. College professors may use this platform as well. For example, professors may use iMocha when screening for blockchain, digital marketing, programming and coding capabilities in their students.

10. Inspera Assessment

Inspera Assessment provides universities, schools and training facilities with secure standardized tests and a simple grading platform. Teachers may create open- or closed-book exams and use diagnostics tests when gauging student capability. These diagnostic tests examine how well a student understands their lessons by checking their success against expected development, including comparing their results to their peers. Teachers may then share this information with students or parents when tracking educational progress.

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11. Learning Pod

Learning Pod integrates nearly 50,000 different education questions in a diverse quiz bank that uses multiple topics and education levels. Subjects include general and specific courses in writing, English, math and science. Each question comes from trusted and accredited educational organizations. Teachers can use this data bank to produce individualized quizzes for students. They can send these tests online or print tests for classroom use.

12. McQuaig

McQuaig focuses on career aptitude and can help high school teachers assess students pursuing a vocational track. For example, teachers can use this platform to test a student's personality, cognitive ability and behavioral traits. As a result, they can learn which job may help a student find career success and help them create a relevant academic plan.

13. Moodle

Moodle focuses on providing educators with multiple management and learning assessment opportunities. For example, teachers may use the Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) when engaging with students online and creating dynamic online tests or websites. Teachers may then share this information with parents when tracking student success.

14. ProProfs

ProProfs includes premium and free online assessment tools for teachers and students. The free version provides unlimited quiz creation and question integration. It also lets teachers give each test to as many students as they need to for each class they teach. The paid version includes privacy settings to enhance data protection and student tracking for gauging their progress. Teachers may share these quizzes online or print them for in-classroom grading and test-taking.

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15. Qualified

Qualified may help computer science educators to assess a student's progress in a class. This platform includes multiple online tests students that gauge a student's coding abilities, plus their aptitude for the field. After, educators can use the program's data-tracking features to evaluate the results and help students identify any areas of improvement. They can also show these results to universities or a student's potential employer, depending on the context.

16. Smooth Hiring

Smooth Hiring uses online tests that gauge a person's capabilities and their fit for a job position. High school teachers may integrate many of its features when gauging students, such as pre-made skill tests that evaluate a particular professional skill. Teachers can use these test results to help students transition to various professional careers by learning their core strengths and areas of improvement.

17. Socrative

Socrative provides an online platform students and teachers can use with cell phones and tablets. Teachers may select various educational games and exercises, integrate them into each student's electronic device and grade each game and exercise. Students and teachers can access this program through any web browser, either on laptops or mobile devices.

18. StoryPulse

StoryPulse provides an assessment platform for students and teachers that uses games as a part of the testing process, which may be especially helpful for younger students. Teachers can create surveys and assessment quizzes that use multiple questions to assess each student's academic strengths. It also presents stories to students based on real-world situations and gauges their reactions. You can use this information to draft a personality report that can help high school students understand their core traits for a future college or job application.

19. Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace allows teachers and others to create online assessments of student perspectives on educational topics and real-world scenarios, like conflicts between peers. These tests can either gauge a student's knowledge of a curriculum or their ability to overcome personal obstacles. Teachers may use this to better understand the viewpoints of their students and how they can best target their educational development.

20. TestGorilla

TestGorilla includes over 150 online tests teachers and hiring managers can use to understand their students' personalities and skills. These tests can gauge cognitive ability, overall personality, culture fit and language integration . College professors may use this option when gauging a student's capabilities with software, programming and advanced learning and studying skills.

21. TestMoz

TestMoz generates automatically graded online tests that teachers can use when tracking student progress across multiple courses. There are a variety of question formats, including multiple-choice, essay, fill-in-the-blank options. Math teachers can also include numbers in their questions, meaning it can help them gauge a student's progress in a particular learning area. They may share these tests online with families, school psychologists and other educational administrators.

22. Trivie

Trivie includes social learning platforms that track a student's knowledge and may improve their learning experience. This program uses multiple methods when analyzing a student's education. For example, artificial intelligence programs may examine a student's progress, compare it to other students. This information may help parents and teachers improve a student's experience by providing more support in areas where they struggle. Teachers may use this program when integrating new students into a class and when gauging a student's potential professional capabilities.

23. Weave

Weave integrates various software options for gauging student success, tracking educational outcomes and creating detailed progress reports. Teachers may use customized templates when creating these reports and share them with parents and students. They may also share this information directly with educational professionals, like other instructors, school counselors or school psychologists.

9 additional online assessment tools

Here are some additional online assessment tools for educators:

  1. Quibblo

  2. Zoho Challenge

  3. Quizizz

  4. POLLEverywhere

  5. That Quiz

  6. Kahoot!

  7. Nearpod

  8. Lumio by SMART

  9. Schoology

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