11 Online Recruitment Methods You Can Try (Plus Benefits)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published September 29, 2022

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As companies grow, they often look for new ways to attract talented job candidates. One popular way to reach candidates today is through online recruitment. If you work as a human resources professional or a hiring manager, then you might be interested in learning about some popular online recruitment strategies.

In this article, we explain what online recruitment is, discuss how it can be beneficial and list 11 online recruitment methods to help you get started.

What is online recruitment?

Online recruitment is a technique that involves using the internet to find potential candidates and display open job positions. There are several platforms and tools that hiring managers can use to create an effective online recruitment campaign.

For example, hiring managers may choose to post available positions on job boards, advertise career opportunities on social media channels or develop virtual assessments to determine each candidate's skill level before deciding whether to interview them.

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Benefits of online recruitment

There are many benefits associated with online recruitment. One of the main reasons hiring managers choose to use online recruitment methods is because it allows them to reach a wider pool of potential candidates for each job. This can help them fill open positions faster, especially if the positions are remote. Online recruitment may also benefit you by:

  • Reducing costs

  • Increasing your job candidate pool

  • Saving time

  • Automating processes

  • Screening and pre-qualifying candidates

  • Improving communication

  • Increasing brand awareness

11 online recruitment methods

Understanding what types of online recruitment methods and tools are available can help you combine the right ones to create a successful campaign. Here are 11 online recruitment methods you can explore:

1. Develop an employer brand

An employer brand is the reputation an organization has as an employer. It influences whether people perceive a company as a good place to work. Developing a positive employer brand can help you attract talented candidates to apply for open positions. To build an effective employer brand, start by evaluating your organization's culture. You can implement anonymous surveys or host employee interviews to get direct feedback.

Then use the information you gather and your company's core values to develop a compelling story that highlights why candidates may enjoy working for your organization. Once you've developed your employer brand, use it to guide the marketing materials and online content you develop to attract candidates. This can help you create consistent messaging across multiple platforms.

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2. Craft compelling job descriptions

Creating online job descriptions can help you reach more people and increase your organization's brand awareness. In addition to posting job openings on your company's career page, consider sharing them on job boards to expand your potential reach.

Use your employer brand as a guide and highlight what benefits candidates may receive by working at your company. This may include a competitive salary, professional development opportunities, a supportive work environment or other perks.

Infuse each job description with your company's personality to give potential candidates an idea of what the culture is like before they apply. This can increase interest and make it easier for you to find candidates who match your company's core values.

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3. Look for passive candidates

Passive candidates are professionals who may be interested in working for your company, even if they don't recognize it yet. This may include professionals who have all of the skills and qualifications you're looking for, but who aren't actively seeking employment at this time.

While these individuals may feel satisfied in their current job roles, it's possible to encourage them to apply for the company you work at by sharing information about available positions, perks and other incentives.

Many professionals today list their resumes on professional networking websites, which makes it easy to identify passive candidates who match specific keywords. If you find a candidate that looks promising, reach out by sending them a professional message that explains why you think they would be a good fit for your company and how they may benefit from applying for the open position.

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4. Leverage social media

Showcasing your employees on social media is a great way to build your employer branding and attract new job candidates. Consider creating staff spotlights, highlighting your team's accomplishments and sharing photos or videos of fun activities that your company sponsors. For example, you could create social media posts to recap holiday parties and other celebrations.

You can also use social media to establish members of your team as thought leaders by sharing insightful videos, quotes and articles that are relevant to your industry. This can encourage other professionals to follow your pages on social media, which can increase brand awareness and the likelihood that they may see job postings when you share them.

5. Build long-lasting relationships

Another online recruitment method you can use to attract talent is to nurture the relationships you have with passive candidates. Create content for your company's website and social media pages that provides value to other professionals in your industry. This may include offering advice, writing interesting articles or creating digital downloads like e-books and worksheets.

When your followers engage with this content online, make sure to respond to them in a timely manner. This can improve your organization's overall image and help you develop a positive relationship with your followers, which can increase the likelihood that they may apply for open positions at your company in the future.

6. Encourage team members to share job openings

While posting content to your organization's website and social media pages is important, you can significantly increase your brand awareness and reach if other members of your organization share job openings on their personal social media profiles. When a new position becomes available, let your team know and encourage them to either refer a friend or share the opportunity with people in their network.

Include a link to the job posting to make it easy for other members of your team to find it. This can help you promote job openings to people who may not follow your organization online yet. It can also improve how they perceive the company you work for if they see that one of their close friends or family members recommends working for your organization.

7. Ask current employees for company reviews

Another excellent online recruitment method that can help you improve your organization's employer branding is to ask current employees to review your company. There are several professional websites that feature employee reviews to help job seekers learn about different companies before they apply to work for them. This can provide job seekers with insight into the work culture, pay, benefits and advancement opportunities.

Reach out to a few team members who you know enjoy their jobs to see if they would be willing to write positive reviews for your organization to help increase the number of candidates who apply for open positions.

8. Create digital advertising campaigns

In addition to posting organic content online, you can create digital advertisements to increase the visibility of your job postings. Depending on your target audience, you may choose to create advertisements for specific social media platforms, search engines or job boards.

Consider what your current marketing budget is and which job postings are the most important for you to fill in a timely manner. Then allocate part of your marketing budget to create advertisements for these positions to increase applications.

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9. Join relevant online communities

Another online recruitment method you can use to increase applications is to join specialized business networking websites or forums that are relevant to your industry. Interact with other members by answering their questions and contributing to conversations. This can help you improve your organization's online reputation and increase brand awareness.

It may also provide you with opportunities to share current job postings with a selection of candidates who already have experience working in the same industry. This can help you narrow your candidate pool and attract talented employees. If you're looking to hire local candidates, consider seeing if any business organizations have job boards that you can use.

10. Develop online assessments

While using online recruitment can help you expand your pool of candidates, it's important to have a way to determine which professionals meet the requirements for each available position. Developing online assessments can help you test candidates' skills so you can decide whether to interview them. The online assessments you incorporate may vary depending on the industry you work in.

For example, if you're hiring a copywriter, you may ask candidates to take a sample writing test so you can assess their work. However, if you're hiring a website designer, you might have them take a quiz about different coding languages instead. You can also incorporate psychometric tools to learn more about each candidate's behavioral traits, which may help you select candidates who fit well with your company's culture and values.

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11. Integrate hiring selection tools

Integrating hiring selection tools can also save you time and help you streamline the online recruitment process. One popular tool you can use is an applicant tracking system (ATS), which searches resumes and application materials to determine whether they include important keywords.

This can help you evaluate large numbers of candidates quickly. You can also ask candidates to submit a recorded video that includes their answers to three or four short interview questions. This can help you learn more about candidates without having to schedule interviews with all of them.

Once you narrowed your list of candidates down to the ones you believe are the most qualified, you can schedule phone or video calls with them. This can make it easy for candidates to interview for positions remotely.

Finally, consider incorporating candidate satisfaction surveys into your online recruitment process to get valuable feedback from people who apply to work at your organization. Then use the information you gather to improve your online recruitment strategies in the future.

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