13 Fun Perks To Offer Employees in the Workplace

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated February 22, 2021 | Published March 30, 2020

Updated February 22, 2021

Published March 30, 2020

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A competitive salary and good benefits are important to getting and keeping quality employees, but more and more employers are also offering perks for employees. People often spend a significant amount of time at work, so offering ways to make it more enjoyable—such as through a paid gym membership or flexible dress code—will keep your employees happier and more productive. But what do you offer?

In this article, we'll discuss 13 of the most popular and enriching perks for employees to help you decide what to offer your employees.

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Why are perks for employees important?

Great employee perks contribute to a positive and creative company culture that can lead to increased employee retention. Having well-tailored perks can create a competitive edge that attracts talented candidates who are dedicated to cultivating a thriving workplace as a team. Employee perks often improve employee morale which then boosts their productivity, overall happiness and commitment to a company. Small things can make work-life more enjoyable and allow people to build professional relationships that reward them for their role in an organization's success.

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13 Fun Perks for Employees

Some of the best perks for employees are:

  • Gym memberships

  • Group outings

  • Employee discounts

  • Social clubs

  • Wellness programs

  • Food options

  • Business travel

  • Game room

  • Flexible dress codes

  • Volunteer time off

  • Financial services

  • Merchandise

  • Milestone gifts

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Gym memberships

Organizations can offer free or discounted gym memberships to their employees as a way to encourage good physical and mental health. A membership to a nearby gym can help employees optimize their daily schedule, allowing them to be more productive and save time. Gym memberships provide people with outlets to release stress and focus on their health.

Group outings

Going on regular group outings can be a great perk to encourage team-building and allow people to get to know their coworkers in a fun context. Employers can sponsor group outings like happy hours, lunches, classes or events to add an element of fun and variety to the work week. Group outings allow people to learn new skills and develop social relationships that promote positive company culture.

Employee discounts

Many employers offer employee discounts on different products by partnering with local businesses to provide exclusive deals. Employee discounts for public transportation, technology and entertainment add additional value to a person's employment package beyond traditional benefits.

Social clubs

Employers who offer social and learning opportunities through clubs in the workplace can attract talented applicants with their strong company culture. Clubs allow people to build strong bonds throughout an organization and get to know people that they may not otherwise work closely with. Clubs also give people the chance to work on projects they are passionate about within the context of their job.

Wellness programs

Human resources departments may have wellness programs that promote stress-management, healthy habits and work-life balance. Wellness programs can include occasional personal care services such as massages in the workplace, regularly scheduled physical recreation and resources for people to learn about living a healthy lifestyle. Having a wellness program at your workplace can improve your overall happiness and develop your life skills beyond the workplace.

Food options

Many people eat lunch or other meals at work, so having affordable and healthy food options can be a great benefit when you're looking for a new job. Some companies have restaurants or cafes located on-site, while others may simply have coffee and vending machines. Free snacks and beverages or catered lunches can help people save time and money, allowing them to focus on work and optimize the time they spend on breaks.

Business travel

The opportunity to travel for conferences and business trips can also be an exciting perk for employees. Companies will often cover the airfare, meals and lodging for employees who represent them at a conference or other business event. Business travel provides people a platform to grow their professional network and build their resumes while seeing new places for free.

Game room

Some employers have a room for games and recreation, which is a great perk for employees, especially when needing to de-stress. A game room can make the office or other workplace more inviting and fun, and encourage people to balance work with play in a relaxed atmosphere. Game rooms also provide coworkers with the opportunity to bond over things they enjoy, such as video games, board games, air hockey or other activities.

Flexible dress codes

While some companies may require professional dress, others offer flexible dress codes to give employees the perk of being able to express themselves through their style at work. Flexible dress codes can help people feel more comfortable and able to bring their personality to the workplace.

Volunteer time off

Some companies give employees paid time off to participate in volunteer opportunities. This perk allows people to give back to a cause that they care about and shows that their employers are committed to making a positive impact on their community. Companies may partner with non-profits or community groups and volunteer on specific days, or they can allow employees to be flexible with when and where they decide to use their volunteer time off.

Financial services

Some organizations offer the perk of free or discounted banking services and financial planning advice. Employers can connect their employees with financial advisors for various situations, whether they are managing their retirement fund or considering investments. Being able to manage your financial future can be an exciting benefit for people who are hoping to stay at a company long-term.


Alongside more expensive benefits, many companies offer small perks for employees such as free company merchandise. Readily available branded office supplies that employees can use on a regular basis can be a great perk for employees, allowing them to have easy access to the tools they need at work. T-shirts, bags, water bottles, mugs and stationery can be small tokens of appreciation that employees regularly use in their daily life.

Milestone gifts

Some employers offer gifts to employees that stay with the company for a certain amount of time. After reaching a significant anniversary milestone, people can earn expensive gifts, such as a fully paid vacation or cash.

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