12 Product Management Certifications To Advance Your Career

Updated June 1, 2023

Aspiring or current product managers can gain valuable skills and experience by continuing their career development and earning a certification. If you specialize in product management, having an industry-recognized certification may increase your chances of earning a promotion or advancing into a more relevant position. Learning about some different product management certifications may help you better determine which is best for your professional goals. 

In this article, we list 12 product management certifications you can pursue to advance your career and answer a few frequently asked questions about them. 

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12 product management certifications

You can pursue several product management certifications to develop or improve your skills. Completing a product management course and obtaining a certification may help you distinguish yourself and qualify for higher-level roles. Here are 12 certifications you might want to consider as a product manager

1. Certified Product Manager (PMHQ)

Product Manager HQ offers the Certified Product Manager credential to prepare qualified candidates for a career as a product manager. This course addresses the fundamentals of product management, including its principles, practices and implementation. This credential has no prerequisites, making it a beneficial choice for people who want to transition into a product management career or learn more about the field. It typically takes about a month to complete the coursework, and participants submit weekly assignments and a final project. 

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2. Certified Technical Product Manager

If you choose to specialize in a more technical area of product management, you can earn the Certified Technical Product Manager designation through PMHQ. This certification can help you develop the cross-functional skills necessary to support the creation of technology products, such as software systems. There are no formal qualifications for the certification course, but it may benefit you to acquire some technical experience before registering. The coursework includes 140 video lessons, assignments and quizzes and offers product analytics, web applications, software operations and platform product management instruction.

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3. Product Manager Certification

Product School offers the Product Manager Certification to aspiring product managers unfamiliar with the profession and industry. The Product Manager Certification course provides insight into the product manager role and teaches you how to create communication strategies and detailed product plans. The certification course offers access to resources, including videos, templates, career coaching sessions and a student forum. You can choose between a full-time or part-time program and complete a final product and credentialing exam to earn your certification. 

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4. Professional Scrum Master I

The Professional Scrum Master I is a detailed certification program available through Scrum.org for product managers interested in furthering their skills using Scrum methods. The training teaches students how to use the Scrum framework to deliver value to customers. It includes a combination of theoretical instruction and team exercises.

It also allows students to learn more about Agile principles, apply them to their work and test themselves by completing the Professional Scrum Master I assessment. It includes questions from different Scrum topics. The APS certification can be especially useful if you're part of a product team that currently uses Scrum or plans to in the future.

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5. Brand and Product Management

Spain's IE Business School offers this training program for new members of the product management profession. It offers product implementation and brand administration instruction to help product managers release and manage new products. The certification program, hosted by Coursera, teaches participants how to develop a brand strategy and create plans to execute that strategy successfully. The Brand and Product Management certification program allows you to create a brand portfolio and pass a series of knowledge tests to apply what you learned in previous lessons. 

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6. MicroMasters in Digital Transformation Leadership

The MicroMasters in Digital Transformation Leadership, offered by edX, provides product management training to participants interested in working in the industry or improving their skills. The certification program takes about nine months to complete and teaches you how to manage digital projects, prototype products quickly and lead people and teams in varying business environments. It also offers instruction on adapting a business model based on technological advances. This program can be useful if you want to earn credit toward a potential master's degree. 

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7. Product Strategy

Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management offers the Product Strategy certification program for business managers and mid-level executives who want to transition into a formal product management role. It addresses topics related to product strategy, development and implementation. The program includes eight modules, and you can complete the training online through video lectures and live webinars. It also includes case studies, weekly activities, customized assignments, quizzes and discussion boards.

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8. Product Management Certificate Program

This training program from Berkeley Executive Education can help you prepare for a career in product management and better understand customers' needs, improve the product team's performance and develop strategies to remain competitive in the marketplace. It includes six weeks of online instruction before the five-day in-person training component. The certificate program may be ideal for product managers, marketers, designers, engineers or teams who want to improve their skills. It can also be beneficial if you're interested in accessing networking opportunities. 

9. Certified Product Manager (AIPMM)

The Association of International Product Marketing and Management offers the Certified Product Manager designation, which provides comprehensive training on how to develop, launch and market products to a specific market. It teaches skills to help participants design comprehensive case studies, business plans, competitive analyses and product specifications. You can take the course online or in person through an authorized training center. Both options require the completion of a final exam.

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10. New Product Development Professional

The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) offers the New Product Development Professional (NPDP) to product managers who want to distinguish themselves when applying for jobs. You can take the certification exam if you have a bachelor's degree and at least two years of experience or a high school diploma and five years of experience. The accompanying exam tests your knowledge of key product management areas, including portfolio management, market research and life cycle management. The PDMA also provides study materials you can use to prepare for the certification exam.

11. Pragmatic Certified Product Manager

The Pragmatic Institute offers various courses and certifications for product managers, including the Pragmatic Certified Product Manager credential. You can earn this certification by completing a foundations course, which offers instruction on identifying market opportunities, developing buyer personas and using data to solve problems. You can take the seven-hour course in person or online. 

12. Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner

The AIPMM offers the Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner credentials to individuals interested in learning about strategic and tactical concepts related to Agile product management. The program includes instruction on integrating business strategy into a company's Agile processes to provide customer value and lead Agile teams. To earn the certification, it's necessary to pass the exam and complete in-person training. 

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Frequently asked questions

What's the purpose of a product management certification?

A product management certification can make it easier to showcase your skills and competency in the field. Though optional, many product managers choose to earn certifications to demonstrate their skills and show employers they can perform the role well. Certifications vary widely in their requirements, formats and outcomes, and employers may have varying certification preferences.

What are the benefits of earning a product management certification?

There are many benefits to earning a product management certification. This type of credential can help you increase your skill set and enhance your general product management knowledge. A product management certification from a reputable program can complement your education and experience. In addition, it can help you:

  • Prepare for your career: Product management certifications can help you prepare for your first role as a product manager. The program you enroll in can help you understand the basics of product management, including how to improve existing products and introduce product offerings to new markets.

  • Qualify you for more project management jobs: Earning a product management certification can help you progress in your career by increasing your job prospects. Employers often prefer product managers who have certifications, as they highlight their ability to make important business decisions and lead others.

  • Improve your credibility: Adding a certification to your resume can help you distinguish yourself from other product managers. Industry-recognized certifications may help you progress more quickly through the hiring progress, as employers often prefer managers who have some previous training in the field.

  • Increase your earning potential: Many product managers can increase their earning potential by completing a certification program. A certification may also make you eligible for promotions or advancements, which can help you earn a higher salary.

How long does it take to complete these certifications?

The time it takes to earn a product management certification varies based on the credential you choose. Some organizations offer self-paced courses, which allow you to complete coursework when it's convenient for you. In some cases, you can earn a certification in one day. Other certification programs may take weeks or even months to complete.

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