Top Product Management Certifications You Can Pursue

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published October 18, 2021

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Besides gaining a diploma and degree to secure a career, other qualifications make you more qualified than others in that profession. If you specialize in business management, having a key certification in product management can boost your chances for potential hire or promotion. Understanding the credibility of each product management certification can help you choose the available option which is most suitable for you. In this article, we highlight the most credible product management certifications and discuss their benefits.

Top product management certification programs

There are several project management certifications available to you. Below are some programs you can explore as an employee looking to increase your credibility:

1. One Week PM by Product Manager HQ

One Week PM is among the most sought-after product management certifications for beginners in the US, with a 7-day training program that delves into the fundamentals and roots of product management. This program specializes in the practical execution of newly acquired skills using proto-types and performance usability tests, teaching enrollees how to improve and be efficient in their product management tasks. The course deals mostly in the rudiments, duties, practical skills, and methodologies of product management, and it offers the following side advantages:

  • It teaches you how to form a product roadmap.

  • It puts you through the marketing and tech aspects of product management.

  • It also prepares you for interviews.

  • It offers a package that guarantees unlimited access to the course.

  • It also helps you network with the product management community.

  • It has mentorship programs to guide you.

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2. One Week Technical PM by Product Manager HQ

If you choose to specialize in a more technical aspect of product management, this is the best training program to enroll in. It also has a 7-day certification program with over 140 courses to assist upcoming technical product managers in learning crucial technical skills setting up their projects. Here are some of the features of the technical product management course:

  • The program teaches common methods and tools like product analytics, data security, proto-typing, and software development.

  • The program is suitable for users with no prior experience in technical product management. It implies that non-technical employees who decide to take up a role in technical aspects can fit in with the help of this course.

  • It explains how to answer technical product management interview questions adequately.

3. Product Management Certification by Product School

If you're new to the profession or industry, this training program equips you with all the essential knowledge you can use to become a world-class product manager. While the course starts by teaching enrollees how to view possible opportunities and determine potential clients, the course further trains employees to develop software products and successfully release such products into the market. Here are some more features of the product school's training program:

  • Its main focus is on developing and maintaining digital products.

  • The training program highlights common product management issues and trains enrollees on how to solve such issues.

  • Experienced teachers who are popular software managers handle the certification program.

4. Professional Scrum Foundations Training by

This certification is a detailed course for product managers who take an interest in furthering their skills using Scrum principles and methods. The training is a 2-day course that teaches the essentials and rudiments of scrum and its application. The theoretical aspects contain exercises that groups students into teams to work together in developing a product.

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5. Brand and Product Manager Certification by Coursera

This training program is a popular certification for new members of the profession, which focuses on product implementation and brand administration to help users solve problems. It centers on all the brand-related aspects of the profession and teaches the student how to carry out consistent analysis even after developing the product. Here are some reasons for choosing the Coursera certification program:

  • It trains students on how to create activity plans, assess viable product styles and formats.

  • The program has tests for students to undertake after finishing a course. Passing the tests enables you to collect the certificate of completion.

  • Coursera is a globally recognized online certification program.

  • Putting up your earned Coursera certificate on professional social media platforms increases your credibility and attracts employers and hirers.

6. Digital Product Management by EdX and Boston University

Boston University created this program and EdX to provide product management training and certificates to enrollees seeking to join the industry or improve their skills. The program contains five segments that combine to teach students how to manage digital products using crucial steps. Here are some core features of the Digital product management course by EdX and Boston University:

  • It teaches students how to develop pure digital initiative

  • It trains employees to analyze data and business prospects.

  • It also enables enrollees to market their product adequately with the aid of social media platforms.

  • Having a certificate with this program grants you the luxury of applying for the MSDS program at Boston University with or without entrance exams.

  • The certification program is perfect for advanced-level product management employees.

7. Product Strategy by Northwestern | Kellogg School of Management

This program is one of the few product management certifications in the United States that centers on product strategy and how to utilize machine-learning methods. The product strategy certification is another recommended training program for advanced-level product managers, teaching students the processes of an efficient business model and swiftly discern challenges. It also trains enrollees on how to form product road maps and contemporize the sales processes.

8. Product Management Program by Berkeley Executive Education

This training program compiles all the basic and rudimentary product management topics in a course that meets the minimal educational requirement in product management. It centers on grasping customer needs and user experiences, thereby improving the performance of the entire team. The program is also ideal for top-level product managers that teach students the following;

  • how to come up with optimization skills to secure the product's profits

  • how to group employees into product teams

  • how to analyze customer data to decide a process of a task

  • how to interact with fellow employees, employers, or customers

9. Agile Certified Product Manager Credentials (CPM) by AIPMM

The Agile Certified Product Manager Credentials course is one of the best product marketing-management courses worldwide that creates a comprehensive explanation on how to develop, launch, and market products in a specific market. It focuses on delivering all necessary skills that students need in planning, implementing, and analyzing their projects. It trains students in creating adequate business plans and strategies at the different levels of developing their products.

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10. Product Development Management Agency

PDMA is a developed not-for-profit company worldwide for training employees to be the best in product management. PDMA is one of the most sought-after certification programs that allow users to interact amongst themselves in the industry. Its training program is available for top-level product managers and entry-level product management employees.

11. The pragmatic institute

The Pragmatic Institute is another organization that teaches users how to improve their efficiency in their roles in product management. The training program trains users to define the role and responsibility of a job designation and learn the best strategy to seek adequate feedback from customers. It also provides templates and guides for easy practice.

Benefits of product management certification programs

The following are the benefits of having a project management certification:

It helps you prepare for your career better

Project management certifications can help you develop a more fulfilling career path in relevant fields. You can understand the basics of product management by engaging in training programs and securing a certification. Doing this can improve your skill set when pursuing your first role as a product manager.

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It broadens your skills

These certifications help develop your skills and knowledge in the field regardless of the level you're in. It is necessary to improve your work capabilities at every chance you get, and these certifications afford you that opportunity. Depending on what branch of product management you specialize in, corresponding product management certification programs complement it.

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It helps advance your job prospects

Progressing through your career in product management requires handling bigger tasks and responsibilities. This advancement makes you answerable on key decisions and business choices. Engaging in these certification programs equips you with all the necessary knowledge to perform excellently in your duties.

It improves your credibility on your professional profile

In the event of passing the certification exam, you earn a certificate. Adding this new feat to your professional profile separates you from regular product managers. This industry-recognized certification also makes you a top choice for hiring managers or employers that recruit new employees through various job platforms.

It improves your earning potential

Unsurprisingly, the possibility for greater compensation is the most appealing component of most product management certifications. A certified project manager can make around $20,000 more per year than an uncertified equivalent, and this discrepancy is steadily increasing. Aside from the potential for greater pay, most project management certifications give job security due to employers' importance on the key competencies obtained through certification.

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