28 Product Placement Examples To Explore

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published January 3, 2022

There are several ways that companies work with the entertainment industry to promote their products. Featuring products and services in movies or TV shows is one way they can increase brand recognition and influence potential customers. Learning about this concept can help you decide if pursuing this might help increase sales or customer engagement for products you sell or promote. In this article, we discuss what product placement is and share 25 examples of it commonly seen in movies or television shows to promote products.

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What is product placement?

Product placement is when a company partners with another company, typically a media company, to promote its product. This is often subtle, as the product might appear in a scene or a character might use the product, showing its brand name for viewers to see. This helps the product companies reach a larger audience. There are several types of product placement:

  • Screen placement: Screen placement is when a brand or product appears on the screen. This might be a physical object, a sign or a commercial within a movie.

  • Script placement: Script placement is when a character mentions a brand or product in media. Rather than seeing the brand, mentioning the name of it is how it reaches audiences.

  • Plot placement: Plot placement is when a product or service is part of the plot of a movie. This might mean that people use a specific product brand when completing an action.

Companies often use product placement to promote their brand in a positive way. For example, in superhero or action movies, the heroes may interact with their brands so consumers can strive for their chance to feel like a hero.

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14 examples of product placement

Here are 14 examples of product placement:

1. A character drinking a soft drink

A character drinking a specific soft drink in a movie or television show is an example of screen placement. Companies may include this same drink several times throughout a movie, showing the audience that the character prefers it in several situations. To promote it further, a character might mention how they enjoy the taste of it, which can influence the viewer to purchase their brand.

2. A character shopping in a store

A character might shop in a specific store in a movie. This could include the placement of several products a company sells at that moment. Companies might negotiate specific products that the character could purchase to show their preference and promote specific items.

3. Athletic apparel in a sports movie

Athletes could wear specific clothing in a sports movie to promote a brand, like shoes or uniforms. This can be effective if a winning team wears the brand apparel and the others wear generic brands, as viewers might feel the brand could influence their potential. For example, a runner wearing a specific brand of shoes can show audiences what's possible if they bought them.

4. A commercial in the background in a movie

Sometimes, a movie might have a television on in a scene. A company may choose to air their real commercial on the television, promoting their product or brand. As this may be subtle, the company might choose recognizable products or logos to ensure the viewer notices them.

5. A person driving a car

Carmakers can include specific makes or models to influence their ideal customer types. For example, a wealthy character in a movie might drive a luxury car. The characters might use specific features in the car or mention a quality, like its comfort, to showcase elements that might sway viewers to purchase their cars.

6. A character using an application

In a movie, the camera may show a character using an application on their phone or computer. These are often generic, but specific brand applications can show potential customers exactly when they might use the application. For example, a character might play a game on their phone while in a waiting room, showing how consumers cant use the application when they feel bored.

7. Sunglasses in a music video

Sunglasses, or other specific apparel, in a music video is one way companies might appeal to specific demographics. For example, if the singer wears a brand in a pop video, this can influence teenagers to want their product. This can help companies that hope to start trends with specific markets.

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8. A delivery company delivering packages

A delivery company delivering packages shows that product placement can also include service placement. For example, they might show kindness and timeliness in delivery drivers when bringing a package to someone's house. This can highlight the quality of their service, which might influence viewers to use it for their own needs.

9. A character eating at a restaurant

A character might eat at a specific restaurant or a fast-food chain in a movie. This can help show the physical space of a restaurant, like its cleanliness and specific menu items that a restaurant may want to promote. Fast-food chains might also show characters quickly ordering, picking up or carrying their bags to show qualities of their restaurant experience, like convenience.

10. A movie about a toy

Companies often try to place their toys in movies to appeal to children. They may pitch to have an entire movie, like a cartoon, focused on a toy from their perspective. This can help give certain qualities to the toy that can appeal to children.

11. A character taking photographs with a camera

As part of the story, a character might take photographs with their friends or family. Using a specific company's equipment, they can show the quality of their pictures and combine this with other marketing techniques. For example, you might see cheerful characters during big events that can promote positive recall when a customer shops for a new camera.

12. A character reading a magazine

A character reading a real magazine can help both the magazine and any topics or characters visible. They might read the magazine when bored or share information they read about with other characters. Similar to other product placement, the character reading can influence specific demographics.

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13. A character mentioning their favorite product.

A character may mention their favorite product or recommend something to another character. This can include both script and plot placement as they describe something and it might also influence the outcomes of a plot. For example, in a romantic movie, a character might mention a dating application that worked best for them.

14. A coffee cup on a counter

A coffee cup in a character's house or in a cafe can encourage brand recognition. This might be a basic type of product placement, but depending on whose it is and where it is can influence customers. For example, if a cup with a logo is on a marble counter in a wealthy person's house, viewers might seek that brand to match that lifestyle.

15. A product mentioned in a song

Mentioning a specific product in a song provides another medium to promote your product. Singers might need certain permission to use product or brand names in their songs, but companies might agree to promote their goods. For example, a love song might mention a date at a particular restaurant, citing a popular meal to promote more restaurant traffic.

16. A clothing brand in a sports game

Beyond common media platforms, companies can also place their products in other areas, like sports. This might include teams wearing specific brand jerseys or cleats. Sometimes, during a specific game or match, they might offer giveaways or deals while promoting the product.

17. A product on a reality television competition

More than scripted media, companies can partner with reality television shows to promote relative products. For example, a weight loss competition may promote healthy vitamins or meals by having contestants take them while participating. This can make a product feel more relatable or attainable to viewers than product placement in movies.

11 additional product placement examples

Here are several other product placement examples you might see:

  1. A character drinking an alcohol brand

  2. A shopping bag in a fashion movie

  3. A character using a specific phone

  4. A character fueling their car at a gas station

  5. A character using specific equipment in a sports movie

  6. A background billboard

  7. Characters sharing snacks

  8. A character recommending a service

  9. A mention of a company

  10. A happy pet after eating a brand of pet food

  11. A character on a real airline

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