20 Prospecting Tools for Salespeople (Plus Types and Benefits)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published March 11, 2022

Sales professionals use a variety of physical and digital tools to help them meet sales quotas and generate leads. Sales prospecting platforms can help sales associates identify potential customers and generate interest in their company's products and services. Learning about different prospecting tools can help you determine which tool is the right fit for your sales strategies and communication preferences. In this article, we review what prospecting tools are, explore the different types of prospecting tools and discuss 20 prospecting tools for you to consider.

What are prospecting tools?

Prospecting tools simplify the prospecting process by assisting with a variety of sales-related activities and responsibilities. These tools can perform a wide range of tasks, such as finding and organizing leads, researching information about leads, engaging effectively with potential customers and keeping the sales process smooth and organized. They can also help simplify the sales prospecting process and help improve your efficiency when completing prospecting duties.

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Types of prospecting tools

There are several types of prospecting tools that focus on different aspects of the sales prospecting process. Many tools incorporate one or more different types, which can help a sales professional find the right tool for them. Some different types of prospecting tools include:

  • Referral generation: This type of tool focuses on finding and qualifying sales leads through surveys, feedback tools or previous customers.

  • Content marketing: This prospecting tool helps inform potential customers about your organization's products or services through advertising content.

  • Networking: Prospecting tools that focus on networking can help you connect with potential customers interested in your company's products or services.

  • Email marketing: Using email marketing tools can help you reach potential customers by sending informational emails to individuals who might have an interest in your company's promotion.

Benefits of using prospecting tools

Here are a few of the benefits you may experience when using prospecting tools:

  • Find more qualified leads. Rather than relying on cold-calling as your only method of finding leads, many tools assist in qualifying leads before even making a phone call. By providing more data about the individual or business lead, you can connect with qualified leads and maximize your sales efforts.

  • Save time. Digital prospecting tools can help you improve your sales productivity, which can enable you to allocate your time to other sales tasks. Instead of performing one task at a time, many modern prospecting tools can handle multiple tasks using automation.

  • Improve customer service. When you take advantage of automated sales prospecting tools, you may see your customer service improve. These tools can also automate other tasks, like sending out welcome emails or letters, reminding you to respond in a timely manner or sharing valuable information via weekly emails.

There are also several other benefits you can experience when using digital prospecting tools. Some tools can help you:

  • Identify and create a list of ideal prospects.

  • Build phone or email lists along with other contact information.

  • Customize the initial message when contacting leads.

  • Engage with leads via email or social media.

  • Schedule meetings over the phone, in-person or online.

  • Organize all data in one place.

20 prospecting tools for salespeople

There's a wide range of prospecting tools available for you to use. Below is a list of 20 prospecting tools that can be helpful in providing you with an efficient and streamlined prospecting process:

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1. LeadFuze

LeadFuze conducts targeted lead searches and also provides reliable contact data for those leads. To make researching and finding leads easier, it also automatically builds contact lists. LeadFuze integrates with many CRM (customer relationship management) tools for a seamless process.

2. LeadMine

LeadMine is designed to find potential customers along with their email addresses. This company has access to over 200 million contacts. You can search their database by company, title, industry, location and more.

3. EverString

EverString analyzes an organization's web search activity to help a sales professional determine which companies might be interested in the sales professional's products or services. This platform also provides 36 million contacts for associates to review, which can help them quickly find potential customers. You can also download your lead lists in a compatible file format you can upload to CRM software.

4. Owler

You can find companies that match your ideal buyer persona with Owler. This program also enables professionals to review competitor, acquisition and revenue information which can help you make more educated sales prospecting decisions. It also generates general list information about a company's social media accounts and number of employees.

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5. Findthat

If you only have the prospect's name or the company's website, Findthat can use that information to help you identify contact information for that individual. It can then give you a drop-down list of potential email addresses for that individual. If you also want the physical mailing address, Findthat can identify the mailing address from a company's social media or job search profile.

6. Hunter

Hunter is a web application and web browser extension tool that can help professionals find email addresses with any domain. It also ranks sales leads based on how likely the contact information is current and accurate. This application can also help you guess an individual's email address based on domain email information.

7. Clearbit

Clearbit enables sales professionals to create targeted consumer lists with current contact information. This program enables professionals the access 200 million contacts and use 85 filters to help create quality lead lists. This program can also integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) software that can help update customer lists.

8. FullContact

FullContact is another email management tool that is ideal for researching any leads you have added to your prospect list. You can view potential customer photos, social media profiles, job titles and other information about an individual's company or organization. This tool is useful across multiple platforms and can help you identify quality prospects in real-time.

9. Mention

Mention is a prospecting tool that notifies you of any social media mentions or updates about the prospect's company. This is a great tool for remaining up to date on any new developments on a particular lead. Many companies also use this tool to help monitor their brand awareness campaigns with its ability to monitor brand mentions.

10. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo helps sales professionals find potential customers' contact information. It also provides a list of similar contacts, which can help sales professionals identify additional sales prospects. This tool also can integrate with customer relationship management software, which can help improve sales productivity.

11. Vainu

Vainu helps to qualify prospects by providing you with information about them that is publicly available. It allows you to be more strategic with your leads by sending you real-time information about your prospects. This platform also enables sales associates to sort potential customers using over 100 filters, which can help them find the ideal consumers for a particular product or service.

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12. CrystalKnows

Whether you're communicating by email, social media or phone, CrystalKnows shows you the best way to approach and communicate with prospects. It analyzes their public data and then offers you recommendations that match their communication style. Installing additional plug-ins can help provide real-time communication suggestions about the potential customer's personality and communication preferences.

13. Boomerang

Boomerang is an email management application that allows you to write emails and then schedule them to be sent at a later time. It also sends you follow-up reminders, notifies you when your leads have opened their emails and tracks links that were clicked in those emails. This tool is also compatible across many operating systems and mobile devices, which can help you manage emails regardless of your location.

14. Yesware

Yesware is an email marketing tool that can help individuals create effective marketing emails. This tool has many email templates that sales professionals can customize based on their organization's products, services and promotions. Another feature this tool offers is group meetings, which can help professionals create a team-selling approach with potential customers.

15. Calendly

Calendly is a scheduling platform that allows you to send your appointment calendar to a lead. With this prospecting tool, you can professionally and efficiently schedule meetings and appointments. You won't need to email back and forth with a prospect, which can potentially result in a meeting not being scheduled.

16. Doodle

Doodle is a free scheduling tool that helps you plan meetings with potential clients. Prospects can easily book a meeting with you without having to guess your availability. It displays your available time slots in real-time and also notifies attendees about upcoming meetings.

17. Clara

Clara is an auto-scheduling tool that emails prospects on your behalf. Not only does it set up any appointments or meetings for you, but it also follows up with them if they don't respond. This tool also enables meeting members to set their availability and preferred meeting location, which can help individuals effectively coordinate meetings.

18. Saleshandy

Saleshandy is a lead-tracking prospecting tool. It keeps track of each step of the prospecting process, along with any emails, attachments, documents or links that have been exchanged between you. This tool also notifies you of any action taken on behalf of the customer, such as when they opened an email or how many times they've viewed it.

19. Symbo

Symbo is a multipurpose prospecting tool that helps you close more sales. It performs several automated functions such as sending automated sales emails or following up on various social media platforms. It also has several high-value resources, including email templates, scheduling tools, email tracking technology and more.

20. Prospect.io

Prospect.io is a lead generation tool that helps sales professionals identify quality leads and their contact information. It accomplishes this by using a browser extension tool that scans certain websites for associated emails. These email addresses are then compiled and delivered to the prospecting agent, which can help them set up drip campaigns and follow-ups.

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