The Top 25 Qualities of a Good Coworker

By Indeed Editorial Team

February 22, 2021

When working with others, it's important that you all find a way to enjoy working together. By creating a sense of camaraderie, you and your coworkers can improve your teamwork and collaboration skills. Your role in this is to be the best teammate you can be and help create a positive work environment. In this article, we discuss the top qualities of a good coworker and offer advice on how to be a top colleague.

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What makes someone a good coworker?

A good coworker is someone many employees enjoy working with. They are willing to help their team succeed and meet the company's goals. Likewise, a good coworker is pleasant to be around. They often have a positive attitude and treat their coworkers with respect. When you are a good coworker, you tend to have more opportunities to grow with your company because people may see you as a fit leader and a reliable employee.

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25 qualities of a good coworker

Try to embody these 25 qualities to be a good coworker:

1. Accepting

A good coworker understands that everyone comes from different backgrounds and has their own point of view. They learn to embrace differences and welcome everyone no matter what their opinions and beliefs are.

2. Adaptable

Being able to adjust when circumstances shift is an important part of being a good coworker. Adaptability makes it possible to work towards the company's goals when sudden changes happen.

3. Attentive

People enjoy working with a coworker who pays attention to them. A good coworker shows their colleagues that they are fully listening and that what they're saying is valuable.

4. Collaborative

It's important for team members to be able to work well with others. Your colleagues are likely to enjoy working with someone willing to cooperate and work hard on group projects.

5. Creative

Managers tend to appreciate employees who use creative thinking to come up with new ideas or solutions. When coworkers know you're creative, they will likely ask for your input on different projects.

6. Energetic

A good coworker comes to work each day with an upbeat attitude. They try to spread positivity to their colleagues and help them feel more excited to be at work.

7. Goal-oriented

High-level employees especially appreciate an employee who is goal-oriented. That's because this person works hard to meet the company's objectives and help the company succeed.

8. Good communicator

Being able to effectively read, write and speak to others is an important part of being a good coworker. Facilitating open communication can help you and your coworkers get to know each other better and collaborate more efficiently.

9. Hard-working

Working hard is a crucial part of being a good coworker because you are helping your team meet its goals. Putting in your full effort at work is often quickly noticed and admired by others.

10. Helpful

Anyone can appreciate a colleague who is willing to help them through a challenge. A good coworker offers useful advice and tries to help their team problem-solve.

11, Honest

Even a good coworker makes mistakes occasionally. What makes them pleasant to work with is that they are willing to admit their mistakes and learn from them.

12. Humble

Although it's important to celebrate your success, a good coworker understands the importance of giving their team members the attention and praise they deserve. They stay grounded and understand that it takes teamwork to achieve many things.

13. Inspirational

A good coworker can uplift and influence their colleagues to meet their full potential. They try to get others to show their best qualities and do good work.

14. Kind-hearted

Employees enjoy working with someone who is genuinely nice and caring. A kind-hearted person is someone who goes out of their way to spread joy and help others.

15. Open to feedback

Understanding that they can make improvements is how someone can be a good coworker. Accepting feedback and implementing it can be quite helpful to their team and the company as a whole.

16. Optimistic

Rather than doubting the success of your team, your coworkers appreciate someone who assumes good things will happen. When you have an optimistic personality, you can help others feel more excited and passionate about the work they are doing.

17. Organized

Employees who can meet deadlines and prioritize tend to be good coworkers. People appreciate it when you finish tasks that impact their job.

18. Passionate

Someone who is dedicated to their work and the cause of the company can inspire others to be the same way. Your coworkers may enjoy your passion and drive for certain projects or tasks.

19. Problem-solver

A good coworker can look at a problem and use their critical thinking abilities to find various solutions. Problem-solving skills can benefit your coworkers when they need help with something they find challenging.

20. Professional

Although it's nice to have a coworker you feel that you can connect with, it's still important that they act professionally at work. A good coworker keeps conversations appropriate and acts in a work-friendly manner.

21. Punctual

When you arrive at work and meetings on time, you're showing your coworkers that you respect their time. A good coworker keeps track of time and makes sure to meet deadlines.

22. Reliable

When a good coworker makes a promise, you can depend on them and trust that they follow through. Employees like working with someone consistent.

23. Resourceful

Using your skillset to help others is a great way to be a good coworker. Being someone they can go to for help and information is a part of being a team player.

24. Respectful

Although conflicts may arise occasionally, a good coworker still makes an effort to treat everyone with respect. They have the ability to respectfully disagree and share their thoughts in a productive way.

25. Strong leader

Being someone your coworkers can look up to is one way to be a good coworker. Offering them support and guidance is how to effectively use your leadership skills.

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Tips for being a good coworker

Follow these tips to become a better teammate and create a positive work environment:

  • Practice active listening.

  • Set aside time for others.

  • Offer support to a coworker in need.

  • Keep conversations positive.

  • Get to know your coworkers.

Practice active listening

When your coworkers feel like you pay attention to what they have to say, you are showing them respect. People like feeling that what they say is important and valuable. By practicing active listening, you can show your coworkers that you are understanding them. Do this by nodding and making eye contact as they speak. Another important part of active listening is recapping what they have to say and asking important follow-up questions.

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Set aside time for others

Giving others your undivided attention when they need you is one way to show people you care. Set aside time in your workday to connect with your colleagues. You could do this by scheduling a team meeting or offering to help them with a project. Make it evident that you have enough time for them by focusing on the present moment.

Offer support to a coworker in need

If you ever notice a coworker is struggling, see how you can help them. You could do this by offering to take on some of their work or simply being someone they can talk to. Listen to their problems and try to think of solutions to help them overcome their challenges.

Keep conversations positive

Rather than discussing controversial topics, keep conversation light and fun at work. Talk about things like your hobbies, family, pets or upcoming activities. Make an effort to look at things in a positive way and influence others to do the same.

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Get to know your colleagues

The more you get to know your coworkers, the better you may become at collaborating with them. One way to do this is through employee bonding. For example, you could invite your team to go on a walk during your lunch break. Likewise, you could also organize an employee game night.

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